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4 What was his job?

5 Leonardo da Vinci was  a painter  a sculptor  an architect  a musician  a scientist  an engineer  inventor  a geologist  writer





10 Smart = very clever

11 President

12 Ex-president

13 An expensive car This car is 1.000.000 dollars

14 A more expensive car This car costs 1.700.000 dollars. It is more expensive than Ferrari.

15 A less expensive car This car is 740.000 dollars. It is less expensive than Ferrari.

16 more X less

17 Atatürk among people

18 appearance His appearance is good but he is a very bad man. He is a murderer.

19 appearance He has a bad appearance. But he is a very good man. He works hard for his family.

20 personality His appearance is bad but his personality is good. He always tells the truth. He always works hard. He loves his family.

21 personality His appearance is good but he is a very bad man. He is a murderer. His personality is bad.

22 charity

23 Sometimes rich people help the poor. This is charity.

24 Performing a concert

25 nonsense That is nonsense!

26 support He can’t work the computer. He needs support.

27 Food support for the poor.

28 support I support Fenerbahçe!!!

29 quarrel They are quarreling

30 quarrel This is a quarrel.

31 needy Help the needy, please…

32 This is Osman. He is from Pazarcık.

33 This is Cuma. He is from Pazarcık, too.

34 BOTH Both Osman and Cuma are from Pazarcık.

35 discuss There is a problem and they are discussing it.

36 Currently = now I am from Çanakkale but currently I live in Pazarcık

37 careless He is an electrician but he is very careless.

38 careless A careless worker

39 noisy He is unhappy because his neighbour is very noisy.

40 1.78 m Ahmet is as tall as Mehmet Ahmet Mehmet

41 200.000 dollars This car is as expensive as that car.

42 delighted They are delighted because they are the champions.

43 Delighted =very happy

44 kind He is a kind boy. He is speaking kindly. Will you be my friend, please?

45 Kind (adjective) kindly (adverb) Kind man Speaking kindly

46 This is Mr. Jones. He is a teacher. He is a good teacher but he is new. He has no experience. experience

47 Mr. Engizek. He is not a new teacher. He is a good teacher because he has experience. experience

48 rock

49 viewfinder

50 { camera

51 music records

52 miss the bus

53 chance George wanted to buy a new toy. Now he has a chance to buy it.

54 chance He is missing the chance to buy a toy.

55 quiet Shhh! You are in the hospital. So, you must speak quietly.

56 quiet (adj) quietly (adverb)

57 The polar bear was sleeping quietly.

58 Suddenly, there was a gunshot!


60 …and he jumped into the water.

61 This is a factory

62 staff …and these people are the staff of the factory.

63 masterpiece Mona Lisa is Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece.

64 masterpiece Selimiye Mosque is Mimar Sinan’s masterpiece.


66 The previous president of the USA

67 Current president of the USA

68 Result Results of the 2006 general elections in Turkey

69 Election results in the USA

70 result Result of driving too fast

71 familiar This is not a familiar picture because you didn’t see these people or this school before.

72 familiar This is a familiar picture because you often see these people. You know them.

73 This is a familiar picture = You are familiar with this picture.

74 Is this a familiar face?

75 war


77 Peace at home peace in the world Atatürk

78 tolerance intolerance tolerance

79 Beşiktaş fan FB fan They support different football teams but they are not fighting. This is brotherhood.

80 brotherhood

81 Treat with respect The commander wants to kiss her hand. Her son is dead and the commander is treating the mother with respect.

82 I think Pazarcık is a nice little town. opinion

83 People have different beliefs I am a Jew I am a Christian I am a Muslim

84 respect Buket is kissing her grandfather’s hand. She respects him.

85 Cemil is never late. He is always on time. That is his principle principle

86 This elephant is very heavy. It weighs seven tons. weigh (v)

87 composer Ludwig van Beethoven. He was a great composer.

88 composer Saadettin Kaynak was a great Turkish composer. He made a lot of songs.

89 band


91 diver (n)

92 advise (v) You must stop smoking. The doctor is advising the woman to stop smoking

93 advice (n) Father is giving advice to his son.

94 I did it, mom. I am sorry The little girl is honest. She is telling the truth.

95 struggle Bulls are struggling

96 struggle The man is struggling to move the cart.

97 follow The baby geese are following their mother

98 Attractive = beautiful, interesting

99 4 + 3 =? A simple problem

100 complicated A complicated problem


102 cheerful She is cheerful because her father is coming.

103 I did it, mom. I am sorry The little girl is truthful. She is telling the truth.


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