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«..Historia magistra vitae.» (Cicerone) (History is life’s teacher)

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1 «..Historia magistra vitae.» (Cicerone) (History is life’s teacher)

2 OUR HIGH SCHOOL: -Is based on humanistic studies; -It is one of the oldest and most prestigious schools of the Province of Pescara. -Allows us to comprehend our culture; -Gives us a method of study for the future; -Offers us the best way to open our minds; - Directs us to university studies.

3 GROUND FLOOR: GYM This is our gym. We have two hours of P.E. a week. We can play table tennis, volleyball, football, basketball and do aerobics.

4 GROUND FLOOR: BAR This is our bar. Here we can have breakfast before school starts and pass the time during the school- break.

5 GROUND FLOOR: THE BOTANICAL GARDEN The Botanical garden is located in an area in front of the school and it has been restored and fenced. It contains many precious and even exotic plants and trees.

6 GROUND FLOOR: LIBRARY This is our library. It’s open every morning and two times a week in the afternooon. Here we can do research, read and borrow books and dictionaries. The library of the High School has over sixteen thousand volumes, some of which are invaluable.

7 GROUND FLOOR: CHEMISTRY LAB This is our chemistry lab. Here we can do a lot of experiments to understand better what we study in our books. We have a lot of minerals and chemicals. -There are also special cabinets which contain important technical and scientific equipment of the past.

8 FIRST FLOOR: PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE This is the Principal’s office. Our Principal, Mrs Donatella D’Amico, is a dynamic and friendly person; She really loves her students and teachers. She believes in an “open doors” policy, that means she is always there for us when we need her. It’s Gabriele D’Annunzio’s trunk. He was a famous Italian poet, who was born in Pescara in 1863. Our school was established in his name.

9 FIRST FLOOR: AULA MAGNA This is our Great Hall. There is wi –fi and it is also equipped with a professional sound system, video-projector and screen, and video conferencing equipment. In this room we have: -Meetings with important people, like the Major, scholars etc; -Interactive lessons with experts on matters like the Death penalty, web security, alcohol and drug abuse, the holocaust etc. -University orientation

10 SECOND FLOOR: ENGLISH LAB This is our English Lab. Here we study English with multimedial technology. We can watch films and movies that refer to what we are studying. We can make Power Point presentations and watch and listen to interactive lessons on the IWB.

11 THIRD FLOOR: COMPUTER LAB This is our computer Lab. Here we can: -work on projects -attend lessons on the European Computer licence; -watch films on the IWB; -work on computer files and slides.

12 THIRD FLOOR: BIOLOGY LAB This is our Biology Lab. Here we can: -work on projects -do experiments with scientific instruments; -work on microscope slides on the IWB.

13 STUDY PLAN OUR HIGH SCHOOL after the Italian reform of 2009: English is taught for the entire five-year period More hours of science and history of art Teaching, where possible, in the fifth year of a discipline not in Italian but in English instead (for example history or maths).

14 SUBJECTSIV GINNASIO (YEAR 1) V GINNASIO (YEAR 2) I LICEO (YEAR 3) II LICEO (YEAR 4) III LICEO (YEAR 5) Italian44444 Latin55444 Greek44333 English33333 History--333 History and geography 33--- Philosophy--333 Science22222 Maths33222 Physics--222 Art history--222 Religion (optional) 11111 Physical education 22222 Total hrs per week 27 31

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