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64 Relationships 64 Vectors. 1. CREATOR TO OTHER PROFILES 1.CREATOR Head in the clouds. Great at beginning the journey Proven Concept A product or service.

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1 64 Relationships 64 Vectors

2 1. CREATOR TO OTHER PROFILES 1.CREATOR Head in the clouds. Great at beginning the journey Proven Concept A product or service in demand by the market at a specific price 1.1 CREATION Strive and persist until you have reached a breakthrough ACTION: Persist and don’t quit. Invest time until creation complete AVOID: Being half-hearted or distracted. Letting ego get in the way. 1.2 INNOCENCE Let go of your ideas. Be open to entirely new possibilities ACTION: Learn and follow without letting your own ego get in the way. AVOID: Competing for attention. Needing to get your way. Holding on. 1.8 RETREAT Remain reserved and prepare for the next step ACTION: Retreat strategically to contemplate and re-energise AVOID: Being overbearing or impatient. Forcing progress. Anxiety. 1.5 STANDSTILL Hold steady and patiently as bridges are built ACTION: Hold your position and patiently wait on the action of others. AVOID: Forcing an outcome or changing your mind. 1.4 CAUTION Tread wisely and wait for the best time to act ACTION: Be careful to slow down. Heighten awareness before action AVOID: Acting impulsively or too quickly. Rushing into things. 1.6 COLLABORATION Connect and move forward in the face of distractions ACTION: Spread passion and drive to connect and influence. AVOID: Being distracted or tempted by easy or quick gain. 1.3 PARTNERSHIP Share the vision and organise the team around its strengths ACTION: Share the vision and enjoy a spirit of common support. AVOID: Keeping the vision, the idea, the plan or the work to yourself. 1.7 CONFLICT Clarify and agree on detail to avoid conflict ACTION: Clarify from a neutral position, in detail. Be precise. AVOID: Carelessness. Dismissing the need to be clear and concise.

3 2. STAR TO OTHER PROFILES 2.1 POWER Channel new energy down established paths ACTION: Stay focused on turning power to force by reflecting it well. AVOID: Fighting power or egos. Trying to outshine or outsmart. 2.2 ATTENTION Attract attention in a unique and extraordinary way ACTION: Seize the moment and hold the stage for others to shine. AVOID: Hesitating. Trying too hard or being too self-critical. 2.8 WEAKNESS Maintain restraint and don’t rock the boat ACTION: Maintain economy in actions and minimise excesses. AVOID: Adding excess in actions or investment. Acting on impulse. 2.5 PREPARATION Plan the future and collect resources in preparation ACTION: Tread lightly and lay out your plans with consideration. AVOID: Bulldozing or raising your expectations. Hurry impatiently. 2.4 RELATIONSHIP Secure a mutually beneficial relationship ACTION: Enter a grounding partnership that serves all parties. AVOID: Trying to settle alone. Holding on or leading from the front. 2.6 ENDURANCE Ensure the greater intention remains within the details ACTION: Preserve the dream so it does not get lost in the actions. AVOID: Abdicating responsibility. Giving up or ignoring the details. 2.3 ABUNDANCE Recognise and celebrate collective action ACTION: Hold the space for success to prosper and shine. AVOID: Stealing the limelight. Allocating blame or being pushy. 2.7 RELIEF Remain relaxed & unattached, enabling problems to be solved ACTION: Patiently await intricate solutions to address challenges. AVOID: Becoming agitated or impatient. Getting tangled in knots. 2.STAR Expert at turning a spark into a sparkle. Shines on others. Brand attraction A brand promise that leads to repeat business

4 3. SUPPORTER TO OTHER PROFILES 3.1 PROSPERITY Be present and enjoy the experience of creation ACTION: Commit to productive tasks to support the creative process. AVOID: Early judgement. Being too quick to advocate or celebrate. 3.2 PRECISION Direct energy down set rules and clear conduct ACTION: Be forceful in setting the rules to direct energy into action. AVOID: Hesitating in being heard. Compromising or being overridden. 3.8 WANDER Stay free of expectation and look out for opportunity ACTION: Move widely and freely in search of action. AVOID: Sticking to old norms or old habits. Looking backwards. 3.5 CHARGE Seek rapid progress on all fronts ACTION: Take a swift collective action to move quickly and together. AVOID: Going separate ways. Being hesitant or waiting for others. 3.4 OPPOSITION Keep your identity as relationships become merged ACTION: Remain true to your principles and clear about your path. AVOID: Yielding to other interests too easily or without opposition. 3.6 CONSOLIDATION Take stock and take measures to consolidate your position ACTION: Consolidate a strong position, and be measured in action. AVOID: Getting carried away in the moment. Being casual or careless. 3.3 ILLUMINATION Spread the word clearly, consistently and constantly ACTION: Keep to one consistent message and share it like crazy. AVOID: Mixed messages. Getting stuck in detail or in the background. 3.7 DISCONNECT Collect your thoughts and look inward for answers ACTION: Take the time to reflect and seek a deeper answer. AVOID: Being too talkative or frustrate others with your energy. 3. SUPPORTER Ignites all around. Unites in a bonfire of enthusiasm. Operating team An operating team culture and vision that defines the enterprise

5 4. DEAL MAKER TO OTHER PROFILES 4.1 BREAKTHROUGH Be alert for most effective paths to direct flow ACTION: Be quick to direct flow and make the most of breakthroughs. AVOID: Moving slowly or being caught unprepared or complacent. 4.2 FLOW Go with the flow with effortless ease ACTION: Let others lead and be content with the light they shine. AVOID: Diffusing or defining the efforts of others. Judging the process. 4.8 COURTSHIP Attract opposites by valuing unity over differences ACTION: Find common ground in preparation for a common path.. AVOID: Focusing on differences. Letting things go their separate ways. 4.5 PLAY Remain flexible and free in changing times ACTION: Play within your comfort levels in unpredictable circumstances. AVOID: Risking too much or taking yourself too seriously. 4.4 ASSEMBLY Engage with those around as a meeting of equals ACTION: Raise the level of the conversation to achieve greater goals AVOID: Dividing interests or alliances. Thinking too small. 4.6 OVERLOAD Shed excess baggage and lighten up ACTION: Re-evaluate limits and unload baggage while you can. AVOID: Holding on. Keeping the things that are hindering progress. 4.3 REFORM Take constructive action and reshape to suit conditions ACTION: Realign and reform those around you to new conditions. AVOID: Leaving things as they are. Beginning from scratch. 4.7 ADVERSITY Remain flexible in the face of inflexibility ACTION: Be open and dynamic to handle potentially adverse conditions. AVOID: Being inflexible. Pushing against a difficult situation. 4. DEAL MAKER The flexible and fun connector, bringing others together. Market Connections Connections and partnerships with major market players

6 5. TRADER TO OTHER PROFILES 5.1 HARMONY Support the space for success to flourish ACTION: Take small actions to support and grow a space of trust. AVOID: Leaving actions to others. Underestimating your value now. 5.2 RENEWAL Completely review and act from first principles ACTION: Begin fresh and act without preconceptions. Reassess. AVOID: Sticking to old habits. Acting and reacting automatically.. 5.8 HUMILITY Be modest in your thoughts and actions ACTION: Seek feedback and advice from multiple sources. AVOID: Jumping to conclusion or judgment. Making assumptions. 5.5 YIELD Be open and free to act with divine timing ACTION: Be open and yielding to respond to changing circumstances. AVOID: Being impulsive or impatient. Being stressed or agitated. 5.4 APPROACH Gain an objective view by looking at all sides ACTION: Remain impartial and gain overview, ready to decide. AVOID: Making decisions or acting too quickly. Taking sides. 5.6 SPREAD Seek steady progress and consult experience ACTION: Slow and steady progress with the support of others. AVOID: Relying on yourself to act. Taking undue risk or holding back. 5.3 SETTLE Stand firm on your principles while respecting the actions of others ACTION: Keep grounded without dampening the enthusiasm of others. AVOID: Dampening the flame of others or losing your own voice. 5.7 SAFETY Stand firm and bring gravity to potential dangers ACTION: Stay disciplined, focused and provide a sense of security. AVOID: Getting involved in conflict or taking unnecessary risks. 5. TRADER Ear to the ground. Excellent sense of timing and environment. Tradable Entity Capital value recognised and tradable in the market

7 6. ACCUMMULATOR TO OTHER PROFILES 6.1 ACCUMULATION Patiently collect resources in anticipation of action ACTION: Slowly accumulate a flow of resources one step at a time AVOID: Trying to hurry the process. Being careless in collection. 6.2 SUPPORT Give freely and generously to support others ACTION: Be committed to the well being and support of others. AVOID: Laying down conditions or keeping to yourself. Not sharing. 6.5 OVERVIEW Observe things carefully, make plans without taking action ACTION: Patiently analyse all that you encounter, selecting opportunity. AVOID: Taking action yet. Being impatient. Getting lost in the details. 6.4 CONFIDENCE Hold true to objectives to achieve mutual cooperation ACTION: Clarify intentions for partnerships to have unity in purpose. AVOID: Letting conversation or compromise confuse objectives. 6.6 COMPLIANCE Take advantage of & capitalise on changes around you ACTION: Be deliberate in action and adapt to changing circumstances. AVOID: Trying to manage or control the situation. Hold back. 6.3 FAMILY Uphold the rules and culture between you and your team ACTION: Approach those around you as family, with an agreed code. AVOID: Leaving people to their own devices. Being detached. 6.8 DEVELOPMENT Organise resources gradually for a new beginning ACTION: Be orderly and logical in the assembly of resources to begin. AVOID: Throwing out all of the old. Look backwards. Be too cautious. 6.7 REVERSAL Patiently introduce the possibility of positive change ACTION: Gently convince others towards of positive developments. AVOID: Getting stuck in a rut. Being over-cautious about the future. 6. ACCUMULATOR Cautious and credible, collecting assets at the right time. Bankable Asset Attraction of finance and resources secured against appreciating asset

8 7. LORD TO OTHER PROFILES 7.1 PATIENCE Provide you experience as input but not direction ACTION: Give your knowledge with no expectation of the outcome. AVOID: Trying to direct things. Being too quick to judge or comment. 7.2 STRUGGLE Focus on specific areas of growth without a need to control all ACTION: Choose to continue in areas of detail during uncertainty. AVOID: Trying to slow down events or focus on the negatives. 7.8 DISABILITY Seek assistance from others to proceed ACTION: Rely on the support and advice of others. Seek assistance. AVOID: Assuming you have the answers. Relying on experience. 7.5 UNION Take a position of co-operation, seeking common ground ACTION: Collect information with a view towards mutual benefit. AVOID: Creating division. Seeking early opportunity or advantage. 7.4 LIMITATION Be self-controlled and analytical in support of other’s excess ACTION: Remain controlled and analytical to temper enthusiasm. AVOID: Being overbearing or over- pessimistic. Taking control. 7.6 SUSTAINABILITY Approach with a long-term view of ongoing benefit ACTION: Co-operate with a view to mutual and sustainable success. AVOID: Aggression or argument. Positioning for success above others. 7.3 REPRIEVE Relax and leave activities to others, prepare to define the game ACTION: Remain detached and satisfied with the actions of others. AVOID: Trying to influence outcomes. Damping enthusiasm. 7.7 DOMINATION Consolidate power and exert control to support all ACTION: Utilise detail to find efficiencies and bring all together. AVOID: Hesitating. Doubting your own power. Letting others control. 7. LORD Careful and detailed, structured in approach. Cash Infrastructure Efficient cash generating system setting the market standard

9 8. MECHANIC TO OTHER PROFILES 8.1 COLLECTION Provide structure and wisdom without being overbearing ACTION: Approach from a position of strength and humility. AVOID: Being presumptuous or judgmental of new ideas or energy. 8.2 FULFILMENT Direct information and advice to feed new innovations ACTION: Be selective in adding appropriate details that serve others. AVOID: Overloading with details. Being too sparing in your contribution. 8.8 RESOLUTION Make your stand with certainty, be clear of your position ACTION: Define all aspects of the current conditions. Solidify position. AVOID: Questioning the situation. Being swayed or persuaded by others. 8.5 EROSION Exercise extreme caution and protect all that is precious ACTION: Do not exert yourself but defer to the actions of the team. AVOID: Risking anything. Using apparent judgment to act upon. 8.4 SACRIFICE Release some of your fixed ideas to move forward through others ACTION: Let go of the past to venture down untested paths. AVOID: Holding on. Being overly cautious or dictatorial to others. 8.6 EXTRACTION Be pure in your intentions and remove what does not fit ACTION: Be discerning in what serves & be open on what doesn’t. AVOID: Being tolerant of unclear or confusing intentions or distractions.. 8.3 BEAUTY Diligently clarify details in times of great excitement ACTION: Be disciplined in refining the rules as others play the game. AVOID: Getting swept up in the excitement. Becoming mesmerised. 8.7 COUSEL Invest your time in enquiry and research, seeking new knowledge ACTION: Be open to new input and search for unexpected insights. AVOID: Jumping to conclusions. Expecting to validate expectations. 8. MECHANIC Creative and structured, completing with perfection Licensable System Enterprise system providing replicable value creation

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