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8B Unit 6 A charity walk Vocabulary. moon cake mooncake.

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1 8B Unit 6 A charity walk Vocabulary

2 moon cake mooncake

3 goldfish goldfish

4 schoolbag schoolbag

5 Creating new words: We can form new words by putting two words together. Sometimes, we add a hyphen(-) between the two words. This kind of words is called compound words ( 合成词 ).

6 We can get “_________________”. 5.rain 2.grand 4.gentle 3.some 1.basket ball son thing man storm house wife

7 Please do Part A & B on page 98.

8 headache= head + ache airline countryside gentleman grandchild handwriting overcoat pancake postman toothbrush upstairs weekday = air + line = country + side = gentle + man = grand + child = hand + writing = over + coat = pan + cake = post + man = tooth + brush = up + stairs = week + day 头疼 航线 农村 绅士 (外)孙子、孙女 手写 外套 烙饼 邮递员 牙刷 在楼上 工作日


10 Pair work: match the words : butter down book tooth home second swim on ear house worm hand load fly ache line sick suit keeper ring 牙疼 耳环 在线 下载 蝴蝶 泳衣 想家的 管家 书虫 二手的

11 1.May has been away from home for a long time and she feels ________. 2.Someone who is too crazy about books is often called a ________. 3. He had a serious ________ and couldn’t sleep last night. 4. Can you see the colorful _______ there? 5. Teenagers like to _______ music from the Internet. homesick bookworm toothache butterfly download butterfly, download, bookworm, toothache, homesick Fill in blanks with proper words.

12 6. He was very fond of playing ______ games. 7. Mr Black is a very good __________ and he works carefully for the family. 8. If you want to go swimming, remember to wear your _______. 9. Miss Green’s new _______ match her dress very well. 10. Simon bought a __________ computer because it was much cheaper. online housekeeper swimsuit earrings second-hand second-hand, swimsuit, online, earring, housekeeper

13 Read this story and do exercises. Tom was a hard-working fireman and his girlfriend Lily worked in a railway station. This weekend was Lily’s birthday, so Tom decided to buy her a present in a shop. The shopkeeper showed Tom a nice necklace. It was inpossible for him to afford it so he chose a small and unexpensive hair clip. When the day came, they went to a well- known restaurant for some seafood. Lily thought the gift was meaningful and cried sad. Tom felt unhappily. impossible inexpensive meaningless sadlyunhappy

14 Derivative words 派生词 prefixes 前缀 -imimpossible, impolite, -inincorrect -irirregular -ununhappy, unpopular, unlucky -disdishonest suffixes 后缀 -ful -less careful, meaningful, useful careless,meaningless,useless -lyloudly, happily, gently,widely

15 Tell your story


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