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Rites of Passage in Adolescence.. Erikson and Marcia were England born natives sciencetists who developed the stages of Psychosocial Development for this.

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1 Rites of Passage in Adolescence.

2 Erikson and Marcia were England born natives sciencetists who developed the stages of Psychosocial Development for this presentation we will look at the Adolescent 9 to 17 years of age Identity vs. Role Confusion is the stage of development that will be discussed. An adolescent struggles to discover his or her own identity. They struggle with their own identity while struggling with fitting in to social interaction circles.

3 During this stage of development the adolescence also develops a sense of right and wrong morality. Some adolescents attempt to delay growing up or entering adulthood. If an adolescent has difficulty with this stage of development they experience role confusion and upheaval. During this stage of development the adolescent develops a strong affiliation and devotion to ideals, causes and friends.

4 In this nation young women are surprized with sweet sixteen birthday parties. The women get all made up with pretty dresses and the parties can be formal wear, semi decorated or normal. Many young women wear colorful eyeshadow and get to ride in nice limousines for their special day.

5 In the Jewish religion a boy has a Bar Mitzvah which means “Son of Commandment.” The word Bar means son in Aramaic which was the commonly spoken vernacular language of the Jewish people in the Middle East. Mitzvah is Hebrew for commandment.

6 A Bar Mitzvah is a celebration that takes place when a boy is 13 years old. There is a religious ceremony at the synagogue and a party after with gifts, music, and food. Girls have a similar celebration which is referred to as a Bat Mitzvah. Bat Mitzvah means daughter of the commandment.

7 In Hispanic Culture some girls celebrate quinceanera this is when the girl turns 15 years old. Quinceanera is a ceremony that is beginning to be embraced by churches where Hispanics live. Hispanics are beginning to move into Anglo communities and the churches in those communities are embracing this ritual and combining the cultures.

8 This ceremony is a transition from childhood to adulthood for a young girl of 15 years old. The young girl wears a beautiful dress and carries a bouquet of flower it is similar to a coming out ceremony or sweet sixteen party.

9 Proms are celebrations that are very much a part of the transition period for teens in this country. After or before a High school graduation there is a party with teenage girls and boys dressed up. The girls wear evening wear or cocktail dresses and the boys wear tuxedos or suits.

10 Many African Americans are moving toward finding their African roots. Over nearly three decades it has been a ritual for about 250 young African American men from the Buffalo region in New York to celebrate their roots. The journey is approximately six months and is sponsored by a group of mothers from the Buffalo chapter Jack and Jill of America, a national nonprofit group that offers character- building programs for Black youths.

11 During the ceremony the young men are given symbolic African names they wear kinte cloth which is a fabric from the Asante people of Ghana West Africa. Their names are chosen according to the qualities and attributes which each aspires. Joshua one of the young men chose the name Bakari which is Swahili for “one who will succeed.” Another young man Paul chose the name Ubino which he said means “creative.”

12 I assume that Swahili was chosen as a language because it is a language that is written. Most West African languages are not written language they are only spoken.

13 Roper a member of The Jack and Jill Foundation stated that “Nobody was doing anything for young men in the community, so Jack and Jill started activities for young men”.

14 According to a report from Teens Today transition points or rites of passage include: Puberty. Moving to a new school. Birthdays. Drivers license. Getting their first car. Graduating from High school. First date.

15 According to Teens Today report 45% of parents that didn’t pay much attention to teen transitions such as birthdays, puberty school change etc experienced difficulties with their teens. These parents teens experienced more difficulties with drinking, drug abuse, sexual intercourse and dangerous driving.

16 81% of parents who paid attention to teen transitions had less trouble with high risk behaviors like sexual intercourse, drugs and dangerous driving.

17 Noticing and paying attention to teen transition is an important factor in maturation and growth of the teen.

18 Teens whose parents communicate and celebrate important transitions these teens have a very close relationship with their parents.

19 Teens that communicate with their parents are more influenced by their parents positive decisions about drinking, drugs, and sexual activities.

20 83% of teens that communicate with their parents report feeling happier on a daily basis. 49% of parents that don’t acknowledge important teen transitions also report having a high sense of self. 67% compared to 22% of those who report that their parents don’t pay attention to their rites of passage.

21 Teens who had parents that paid attention to rites of passage were also safer drivers. They didn’t speed as much. They wore seat belts and were less likely to drive impaired or drive with another person that was impaired.

22 Rites of passage or the transition from teen years to adulthood is a phase of life that should be embraced and supported by all parents, guardians and caregivers Regardless of cultural background, socio- economic background or religion rites of passage should be embraced.

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