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Career Pathways System The Future of Career Educational Software.

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1 Career Pathways System The Future of Career Educational Software

2 Today’s Market In today’s high-tech competitive education and job market, it essential to grab your students’ attention and motivate them to succeed.

3 Career Pathways System Career Pathways System will do just that and we’re here to show you how.

4 Today’s Standards The government has laid out guidelines to group occupations Sixteen Career Clusters have been provided based on broad industry commonalities Career Pathways System strictly follows these government guidelines

5 What it is The Career Pathway System is a series of curriculum based career awareness modules that can be used in classrooms, career labs, guidance offices, career fairs, and libraries.

6 Demonstration Seeing is Believing

7 Easy To Use Graphical Buttons Audio Narration Special Needs Attentive

8 Self Assessment Students can take a self assessment to find out what they may like to pursue They can access the assessment at any time in the menu

9 Occupation Clusters Occupation listing for each cluster Test your knowledge with a quiz Find more information on the web

10 Occupation Information Nature of Work Working Conditions Employment Training Job Outlook Earnings Real Life Testimonials

11 More Information Represents 90% of all US Careers Endless sources of information Instantaneous statistical updates Career and College Search

12 The Difference

13 High Quality Broadcast Quality Video State of the Art Editing Techniques Text Support for Video Excellent Support Staff

14 New For 2007 Career Pathways System available on DVD-Rom

15 We Are Here To Help Teachers’ Guide Overview Overall Goal Answer Sheet Recommended Lesson Plan Reproducible Student Activity Worksheets 1-800-282-5315

16 Are You Ready To Take It To The Next Level?

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