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Unit 2 Working the Land Reading : A Pioneer for all people.

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1 Unit 2 Working the Land Reading : A Pioneer for all people

2 The starving Sudan

3 World Hunger Map

4 How to end hunger? Yuan Longping’s way?

5 Super Hybrid Rice

6 Personal information Name: Nationality: Born: Occupation: Education: Dream: Yuan Longping Chinese in 1930 in Beijing. a scientist/farmer Southwest Agriculture College 1. saw rice plants as tall as sorghum 2. to export his rice Fast Reading

7 Skimming: find out the main idea of each paragraph. ParagraphMain Idea His ________________________ success (achievement)… education and research… way of life (Personality) … dreams… SUCCESS = 1%INSPIRATION + 99%PERSPIRATION 3 4 1 2

8 + + +Personality +… Success (achievement) DreamEducationResearch

9 Careful Reading 1. What does Dr Yuan look like? 2. Why did Dr Yuan want to increase the rice output when he was young? 3. What are his contributions? He has a sun burnt face and arms and a slim, strong body. He is more like a farmer than a scientist.

10 Where does he do his research? Balzac( 巴尔扎克 ): If I am not at home, I am in a café; If I am not in the café, I am on my way to it. Dr Yuan:

11 1.”He cares little about spending the money on himself or leading a comfortable life.” 2.”He also doesn’t care about being famous.” He is “Careless” Enjoy two sentences with “care”

12 Is Dr Yuan a careful man or a careless man? Many scientists like Yuan Longping are careless about how they live. This is because they are too careful in their research.

13 3. What are Dr. Yuan’s hobbies? 1. listening to violin music 2. playing mah-jong 3. swimming 4. reading

14 Yuan Longping was awarded the “World Food Prize" of 2004. Ladies and gentlemen, now allow me to announce the winner of “World Food Prize”,Yuan Longping. He was born…..

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