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Professional Latin Law Lists 1 & 2. LAW1:1 from a just/lawful cause.

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1 Professional Latin Law Lists 1 & 2

2 LAW1:1 from a just/lawful cause

3 ex justa causa

4 LAW1:2 on the spur of the moment because of time considerations; temporarily; “out from time”

5 ex tempore

6 LAW1:3 setting a time limit; “into time”

7 in tempus

8 LAW1:4 first

9 primus/-a/-um (Adj1/2)

10 LAW1:5 according to one’s vow/oath

11 ex voto

12 LAW1:6 excused

13 excusatus/-a/-um (Adj1/2)

14 LAW1:7 by hypothesis

15 ex hypothesi

16 LAW1:8 a writ requiring officials to bring a prisonerto court so that the legality of the imprisonment can be judged

17 habeas corpus [habére Act/Subj/Pres/Sing/2nd]

18 LAW1:9 letter; a record

19 litera,literae (1f)

20 LAW1:10 ignorance of the law does not excuse

21 ignorantio juris non excusat

22 LAW1:11 in public

23 in publico

24 LAW1:12 by my own fault

25 mea culpa

26 LAW1:13 by my absence

27 me absente

28 LAW1:14 son/daughter

29 filius/filia

30 LAW1:15 brother

31 frater, fratris (3m)

32 LAW1:16 sister

33 soror, sororis (3f)

34 LAW1:17 son-in-law

35 gener, generi (2m)

36 LAW1:18 the crown; if this is in the title of a court case, the case is British

37 corona, coronae (1f)

38 LAW1:19 body, corpse; a body or collection of writings

39 corpus, corporis (3n)

40 LAW1:20 thief

41 fur, furis (3m/f)

42 LAW1:21 it is legal, allowed, permitted

43 licet

44 LAW1:22 a free man or woman; a freed slave

45 libertus/liberta (2m/1f)

46 LAW1:23 the majority

47 major pars

48 LAW1:24 everyone

49 nemo non

50 LAW1:25 robbery, rape, plunder

51 rapina, rapinae (1f)

52 LAW1:26 willy-nilly

53 nolens volens

54 LAW2:1 command from a higher court to a lower court to do something

55 writ of mandamus

56 LAW2:2 equally, in like manner

57 a pari

58 LAW2:3 from before; reasoning from a premise to logical conclusions (deductive/presumptive knowledge)

59 a priori

60 LAW2:4 from the beginning, from the start

61 ab initio

62 LAW2:5 a criminal act

63 actus reus

64 LAW2:6 to this; an action taken for a specific purpose, case or situation

65 ad hoc

66 LAW2:7 sincerely, genuinely, with good intention

67 bona fide

68 LAW2:8 a gift at the time of the giver’s impending death

69 causa mortis

70 LAW2:9 let the buyer beware

71 caveat emptor

72 LAW2:10 grant certify; a supreme court has discretion to hear a case or not (as opposed to direct right of appeal, in which the court must hear the case)

73 certiorari

74 LAW2:11 the court dismisses a case because the matter is too small to consider

75 de minimis

76 LAW2:12 in chambers; a meeting held outside of open court

77 in camera

78 LAW2:13 in place of a parent

79 in loco parentis

80 LAW2:14 two equally at fault; when a contract is illegal, enforcing the contract is also illegal; for example, if one party sues another for failing to deliver illegal drugs, the court will not enforce the contract

81 in pari dilecto

82 LAW2:15 the State having jurisdiction over the person

83 in personam

84 LAW2:16 the State having jurisdiction over a thing because it is within the State’s geographical territory

85 in rem

86 LAW2:17 within; this will be dealt with later in this document

87 infra

88 LAW2:18 among others

89 inter alia

90 LAW2:19 doctor of law, a law degree

91 juris doctor

92 LAW2:20 a system of civil law; statutes provide a court’s starting point (precedent is not considered)

93 jus civile

94 LAW2:21 a system of common law; precedent provides a court’s starting point

95 jus commune

96 LAW2:22 law

97 lex

98 LAW2:23 language

99 lingua

100 LAW2:24 the scene of the crime

101 locus dilecti

102 LAW2:25 historical document founding British common law

103 Magna Carta

104 LAW2:26 evil in itself; an objectively bad crime, as opposed to a crime created by a statute

105 malum in se

106 LAW2:27 a prohibited evil; a crime created by statute; a legal crime though not necessarily a moral crime

107 malum prohibitum

108 LAW2:28 a memo

109 memorandum

110 LAW2:29 guilty mind; guilty intent; the knowledge that the act one is doing is a crime

111 mens rea

112 LAW2:30 a way of operating

113 modus operandi

114 LAW2:31 application to have the whole supreme court hear a case, instead of a panel of three justices

115 per curiam

116 LAW2:32 if a person dies intestate, the estate is divided equally to the heirs

117 per stirpes

118 LAW2:33 first appearance; a judgment made on the first impression of a case

119 prima facie

120 LAW2:34 for the good; unpaid, volunteer legal service

121 pro bono

122 LAW2:35 for now

123 pro nunc

124 LAW2:36 in proportion

125 pro rata

126 LAW2:37 doing it for your self; self- representing, not having an attorney

127 pro se

128 LAW2:38 to that extent, to the extent that

129 pro tanto

130 LAW2:39 an equitable action brought when a contract cannot be sued; if a contract is invalid but a benefit was conferred, the receiver must still compensate the benefactor; for example, if a contract to build porch is invalid, and the porch is built, the builder still has a right to be paid

131 quantum meruit

132 LAW2:40 in regard to, regarding

133 re

134 LAW2:41 the substance, the thing; the legal reality over which the court has discretion (used in marriage law)

135 res

136 LAW2:42 a person’s history of circumstances, deeds, transactions, military service, etc.; the conditions of a person’s life history which may influence a court’s decision

137 res gestae

138 LAW2:43 in the absence of direct evidence, arguing through indirect/circumstantial evidence; for example, “This doesn’t normally happen unless someone is negligent.”

139 res ispe loquitur

140 LAW2:44 if something has been adjudicated already, it cannot be re-litigated

141 res judicata

142 LAW2:45 the superior may respond; the employer can be sued for a employee’s negligence committed in the course of the employment

143 respondeat superior

144 LAW2:46 king/queen; in England, on behalf of the government; in a case title, this indicates the case is British

145 rex/regina

146 LAW2:47 knowingly; knowing what you’re doing; criminal intent

147 scienter

148 LAW2:48 a little sparkle, a small amount

149 scintilla

150 LAW2:49 without which not; an essential, indispensable condition

151 sine qua non

152 LAW2:50 to stand decided; the supreme court has decided this before and is abiding by precedent

153 stare decisis

154 LAW2:51 under the influence of alcohol

155 sub vino

156 LAW2:52 under pain; an order to appear with a penalty for failure

157 subpoena

158 LAW2:53 by his/her/its/their own accord; an act of authority taken without formal prompting from another party; usually applied to actions taken by a judge without a prior motion or request

159 sua sponte

160 LAW2:54 above; this was dealt with earlier in this document

161 supra

162 LAW2:55 a person making a will

163 testator/testatrix

164 LAW2:56 beyond legal authority; when a corporation engages in an action outside the scope of what it was incorporated for, a stockholder could sue to stop the corporation. A 19th Century concept, these laws are almost obsolete.

165 ultra vires

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