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English 3 March 30 and April 2 Homework: Journals, Ch. 4 comprehension questions.

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1 English 3 March 30 and April 2 Homework: Journals, Ch. 4 comprehension questions

2 Tongue Twister Black back bat (4 times)

3 Review - Chapter 4 planet Telescope

4 Review - Chapter 4 astronomer A scientist who studies stars and planets

5 Turkey A Turkish person

6 Costume = special clothes Ethnic minority costume A Turkish costume

7 Dictator A bad leader who has lots of power Hitler, Germany

8 The Solar System The sun and the 9 planets

9 asteroid a small planet or a big rock in space

10 Chapter 4 – new words In the solar system, there are many asteroids between the 4 th and 5 th planets.

11 Queen Elizabeth of England George Washington, 1 st American president portrait

12 congress A big meeting

13 Report (n) Give a report (demonstration)

14 To shrug your shoulders

15 Doubt to not believe something

16 dovegeranium

17 * = Words on the Quiz Fact In addition to Astronomer Asteroid Fortunately To make sure of/that something Purpose

18 * = Words on the Quiz Certainly Doubt Careless, carelessly

19 What’s the Opposite? Certain Careless Doubt Fact Lie

20 Chapter 4 - Opposites Certain – uncertain Careless – careful Doubt – believe Fact – lie Fortunately – unfortunately

21 Question from Last Week: How can you truly know a person? How can you know what they are like?

22 Paragraphs: Chapter 4 “I have serious reason to believe that the planet from which the little prince came is the asteroid known as B-612.” to “And this time everybody accepted his report.”

23 Paragraphs: Chapter 4 “For I do not want anyone to read my book carelessly.” to “I have had to grow old.”

24 Speaking Practice: Personal Response Have you ever felt certain about something, but then started to doubt it? Explain. Describe one time you were careless and one time you were careful.

25 New Words – Chapter 5 and 6 baobab

26 New Words – Chapter 5 bush Rose bush

27 New Words – Chapter 5 seed sprig

28 radish

29 New Words – Chapter 5 Herd A herd of elephants

30 New Words – Chapter 5 sunset twilight

31 Words on the Quiz – Chapter 5 Baobabs Bush Herd One on top of the other Seed Invisible Sprig destroy

32 Words on the Quiz – Chapter 5 Terrible To spread over something Sunset twilight

33 English 3 April 2 Homework: comprehension questions

34 You are an Actress Act out the story (plot) of chapters 5 and 6. Group of 3 Use the words in the book. But be creative!

35 Chapter 6 “Just so. Everybody knows that when it is noon in the United states the sun is setting over France.” to “You can see the day end and the twilight falling whenever you like.”

36 Discussion – Chapter 5 1.What is the problem on the little prince’s planet? 2.Why does the little prince want a sheep? 3.How can the little prince prevent the problem? 4.How many elephants can fit on the little prince’s asteroid? 5.What happens to the lazy man? 6.What is the lesson of the chapter?

37 Homework Journal (write 100 words): 5 years in the future, I will....

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