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Wilmer Arellano FIU.  Use template at: Proposal Template Wilmer Arellano.

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1 Wilmer Arellano FIU

2  Use template at: Proposal Template Wilmer Arellano

3 To download the title page please click here: Title Page

4 Wilmer Arellano



7  If you are using acronyms for your project title include also a description.  PAM  (Pulse Amplitude Modulation)

8  Make sure that every team member reads the proposal before submitting it  Be smart and save time in the future, write in the convenient verb tenses  Use: This project is aimed to the design of an autonomous car. As opposed to:  This project will be about an autonomous car.

9  An ABSTRACT can be the most difficult part of the research report to write because in it you must:  introduce your subject matter,  tell what was done,  and present selected results,  all in one short (about 150 words) paragraph.  The most common type of ABSTRACT is the informative abstract. A good way to develop an informative abstract is to devote a sentence or two to each of the major parts of the report.  ¾ Page

10  An Executive Summary is an accurate representation of the contents of a document in an abbreviated form.  Executive Summaries are summaries provided for readers who do not have time to read the entire document.  The Executive Summary must be a self standing document, sufficient in content to ensure that the reader can completely understand the contents of the Project.  One to two pages  Follow this link for Executive Summary Format Follow this link for Executive Summary Format

11  Show that you care for the users and follow practices that will protect their health and safety.  Show that you care for yourself and follow practices that will protect your health and safety.  Show that you care for liabilities and therefore you make use of foreseeability.  Possible quiz question. Calculate the minimum distance that you should maintain whe working with Senior I IR transmitters.

12  Explain how you will:  Design objects of long-term value  Design your products keeping in mind the idea of a sustainable future 3. Create safe objects of long-term value. Do not burden future generations with requirements for maintenance or vigilant administration of potential danger due to the careless creation of products, processes or standards.

13  Make sure you use Publix’s Shopping List style  Explain how you will:  Use RoHS components whenever they are available ▪ Also related to health  Design for easy disassembly ▪ Also related to manufacturability  At least make a component selection based on LCIA  Adhere to some of the Hannover principles i.e. 1. Eliminate the concept of waste. Evaluate and optimize the full life-cycle of products and processes, to approach the state of natural systems. in which there is no waste. 2. Rely on natural energy flows. Human designs should, like the living world, derive their creative forces from perpetual solar income. Incorporate this energy efficiently and safely for responsible use. 

14  Develop a one to two page, section for manufacturability and indicate in particular the principles you will emphasize in your project

15  Simplify the design and reduce the number of parts  Standardize and use common parts and materials  Design for ease of fabrication (Mechanical Parts)  Design for ease of assembly (Mechanical and Electronics)  Avoid unnecessarily tight tolerances that are beyond the natural capability of the manufacturing processes  Mistake-proof product design and assembly (poka- yoke) so that the assembly process is unambiguous  Minimize flexible parts and interconnections

16  Design for efficient joining and fastening (Easy assembly and disassembly)  Design modular products  Design for automated production  Design printed circuit boards for assembly  Design for testability

17  Demonstrate your awareness on the importance of making the right choices in the early stages in the project

18  You need to explain how your results will be evaluated at the end of Senior Design II  This semester you are promising  Objectives to be met  Constraints to be satisfied  Standards to comply with  Patents not to infringe  Specification  Next semester you will compare your results to each of the individual promises but you need to tell now how you are planning to do it.

19  This is a very important Section and of high interest for ABET  Write a ¾ page essay about what would be required to get your project into production and make it an activity to continue into the future.  What would you require to do to keep yourself current in the topics  What actions should be taken in order to keep your project in the market  Indicate what Technical Societies, magazines or activities of lifelong learning you are engaged  If you are not members of IEEE it would be a great moment as you are still students and it would be very inexpensive  Being an IEEE member is something good to show in your Resume as well

20  In this very important ¾ page section you will mention:  How the whole idea started  What the main objectives are and how they evolved (interview, Survey, Brainstorming)  What were the activities involved in completing this proposal  Summarize your Results Evaluation procedure  How the project is a contribution to society  How the project has contributed to your formation and your lifelong learning

21 1. Download the form at:  2. Fill the form electronically and print it 3. Make sure all team members and the mentor signs it (This is imperative to pass the course no exceptions) 4. Include it in the corresponding section

22  Create 2 CDs with:  Identifying labels: Year, semester, proposal, project title, team members, mentor, etc  An electronic version of your report  The PowerPoints that you used in your presentations  Any electronic documents,such as programs, related to your project, unless otherwise instructed by your mentor due to copyright reasons  Permanently attach one CD envelope to the inner side of the back cover  Place one CD in the envelope and the other in a separate CD envelope

23  Final Version must include all sections  All signatures must be present (Team Members and Mentor)  Permanent Binding (No Three Ring Binders)  Spiral binding recommended

24  Submit The Proposal according to the previous slide  Include the previous reports with the grading documents and my notes  Organize the previous reports in a single document (staples or small three ring binder)

25  Submit The Proposal according to the previous slide  Include the previous reports with the grading documents and my notes  Organize the previous reports in a single document (staples or small three ring binder)

26  For each note requiring you to change part of your document create a pair of tabs with the same unique number  Place one tab where the note requiring the change is located  Place the second tab in the new page in the final version containing the changes  See example next slide


28 & & Q uestions A nswers

29  Final version contains all sections and it is permanently bound by means of a spiral

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