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Jessica 袁 Lesson 3 – listening of CET4.

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1 Jessica 袁 Lesson 3 – listening of CET4

2 W: Welcome to join us. I’ve ___ ① ___ you. You are John Smith, aren’t you? M: Yes. Just call me John. I’m glad to be a member of you. You are… W: I am Sally Moose. But call me Sally, please. And I’m an __ ② _____. M: Nice to meet you, Sally. Actually, I have heard of you, too, for your __ ③ __ and ___ ④ ____. W: Really? But I don’t believe I’m very ___ ⑤ ___. In fact, this goes right back to my earliest memories, childhood, school and after. I have a very strong visual ___ ⑥ _____. I see ideas ___ ⑦ ___ thinking about them or feeling them. I’m definitely very much ____ ⑧ ___ by form, shape, colors, those features rather than sounds. On a personal level I see myself as a bit ____ ⑨ ____, a little ___ ⑩ ___ Dictation:

3 Character/ personality Scientific, systematic, rational, sensitive, steady, mild, warm, cheerful, friendly, warm-hearted, caring, determined, honest, easy-going, emotional, serous, curious, creative, independent, controlled, ambitious, practical, active, optimistic, sociable, careful, liable/ responsible, open-mind, enthusiastic, considerate, sincere Excitable, oversensitive, traditional, conservative, shy, lazy, eccentric, flaky, aggressive, anxious, uptight, impulsive, suspicious, weak-willed, daydreamer, carefree, careless, passive, pessimistic, unsociable, restless, pathetic, inconsiderate, rude,

4 Describer Write clearly three words -- which strongly describe or represent you. (in plain handwriting which cannot be identified to you). The 1st word: describing words ('describers') can be personality characteristics, such as determined, responsible, confident, excited, etc. The 2nd word: symbolic words such as music, football, mountain, adventure, family, etc., which represent something as your favorite or habit. The 3rd word: something you hate the most Guess: who is the guy?

5 Note taking Americans’ understanding of time Improper time to make telephones in the United States: A telephone call in the sleeping hours: Different attitudes towards appointments: Promptness:

6 Time is, for the average American, of utmost importance. To the -1- visitor, Americans seem to be more concerned with getting things -2- on time (according to a predetermined schedule) than they are with developing deep -3- relations. Schedules, for the American, are meant to be planned and then followed in the smallest -4-. It may seem to you that most Americans are completely -5- by the little machines they wear on their wrists, cutting their discussions off -6- to make it to their next appointment on time. Americans’ language is filled with -7- to time, giving a clear - 8- of how much it is valued. Time is something to be “on,” to be “kept,” “filled,” “saved,” “wasted,” “gained,” “planned,” “given,” “made the most of,” even “killed.” 25:19 2012 年 12 月四级听力复合听写 1. foreign, 2. accomplished, 3. interpersonal, 4. detail, 5. controlled, 6. abruptly, 7. references, 8. indication

7 The international visitor soon learns that it is considered very rude to be late -- even by 10 minutes -- for an appointment in America. Time is so valued in America, because by considering time to be important one can clearly achieve more than if one “wastes” time and doesn’t keep busy. This philosophy has proven its worth. It has enabled Americans to be extremely productive, and productivity itself is highly valued in America. Many American proverbs stress the value of guarding time, using it wisely, and setting and working toward specific goals. Americans believe in spending their time and energy today so that the fruits of their labor may be enjoyed at a later time.

8 Eg. Punctuality 守时 Promptness How long should you wait for someone who will be ready soon? As a dinner guest, how long after your arrival would you expect the meal to be served? How long would you like to listen? Nonverbal communication: unstated expectation The assumptions cultures make about how time should be used or experienced.

9 Expressions about time: How time flies! buy time save time make time Kill time Run out of time Time is crawling Deadline On time/ schedule Monochronic Time Show great respect for private property Accept short-term relationship Countries: Germany, Canada, Switzerland, United States, and Scandinavia. 争取时间 腾出时间 时间耗尽 度日如年

10 What is Time? Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today? Today is a gift. That’s why we call it “present”. -- Master Wugui

11 图说中西差异 rdpfLV4WWdI/ rdpfLV4WWdI/ 老外看中国 cTRnCKGz5Qc/ cTRnCKGz5Qc/ 中西餐桌礼仪 O4C1GPE2ftg/?FR=LIAN

12 完成 >Unit2 复习听力作业中的词汇与短语 Americans’ understanding of time (Section D of Unit2) 2012 年 12 月四级听力复合听写 Assignments:

13 Thanks for your attention.

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