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Trans-Confessional Movements and Christian Renewal.

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1 Trans-Confessional Movements and Christian Renewal

2 Definitions: Revival Revival is: 1.A sovereign work of the Holy Spirit among God’s people, the Church. 2.Usually preceded or accompanied by passionate corporate intercessory prayer. 3.Often accompanied by a deep conviction of sin, repentance, restitution. 4.Often followed by a manifestation of God’s presence and power, a subsequent joy, and a spirit of worship. 5.Fruitful in a deepening or resurgence of Christian life and witness. Revival is not: 1.Of human origin, though prayer contributes to the Spirit’s outpouring. 2.Organized by Christians who obey a set of principles, though in the Second Awakening this appeared to be valid. 3.A series of evangelistic meetings.

3 Definitions: Awakening An Awakening: 1.Is a wider movement of the Holy Spirit that often begins with the revival of a group of Christians but then impacts nominal and backsliding Christians. 2.Stimulates a deep concern about the relationship with God of many who were previously careless about sin and ungodliness. 3.Usually causes many to seek God, attend places of worship and increases church membership. 4.Generates new structures and visions and result in new networks and movements to spread the Gospel. 5.Results in a large increase in people volunteering for Christian work and a surge in the sending out of missionaries to the ends of the earth.

4 Definitions: People Movement A People Movement: 1.Is often the result of revival in the cultures of the missionaries who first bring the message of the Gospel to a people without a knowledge of the Bible or the Gospel. 2.Is a turning to Christ of many of a specific people group or population which had previously had little or no contact with the Gospel. 3.Is a work of the Holy Spirit within a specific culture that not only makes the Gospel relevant within that culture, but also changes that culture to conform more to biblical standards. 4.Should be followed with careful discipling, leadership development and Scripture translation.

5 The Six Major Awakenings No.Main AreasDatesMain ImpactCause of Decline 1 st Germany, UK, USA Moravian missions Methodist revival Deism, revolutions 2 nd UK, USA Scandinavia Modern missions movementWars 3 rd USA Mass evangelism Social uplift Social upheavals 4 th North America North Europe Surge in church growth and missions Liberal theology 5 th Wales, USA Many lands Pentecostal growthWorld wars 6 th Africa, Asia, Latin America 1964-Evangelical resurgence Charismatic renewal

6 Evangelical Awakenings 18 th -19 th Centuries Herrnhut Greenland Moravian Pioneer missions England Volga, Russia India South Africa Native Americans Jamaica St Thomas Suriname Labrador st Awakenings:

7 Evangelical Awakenings 18 th -19 th Centuries Herrnhut Moravian Pioneer missions 1 st Methodist revival Whitfield and Wesleys Awakenings:

8 Evangelical Awakenings 18 th -19 th Centuries Herrnhut 1 st Awakenings: 2 nd Norway Sweden UK Nova Scotia USA

9 Evangelical Awakenings 18 th -19 th Centuries 1 st Awakenings: 2 nd Norway Sweden UK USA S. India Madagascar 3 rd Khasi Hills South Africa Finland Switzerland Fiji Samoa Tahiti Tonga Pacific Islands East Indies

10 Evangelical Awakenings 18 th -19 th Centuries 1 st Awakenings: 2 nd Norway Sweden UK Canada USA S. India Madagascar 3 rd Khasi Hills South Africa Chile 4 th Australia New Zealand Burma South Brazil Batak, Nias, Sumatra Japan Java Armenians Finland Persecution Ukraine Germany

11 Evangelical Awakenings 20 th Century 1.The Welsh Revival and its global influence – shown by red lines 2.The Welsh connection with the Pentecostal outpouring in USA and elsewhere was less direct, but valid – shown by green lines S Africa S Brazil Modern Pentecostalism Punjab S. India Maha- rashtra Madagascar Batak Nias Australia Japan Korea China Manchuria SE Nigeria Côte d’Ivoire Chile Argentina Scandinavia NE India Jamaica Welsh

12 Evangelical Awakenings 20 th Century 1.Evangelicalism in the West was marginalized and in retreat. 2.There continued to be revivals and people movements around the world, the most significant being the East African Revival, the USA, Korea, Brazil and China (before the persecutions of Communism) E Africa Brazil Madagascar Korea China Ethiopia USA Argentina Cuba Mexico Toraja E. Malaysia Lewis Congo E. Anglia Ulster NE Scotland Garo PNG

13 Evangelical Awakenings 20 th Century 1.Evangelical resurgence after A massive awakening affecting mainly Latin America, Asia and Africa Nepal Brazil Bengkulu S.Korea China Ethiopia USA Argentina Jesus people Guatemala Java Philippines Nigeria S.Sudan Iran Kabyle, Algeria Romania Kwasizabantu, S. Africa Papua 1964 – Aymara Bolivia Colombia Quechua, Peru Prairies, Canada New Zealand s Pensacola Toronto Cuba 1980s 1990s 1970s 1960s s Solomon Is W.Timor s s 1970s 1980s1990s

14 by Various Evangelical Awakenings & Persecution 20 th Century by Communists by Muslimsby Hindus 1.Many Awakenings have been accompanied or followed by persecution. 2.The persecutors have mainly been Communists and Muslims – Persecution Nepal S.Korea China Ethiopia Java Nigeria S.Sudan Iran Kabyle, Algeria Romania N.Korea Afrikaners Madagascar Congo 1964 Uganda Kenya

15 Christian Renewal 1.Will the present momentum be maintained? 2.Are the leaders of today preparing leaders for the next generation? 3.Will there be a continued passion for God’s glory and fulfilment of the Great Commission? 4.How can we communicate a positive message of God’s present working, and expectant hope for the soon fulfilment of the Great Commission?

16 Conclusion

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