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Juvenile Justice.

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1 Juvenile Justice

2 Objectives Students will be able to
• Identify the main ideas, including the author’s main argument/claim within a text • Summarize and respond to a text • Analyze the impact of the author’s ethos on the credibility of an argument • Compare different arguments and the rhetorical strategies of their writers • Construct an argument using sources

3 Quickwrite Directions- Take 5 minutes and write a response to the following question: If you committed a crime, do you think it would be fair for you to be punished the same way as an adult who committed the same crime?

4 Quickwrite (2) Take 2 minutes and share your response with your neighbor. After sharing, listen to their response to the quickwrite. Be prepared to share one of your responses with the class.

5 Key Concepts What are some synonyms for “juvenile”?
What are the differences in behavior between a juvenile and an adult? Create a T-Chart with Juvenile on the left and Adult on the right. Focus on mentality & behavior. Cristian Fernandez 12 years old Youngest murder case, tried as An adult for the murder of his 2 year-old brother

6 T-Chart Juvenile Adult Reckless Responsible Impulsive
Prudent; thoughtful Immature callow Mature Self-Centered Aware of impact on others Indecisive Decisive Ignorant Educated Concerned about “rep” Concerned with more than just self Dependent Independent

7 What is Homicide? Homicide is the killing of one person by another, either intentionally or unintentionally. Homicide includes accidents and murder.

8 What is Murder? Murder is killing someone with malice of forethought. It could be done while committing another crime. Murder is always illegal.

9 What is First-degree murder?
First-degree murder is killing a person with malice of forethought; the killing was planned. It was done deliberately.

10 What is Second-degree murder?
Second-degree murder is a killing done during a crime deemed dangerous to a human life. The crime was most likely not committed with the intention of killing.

11 What is Voluntary manslaughter?
Voluntary manslaughter is killing someone intentionally, but without malice of forethought. Example: A crime of passion (e.g. walking into a room and finding a spouse cheating, then killing one or both people) The intention was to kill the person. However, there was no malice of forethought because it was not planned in advance.

12 What is Involuntary manslaughter?
Involuntary manslaughter is killing someone unlawfully but without malice of forethought. It was committed without intent to kill and without a conscious disregard for human life.

13 Actual Situation #1 A troubled seventeen-year-old girl has slowly poisoned her parents each night at dinner. After three months she came home to find them dead on the kitchen floor. The coroner’s report indicated that cyanide poisoning caused their deaths. What is the crime/conviction? First-degree murder What is the Punishment? Sentenced to life in prison without parole

14 Actual Situation #2 Suspicious that his girlfriend was cheating, a sixteen- year-old boy went to her house and found her in bed with his brother. Impulsively, he grabbed the nearest lamp and hit his brother on the head. His brother died two days later. What is the crime/conviction? Voluntary manslaughter What is the punishment? Sentenced to six years in prison

15 Actual Situation #3 Three sixteen-year-olds were hanging out at the park drinking whiskey. One boy started shoving his friend. Soon the shoving escalated into punching. One boy tripped, and his head hit a sharp-edged rock. The boy died before help arrived. What is the crime/conviction? Second-degree murder What is the punishment? Sentenced to three years in prison after being tried as an adult

16 Actual Situation #4 A thirteen-year-old boy broke into an auto parts business to steal hubcaps. The seventeen-year-old security guard picked up his boss’ gun and fired two warning shots at the thief. The second shot hit the thirteen-year-old and killed him on the spot. What is the crime/conviction? Involuntary manslaughter What is the punishment? Sentenced to 15 years to life

17 The human brain

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