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Math 2 Advice for Taking Tests And Errors To Avoid.

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1 Math 2 Advice for Taking Tests And Errors To Avoid

2 Knowing how to take a test can make a lot of difference in your success as a student. The next few slides will give you some strategies for taking tests and also some test taking errors you may wish to avoid. If you are interested in more information about this please see the reference to the book written by Paul Nolting at the end of this slide show.

3 Here are some quick suggestions to help you to become a better test taker. Do A Memory Dump – Write down important formulas and information at the top of your test before you do anything else. Preview The Test – Read the directions. Mark easy questions with a check mark. Put your name at the top. Answer All The Easy Questions First- Put these answers in first and review them. Check your work. Show All Your Work- Put work clearly next to the question so you can get partial credit.

4 More Quick Suggestions Skip Difficult Questions – These questions can eat up all your time so do them last. If you remember something during the test about them write it down. Review Skipped Questions – If stuck on a difficult question, write out the question and say it to yourself. This may jog your memory. Guess at The Remaining Questions – Do as much work on each problem as possible. As long as there is no penalty for wrong answers this strategy will work.

5 Even More Quick Suggestions Review the Entire Test – Look over your test again for any careless errors. Use All of the Test Time – Remember that many students who leave the test early do so because they don’t know the answers. Do the best you can using all the time allotted.

6 Testing Errors You Should Try To Avoid Misreading Directions – This happens when you skip reading the directions or misunderstand the directions and work a problem anyway. To avoid this read ALL of the directions and study the directions before you do the test. Careless Errors – These are mistakes you can catch automatically when you review the test. When you rush through a test or are nervous this will happen. To avoid this watch for simple mistakes as you go through the test and as you review the test.

7 More Testing Errors You Should Try To Avoid Concept Errors – If you don’t understand the principles and properties that are required to do a problem than you will make this error. To avoid it, relearn what you missed on the test before starting the next math unit. Learn why you made the mistake on the test. Application Errors – Sometimes you know the concept but can not apply it to a problem. To avoid this make study cards with the question on one side and answer on the other side. Next look for cues in the problem that help you to decide which concept to apply to the problem.

8 Even More Testing Errors You Should Try To Avoid Test Procedure Errors – These result form not having a system for taking tests. To avoid this analyze where you miss the most questions. Finish all problems down to the last step including checking the answer. If you are changing answers and missing them. Stop doing this! Don’t rush through your tests. Study Errors – This happens when you study the wrong materials or study the right material incorrectly. To avoid this find out if your test errors were from your text or notes. Do they match what you were supposed to study.

9 References For further information about test taking look at: Winning at Math 4 th Edition by Paul Nolting, Ph. D. Academic Success Press, Inc. Bradenton, Florida

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