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Guessing Game: Guess what words they are. AB gentle nobody plant wing everywheresuddenly fierce over.

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1 Guessing Game: Guess what words they are. AB gentle nobody plant wing everywheresuddenly fierce over

2 dinosaur s

3 Unit 5 Dinosaurs—Revision

4 Dinosaurs lived on the Earth over _______ years ago. A. sixty hundredB. sixty million C. sixty thousand D. sixty When did dinosaurs live on the Earth? B

5 million ★数字( one… ) million ★ millions of … 百万 百万 数百万 ★ hundred (百), thousand (千), billion (十亿)

6 ★ There are _______ people in the city. A. millions of D. million of C. sixty millions of B. sixty millions ★ There are over ________ students on the playground. A.two hundreds B. two hundred of C. two hundred D. hundred of A C

7 Translate: 数百个学生 _________________ 二十亿人 ________________ 三千本书 ___________________ hundreds of students three thousand books two billion people 数百万年 ________________ millions of years

8 We can know something about dinosaurs from ________. encyclopaedias

9 May got an encyclopaedia from her father and she found some beautiful pictures about dinosaurs. Let’s have a look.

10 skeleton (S)

11 footprint (s)

12 dinosaur egg (s)

13 Important nouns million skeleton dinosaur footprint encyclopaedia (an) dinosaur egg

14 In this passage, we also learnt some important verbs. ★ The Roman Empire ________(lives) for several centuries. existed die out ★ I ___________ mind) him, but I've never met him. (have information about something in your ★ What have we _________ (be left after one’s death)after going away? ★ Elephants would ________ if men were allowed to shoot as many as they wished (stop existing) left behind know about

15 May wants to know something more about dinosaurs. She found a video about dinosaurs on the internet. Now let’s watch it and please find something about dinosaurs’ food , weight, size and their characters( 品质、特征 )?

16 food: Some dinosaurs ate_____, other dinosaurs ate ______. =others Some …, others…. meat plants

17 size: Some dinosaurs were as_____ as ________, others were as______ as __________. Some _____, others ______. ten elephants chickens big small

18 weight: Some were…, others….

19 Mouth: Describe dinosaurs’ appearance( 外貌 ) with ‘some…others…’ Horn( 角 ) : Wing:

20 Characters: Some were as _______ as_________ and ate______. So they were _________. Others were _______ than __________ and ate_____. So they were ________. sheep plants meat tigers harmless harmful gentle fiercer as…as… harmful---harmless Some… others…

21 as as… 和 … 一样 … 1. Some dinosaurs were as ______ as sheep. (gentle, gently) 2. English is used as ______ as possible. (wide, widely) 3. You must drive as _______ as you can. (safe, safely) 4. The box is as _______ as a stone. (heavy, heavily) 5. Mike doesn’t do his homework as________ as Mark. (careful, carefully) 6. He can’t do the calculations as _________ as you. (accurate, accurately) adj./adv. gentle widely safely heavy carefully accurately

22 They are suffixes( 后缀 ). –ful is a definite( 肯定的 ) suffix , -less is an indefinite ( 否定的 ) suffix 。 careful ---- careless useful–-- useless helpful --- helpless homeless ( 无家可归的 ) harmful---harmless

23 Complete the sentences with ‘harmful’, ‘harmless’, ‘careful’, ‘careless’, ‘useful’, ‘useless’, ‘helpful’ or ‘helpless’. 1________ people may cause hill fires in forests. 2A dictionary is really a ________ tool book. 3The map is really ________ in the village. It helps a lot. 4You should always be ________ when crossing a road. 5The knife is blunt. It’s ________ now. 6It’s ________ to your eyes to read in the bus. 7He is as ________ as a baby. 8The dog seems fierce, but it’s ________.

24 Important structures and adjectives: Some…,others… as…as… fierce, fiercer than… harmful--harmless

25 ... sixty million years ago. Some…. Others… (size) harmless …as gentle as… ate harmful fiercer than… ate… die out know about…from… leave behind Retell the passage with the following words and phrases:

26 What can we do to save endangered animals? Discuss : ★ Use laws to stop people killing endangered animals. ★ Protect the our environment. ★ Call on people not to eat them. ★ Call on people not to buy or wear the clothes made of those animals. ★ Protect homes and food of endangered animals. …… endangered( 濒临灭绝的 ) animals

27 Homework 1. Write a composition about what can we do to save endangered animals. 2. Recite the key words and phrases.

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