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The Great Gatsby Review Game Character s Chap 1-4Chap 5-9ThemeSymbols1920’s 222222 444444 666666 888888 10 12 14 16 BONUS.

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1 The Great Gatsby Review Game Character s Chap 1-4Chap 5-9ThemeSymbols1920’s BONUS

2 Characters 2 points: Who is the narrator of the novel? BACK

3 4 points: What does Daisy say is the best thing a girl can be? BACK Characters

4 6 points: What did Myrtle buy on her trip to New York? BACK Characters

5 8 Points: On the first night Nick went to Gatsby’s party he was one of the few guests who _________. BACK Characters

6 10 points: What is Jordan Baker’s occupation? BACK Characters

7 12 Points: James Gatz was most inspired by______. BACK

8 Characters 14 points: Name 3 of the characters who attend Gatsby’s funeral. BACK

9 Characters 16 points: Name the man who owns the coffee house in the Valley of Ashes BACK

10 Chapters points: Where do the old moneyed people live? BACK

11 Chapters points: Which character spoke of the book “The Rise of the Colored Empire”? BACK

12 Chapters points: Explain the difference between East and West Egg BACK

13 Chapters Points: What business is Gatsby supposedly in? BACK

14 Chapters Points: What does Catherine reveal about Myrtle and Tom’s individual marriages? BACK

15 Chapters Points: Where did Gatsby study after the war? BACK

16 Chapters Points: What metaphor is used to describe the behavior of Gatsby’s guests at his house parties? BACK

17 Chapters Points: Explain the irony in Jordan’s statement: I hate careless people BACK

18 Chapters points: What piece of furniture does Gatsby almost knock over? BACK

19 Chapters Points: Where do Gatsby and Daisy first meet? BACK

20 Chapters points: Why does Tom hit Myrtle in the New York apartment? BACK

21 Chapters points: How does Ella Kaye have an impact on Gatsby’s life? BACK

22 Chapters Points: What happens to all of Gatsby’s servants? BACK

23 Chapter Points What is Tom determined to do upon leaving Gatsby’s party? BACK

24 Chapters Points: Whose photograph is on Gatsby’s desk? BACK

25 Chapters points: How do the Sloanes treat Gatsby? BACK

26 Theme 2 points: In the story what two things determine which social class a person belongs to? BACK

27 Theme 4 Points: In what element are all characters the same despite their social class? What do they all have in common? BACK

28 Theme 6 Points: Which relationship seems to be the only example of “genuine love” in the story? BACK

29 Theme 8 Points: What does Gatsby mean when he says that Daisy’s voice is “full of money?” Does he mean this negatively? Does this comment say more about Daisy or Gatsby? BACK

30 Theme 10 Points: Nick says that the future is always receding in front of us, and that we’re forever beaten back towards the past. Is the future attainable in the novel? BACK

31 Theme 12 Points: How does Jordan’s “ carelessness” indicate dissatisfaction? Why is the wealthy society so careless? BACK

32 Theme 14 Points: What is the “unmistakable air of natural intimacy” Nick recognizes in Tom and Daisy after Myrtle is killed? BACK

33 Theme 16 points: Does Gatsby’s death prove he failed or succeeded in achieving the “American Dream”? Why? BACK

34 Symbols 2 Points What color is the light at the end of the Buchanan's dock? BACK

35 Symbols 4 Points Which character represents the poor, working class? BACK

36 Symbols 6 points: What is Old Owl Eyes able to perceive about Gatsby? His party goers? BACK

37 Symbols 8 points: What do Gatsby’s clothes symbolize? BACK

38 Symbols 10 Points: Explain one symbol that represents the “American Dream” BACK

39 Symbols 12 Points: If characters clothing represents true personality, why doesn’t Daisy wear mostly gold or green? BACK

40 Symbols 14 points: What does the color grey symbolize? Explain where things are described in grey? BACK

41 Symbols 16 points: How does the symbol of Dr. Eckleberg change from the beginning to the end of the novel? BACK

42 1920’s Culture 2 points: What is prohibition? BACK

43 1920’s Culture 4 points: What specific year is Gatsby set in?

44 1920’s Culture 6 points: What did Fitzgerald call the 1920’s? BACK

45 1920’s Culture 8 points: Which war did Gatsby fight in? BACK

46 1920’s Culture 10 points: What would you call a girl in the 1920’s who wore her hair in a bob with short skirts and rolled stalkings and like to dance the Charleston? BACK

47 1920’s Culture 12 points: Who was the U.S. President in 1922?

48 1920’s Culture 14 points: What is a speakeasy? BACK

49 BONUS: What is F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wife’s name?

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