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Members: Jenny Joyce Lisa Maggie 蔡宜靖 馮芷儀 陳淑琳 劉宇淇.

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1 Members: Jenny Joyce Lisa Maggie 蔡宜靖 馮芷儀 陳淑琳 劉宇淇

2 Our contents 1. The origin of the Star festival 2. The custom of the Star festival A. In Hong Kong B. In Japan C. In Korea D. In Taiwan

3 The origin of Star festival The festival originated from the romantic legend of two lovers, Zhinü( 織女 ) and Niulang ( 牛郎 ) respectively. The tale of The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd has been celebrated in the Star Festival.

4 In Hong Kong In Hong Kong at present, there are still many families keeping traditions past seven sisters gave birth to the day to the store to buy paper strips( 紙紮 )"Seven Sisters clothing" in the evening to honor the Seven Sisters. < Paper strips

5 In Japan After the Meiji Restoration( 明治維新 ) in Japan, people adopt the seventh lunar month to celebrate the Gregorian calendar July 7. Lunar July 7 is called "Old Star Festival." Japanese Star festival

6 In Korea Korean kids write poetry( 做詩 ) about Cowherd and Weaver. In addition, people also pray to the Big Dipper ( 北斗 七星 ) for longevity and happiness.

7 In Taiwan July 7 is the “Chiniangma ( 七娘媽 )birthday, Chiniangma is the patron saint of children. Bed mother is the protector of children, Taiwanese have worship" bed Mother' customs. Families with young children will participate in this custom.

8 In Taiwan In addition to Tainan, Lukang( 鹿港 ) also retains doing Sixteen Rite( 做十六歲 ) and traditional folk activities. However, Star Festival has been gradually declining in Taiwan.

9 Thank you everyone! Happy Valentine's Day!

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