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St. Anthony’s School 16 Jan 2013 1. Background information 2.

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1 St. Anthony’s School 16 Jan 2013 1

2 Background information 2

3 Enhance the effectiveness of learning and teaching Curriculum LearningAssessmentTeachingWhat to start How to start 3

4 Evaluation after Assessment Why did students choose A, not B, C or D? What are the follow-up actions? Are the questions too difficult or too easy? Have the students learned? Have they studied hard? 4

5 5

6 Student MCI Item MCI Cronbach Alpha Graph shape Data – Good to start 6

7 2 Modified Caution Indexes Student Modified Caution Index Item Modified Caution Index Students’ Performance Question items’ Performance 7

8 Student MCIxP Chart 2012-13 P.4 1st Reading Exam 8

9 Student MCIxP Chart 2012-13 P.4 1st Reading Exam 9

10 More focused strategies Type AType B The teaching and learning are suitable for them. Encourage them to keep on. Know the difficult questions Miss the simple questions Careless mistakes Don’t rely on luck Type DType C Adjust the teaching content Raise their learning motivation Need more consolidation Answering techniques Careless mistakes Focus on the foundation Don’t rely on luck 10

11 Item MCI xP Chart 2012-13 P.4 1st Reading Exam 11

12 Item MCI xP Chart Need improvement Difficult questions Problem questions 12

13 MCI item P-value chart Item Type1112 P.3 Final Exam 1213 P.4 First Exam A2017 B12 C10 D37 Total no. of questions 2526 According the Item Modified Caution Index, most of the items set are normal. 13

14 Cronbach Alpha (Reliability) Cronbach Alpha Reliability 0 – 0.3low 0.7-0.9acceptable > 0.9high 14

15 2011-2012 P.3 First Exam Slightly Easy 15

16 2012-2013 P.4 First Exam Appropria te 16

17 Which question items should be improved? 17

18 Which question items are difficult to our students? 18

19 SP Xpress analysis on ‘2011-2012 Primary 3 Third Exam Paper’ SP Xpress analysis results: Type A: 20 items Type B: 1 item Type C: 1 item Type D: 3 items Let’s examine one item from each category (Type B, C, D) 19

20 Exam item example: Type B On which floor of the centre, can Grandpa find presents for Jack? A. 1/F B. 2/F C. 3/F D.4/F 20

21 Possible reasons for item being Type B Type B: Item is not difficult but requires amendments because many students couldn’t answer it. Possible reasons: Item design flaws Not close to what teacher taught in class Students lack specific training in reading comic strips 21

22 Teacher examined the Type B item Students found it difficult because … Need to process and connect many ideas all at the same time QuestionComic strip Which floor?1/F,2/F,3/F,4/F  floor directory … of the Centre …Star Shopping Centre … can Grandpa find presents … We can buy all the gifts … presents?presents  robots  toys(4/F) … can Grandpa …‘We’ refers to ‘grandparents’ 22

23 Recommended solutions Increase students’ chances in reading English comic strips in classroom teaching or leisure reading Teacher needs to illustrate more clearly in connecting ideas Teacher needs to teach more explicitly which means more visual demonstrations 23

24 Exam item example: Type C In which step does Jack’s mum add ‘soy sauce’ and ‘wasabi’ to the sushi? A. Step 1 B. Step 3 C. Step 6 D. Step 10 24

25 Possible reasons for item being Type C Type C: Item is difficult and requires amendments because many students couldn’t answer it. Possible reasons: Confusing description Question misleading students Question containing error(s) 25

26 Teacher examined the Type C item Students did not have the relevant personal experience in making and/or eating sushi The recipe did not mention dipping sushi into ‘soy sauce’ or ‘wasabi’ after the finish Without experience, students could not interpret the correct answer which is the final step This question contains the error which requires outside knowledge uncommon among the students 26

27 Exam item example: Type D After cutting the vegetables and crab meat, Jack’s mum ____. C.takes some rice wine vinegar and mixes it with the sushi rice This is the answer but the option rephrased the instructions. 27

28 Features of Type D item Type D: Item is difficult and doesn’t require amendments. It is suitable for screening the high ability students. Low and mid- ability students can’t answer it. Type D items should be kept at a low proportion in an assessment. The rephrasing is difficult for students to interpret the correct answer. 28

29 Analysis of TSA P.3 Reading Paper Predict P.3 students’ results in the upcoming TSA reading assessment Compare the overall students’ ability from different years Examine the neglected elements in our teaching Assumption: TSA assessment covers the basic competency that all students are supposed to have acquired by the end of a learning stage 29

30 SP Xpress analysis on ‘2011 TSA P.3 Reading Paper (3ER1)’ 2011-2012 P.32012-2013 P.3 Mean19.2818.95 SD4.784.76 Type A1820 Type B63 Type C01 Type D22 30

31 An Interesting Fact: A common Type B item across 2 years Part 1B Question #1 How many chapters are there in this book? ‘Chapter / Table of Contents’ can be an obstacle Students never encounter ‘Chapter’ in storybook teaching (replacing textbook teaching) 31

32 An Interesting Fact: A common Type B item across 2 years Sam buys two sandwiches with the Rainbow Fast Food coupon. How many sandwiches can he get? C. three sandwiches (= Buy 2 + 1 Free) Students are not familiar with ‘Buy 2 Get 1 Free’ concept even though they can understand every single word 32

33 An Interesting Fact: A common Type D item across 2 years “… too. In the end, John wins the race. All the people cheer loudly …” Read lines 11-12. What do the people do when John wins the race? C. shout happily Students are not familiar with synonyms cheer loudly shout happily 33

34 Personal reflection 1. Teachers become aware of the quality of the assessments Accumulate professional experience in setting better assessments 2. Teachers prepared for the unexpected and unlearned Teachers become cautious and adjust their teaching 34

35 Things to do Suggest Ts reflect on their exam paper using SP Xpress Facilitate Ts process the data with technical supports Set up a school based question bank Nurture a culture on giving a more constructive feedback to both Ts and Ss after assessment 35

36 Thank you so much for your time!

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