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Unit 5 Say Yes.  Warming-up: Discussion;  Introduction to the background knowledge  Structure of the text  Word study  Detailed discussion of the.

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1 Unit 5 Say Yes

2  Warming-up: Discussion;  Introduction to the background knowledge  Structure of the text  Word study  Detailed discussion of the text Teaching Procedures

3 Warming-up: Discussion Divide the class into several groups and make them discuss whether they personally approve of “mixed marriages” and what kind of problems there might be in mixed marriages.

4 Background Information Racism has been called the national curse of the United States ever since the first black slaves were brought into this continent. We all know the sufferings of the blacks as described in Uncle Tom’s Cabin; we also know about the Ku Klux Klan and the Jim Crow laws. But since the Civil Right movement of the 1960s, a lot of changes have taken place, and the racial relationship has somewhat improved. However racism is still very much alive. The only thing is that it now may take more subtle forms. The present article deals precisely with this subtle manifestation of racial prejudice. The little argument between this white couple reveals a very dis­turbing truth, that is, racism is by no means only the problem of a few terrible monsters; in a certain sense, we are also often guilty of the crime, and unless all of us ordinary people open our eyes to this fact and determine to say no, it is bound to continue to plague the world.

5 Structure of the text  Part 1(Para. 1):  The husband and wife maintain a harmonious relationship with each other.  Part 2(Paras. 2-51):  The husband is questioned by his wife about his view on a white person’s marrying a black person.  Part 3 (Para.52):  He has a strange feeling of uneasiness in the dark.

6 Word Study  somehow  1 in some way, or by some means, although you do not know how:  Don't worry, we'll get the money back somehow.  Somehow, I managed to lose my keys.  Maybe we could glue it together somehow or other.  2 for some reason that is not clear to you or that you do not understand:  Somehow, I just don't think it'll work.

7 All things considered, the reform is a success. She considers waste to be criminal. 2. to think or deem to be; to regard v. 1. to think carefully about 2. consider

8 Her success is not surprising if you consider her excellent training. She failed to consider the feelings of others. 4. to show consideration for 3. to take into account; to bear in mind

9  Pinch  1 [transitive] to press a part of someone's skin very tightly between your finger and thumb, especially so that it hurts:  We have to stop her pinching her baby brother.  He pinched her cheek.  2 [transitive] British English informal to steal something, especially something small or not very valuable:  Someone's pinched my coat!  3 [transitive] to press something between your finger and thumb:  Pinch the edges of the pastry together to seal it.  4 [intransitive and transitive] if something you are wearing pinches you, it presses painfully on part of your body, because it is too tight

10  snap  1break  A twig snapped under my feet.  2 3say something angrily  'What do you want?' Mike snapped.  snap at  He snapped at Walter for no reason.  3. to take a photograph:  Dave snapped a picture of me and Sonia.

11  rummage  also rummage around/about to search for something by moving things around in a careless or hurried way  rummage in/through etc  Looks like someone's been rummaging around in my desk.

12 1. v. to disperse (a liquid) in a mass or jet of droplets The pipe burst and the water was spraying everywhere. Can you feel the spray from the waterfall? 2. n. water or other liquid moving in a mass of dispersed droplets, as from a wave 6. spray

13  demonstrate  1 to show or prove something clearly:  The study demonstrates the link between poverty and malnutrition.  This section will attempt to demonstrate how the Bank of England operates.  The government now has an opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to reform.  2 [to show or describe how to do something or how something works  They'll be demonstrating how to handle modern, high performance cars.

14  ashamed :feeling embarrassed and guilty because of something you have done  ashamed of/at  I felt ashamed of the things I'd said to him.  be ashamed to do something  I'm ashamed to admit that I've never read any of his books.  ashamed that  I'm ashamed that I haven't replied to your letter yet.  be/feel ashamed of yourself  You should be ashamed of yourself..

15 Detailed discussion of the text . 1. …and I’ve worked with blacks and we’ve always gotten along just fine.  Notice how the man tried to show that he was not a racist. The man of course was by no means the worst kind of racist. In fact, he would be considered quite liberal. But it is precisely the fact that even decent people are deeply influenced that shows the seriousness of the matter.

16  2. He’d acted out of concern for her, he thought that it would be a nice gesture on her part not to start up that conversation again…(para.18)  The man had shown concern for his wife, and he hoped that his wife would show her concern in return by not continuing this unpleasant conversation.

17  3. He took a deep breath. He had won the argument but he still felt cornered.  He breathed deeply. He had won the argument but he still felt that he was put in a difficult situation.

18  4. “let’s not move too fast on this.”(para. 35)  Don’t let us rush to a decision. I have to think carefully before I give you an answer.

19  5. “Since you put it that way”(para.37)  Since you ask your questions so bluntly.

20  6. In another thirty years or so they would both be dead. What would all that stuff matter then?  In another thirty years or so they would both be dead. So what’s the wense of arguing about these problems?

21  7. “All right,” he said. Ha lay there, but nothing happened when Ann told her husband to turn off the light.  When Ann told her husband to turn off the light, she made him feel that she had forgiven him and would soon join him. But “nothing happened”, she didn’t come to bed.

22  8. His heart pounded the way it had on their first night together, the way it still did when he wokeat a noise.  Now we know that actually in all these years they were married, the man had also felt often that ha did not really know his wife; she was still a “stranger” to him.

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