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Home Scene Selection Characters Bonus Features!! Say What?

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1 Home Scene Selection Characters Bonus Features!! Say What?

2 Characters Nick Carraway Nick is the narrator of the story. He moved to West Egg to become a stock broker. He lives next door to Jay Gatsby, who he befriends. Nick is second cousins with Daisy Buchanan, and Gatsby asks Nick to set an arrangement to reunite him with his beloved Daisy. Nick also falls in love with Daisy’s friend and professional golfer, Jordan Baker. Nick is one of the only honest people in the book, and because of this is trusted and confide in by everyone.

3 Characters Jay Gatsby Born James Gatz, Gatsby is the character which lends his name to the title. He was in a relationship with Daisy before he left for the war. While he was at war, Daisy married Tom (and his money). He has since made himself wealthy through illegal means, in order to become wealthy, buy a mansion across the Sound from Daisy, host parties hoping she will come, and win her love once again. Gatsby is killed by George Wilson, who is led to believe that Gatsby caused his wife's death.

4 Characters Daisy Buchanan Daisy is the love interest of Gatsby. They had a relationship before Gatsby went to war. When he left, Daisy met Tom Buchanan, and married him for the money that Gatsby couldn’t give her. She married Tom when he gave her a $300,000 necklace,and they had a daughter, Pammy. When Gatsby and Daisy are reunited, their love is rekindled. Daisy later accidentally kills her husbands lover.

5 Characters Tom Buchanan Tom Buchanan is Daisy’s husband. When Gatsby went off to war, Tom used him money and gifts in order to take Daisy away from Gatsby, knowing of their relationship. Tom has an affair with Myrtle Wilson, who is married to George Wilson. Throughout the story, Tom carelessly crushes the lives of nearly every character he encounters.

6 Characters Jordan Baker Jordan Baker is a professional golfer and friend of Daisy’s. Throughout the course of the novel, she and Nick become romantically involved. She introduces Nick and Gatsby who become close, and because of this Nick brings Daisy and Gatsby back together. Jordan is independent and strong, as well as having a tendency to be careless and dishonest.

7 Characters Myrtle Wilson Myrtle Wilson is married to George Wilson. Despite her marriage, she is having an affair with Tom Buchanan. She is mistreated by Tom, and still loves him for his strength, as compared to the physical and mental weakness of her husband. She is, ironically, killed when she is hit by a car driven by Daisy. Neither of them know whom the other is, but her death will lead to Gatsby’s.

8 Characters George Wilson George Wilson is not a character with importance throughout the story. The purpose that George serves to the novel, is being Gatsby’s killer. He is led to believe that Gatsby was the driver that killed his wife, Myrtle. He turns into a “madman” and sets out to find and kill Gatsby. After she shoots Gatsby alongside his pool, he turns the gun on himself.

9 Say What? Need help with some of the Great Gatsby jargon? Here’s a guide! Asunder- adv. into parts or pieces. Adj. separated. Benediction- n. blessing; grace; giving of thanks. Corpulent- adj. portly; stout; obese. Ether- n. imaginary substance that makes up space beyond the moon, making up stars and planets; the heavens. Extemporizing- v. to speak or perform impulsively; improvise. Jaunty- adj. stylish or chic; easy and careless. Meretricious- adj. showy or flashy; characteristic of prostitutes. Prodigality- n. reckless wastefulness in extreme abundance. Supercilious- adj. disdainful or contemptuous; haughty or arrogant.

10 Scene Selections Nick Meets Myrtle Page 31: Nick visits his second cousin Daisy and her husband, Tom. Tom is not discreet about his affair with Myrtle Wilson. Tom brings Nick to meet Myrtle and they go together to New York. Afterwards, they go back to Myrtle’s and have a party. Myrtle’s husband George is entirely unaware of the affair with Tom, although everyone else seems to know about their relationship.

11 Scene Selections Nick Meets Gatsby Page 52: Nick lives next to Gatsby but still has never met him before. He is invited to Gatsby’s house for one of his parties and spends time with Jordan. Jordan helps Nick to meet Gatsby and they form a friendship. It is because of this that Nick brings together Gatsby and Daisy. Their friendship is the basis of the entire story and the events that follow.

12 Scene Selections Risky Business Page 78: Gatsby remains somewhat of a mystery throughout the entire story. We learn that he is from a wealthy family, but he is a self made successful man. We remain in the dark as to how he obtained his money until the audience is introduced to Gatsby’s friend, Meyer Wolfshiem, with whom he used to work. When Nick asks Wolfsheim’s occupation, Gatsby tells him, “he’s a gambler. He’s the man who fixed the World’s Series back in 1919.” It becomes clear now that Gatsby made is money is the quickest means, illegally, in order to impress Daisy.

13 Scene Selections Reunited! Page 91: At one of his many lavish parties, Gatsby asks Jordan to convince Nick to invite Daisy over for tea so that Gatsby can make an appearance and be reunited with his lost love. Gatsby and Daisy are distant at first, but in short time they are as in love as they have ever been. All that Gatsby has done in his live has been with the intention of winning Daisy’s love once again, now that it has happened all of the dreams and magic have faded into reality with their encounters.

14 Scene Selections On Dangerous Grounds Page 122: Gatsby and Daisy take their relationship to a dangerous place. Nick and Gatsby are invited to Daisy and Toms house for the afternoon. Daisy and Gatsby share a kiss, and Daisy introduces her daughter, Pammy, to Gatsby. All of this being done right under Tom’s nose. At first he is unaware of their relationship, but as soon as he discovers the truth, he becomes enraged and jealous. Despite his affair with Myrtle, he tries his hardest to keep Daisy and Gatsby apart.

15 Scene Selections Ironic, Isn’t It? Page 145: When George learns of his wife’s affair, he locks her upstairs. When she escapes, she runs out into the street and is hit by Gatsby’s car. Gatsby and Daisy left the city in Gatsby’s car and Daisy was driving at the moment it hit and killed Myrtle Wilson. Daisy unknowingly killed her husbands lover. Tom is just as shattered as George when he learns of Myrtle's death.

16 Scene Selections The End. Page 170: Wilson is misinformed when he is told that Gatsby was driving the car that killed his wife. He set out to find and kill Gatsby. When he arrives at Gatsby’s house, he is found preparing to take a swim. Wilson shoots Gatsby who dies alongside his pool. As he is leaving, Wilson turns the gun on himself,. This is the end of the story of James Gatz.

17 1. What is the name of Gatsby's friend who fixed the World Series? 2. What is Daisy and Tom’s daughter’s name? 3. Jordan Baker is a professional at which sport? 4. Why did Nick move to West Egg? 5. Who was driving the car that killed Myrtle Wilson? 6. Who killed Gatsby? 7. Who attended Gatsby’s funeral? 8. Why did Daisy marry Tom? 9. Why didn’t Daisy marry Gatsby? 10. How are Nick and Daisy related? Test Your Gatsby Knowledge!!

18 Test Your Knowledge Answers: 1.Meyer Wolfshiem. 2. Pammy. 3. Golf. 4. To become a stock broker. 5. Daisy. 6. George Wilson. 7. Nick, Gatsby’s father, and a mystery man. 8. He was wealthy and bought her a $300,000 necklace. 9. He went to war and wasn’t wealthy. 10. They are second cousins.


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