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1 Hints & Tips for the Application Process Matt Akin – Graduate Programme Adviser 31 st October,2012.

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1 1 Hints & Tips for the Application Process Matt Akin – Graduate Programme Adviser 31 st October,2012

2 2 Application forms The purpose of the application form is… …TO GET AN INTERVIEW!

3 Why application forms and not CV’s? Standardise and manageable quantity of information Helps shortlist candidates in a way that is justifiable, fair and rational Reduce numbers THE APPLICATION FORM IS THE MOST COMPETETIVE PART OF THE SELECTION PROCESS 3

4 Background Large firms receive an average of 100 applications for each vacancy National average is 37.9 applicants per vacancy Selectors spend approximately 90 seconds on each application form received 80% of application forms are rejected at the first stage 4

5 The Co-operative Last year The Co-operative received over 8,000 applications for 30 positions We invited approximately 250 last year… 5

6 Completing the application form When completing the application form you need… To articulate that you have researched the organisation and understand what you’re applying for To draw relevant examples To stand out NB: Try to answer questions using the STAR approach 6

7 Common Reasons for rejection… Examples all drawn from same part of your life Not enough detail provided Vague or irrelevant answers No answering all parts of the questions or the form Poor spelling and grammar 7

8 Where to pull examples from? Education – Group Work, Presentations, Prizes awarded etc.. Work Experience – Added value, manage team, resolved issues, implemented activities Activities & Interests – Raised money, organised events, position of responsibility? Extra Curricular activities – Business games or activities, travelling, represented university? 8

9 Quantify personal involvement and results NOT ‘We organised a charity fun raising event. It was a great success.’ BUT ‘I was responsible for the publicity for a fund raising event which involved negotiating advertising with local companies and arranging posters on campus. Our team managed to raise £1000 for charity and over 800 students attended.’ Use strong language – created, managed, co-ordinated, negotiated. 9

10 Application Form Don’ts Write too much or too little, be specific with your answers Enclose a CV or extra sheets Give vague answers Leave chronological gaps with no explanation Give false information Use jargon, abbreviations or very formal language Be careless or untidy

11 Application Form Do’s Read through the whole form first Rough draft your answers Follow instructions Explain discrepancies and gaps in work history Complete all sections Check spelling and grammar Get someone to read over your form

12 Things not to say… Its best for employers that I not work with people I have an excellent track record, although im not a horse One day, I felt not happy with my colleague about the product project, and I knew that my perspective was more better than her. Problems faced: A week before I went to university I discovered my mother was having an affair Personal Interests: donating blood. Fourteen gallons so far Reason for leaving last job: They insisted that all employees get to work by 8.45 am every morning. Could not work under those conditions References: None. I’ve left a path of destruction behind me

13 Application Golden Rules Take your time and prepare well (save and return) Keep the tone upbeat and positive Be professional Use key words – may auto sift Take care with presentation Use your own words and complete your own form Give examples Match your abilities with the employer’s needs Keep a copy of your form to help prepare for the interview Always check it before you submit it

14 Any questions? Thank you

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