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 The biggest anti-nuclear demonstration of the past decade took place in northern Germany on 20 March 2010. Roughly one million people joined a human.

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3  The biggest anti-nuclear demonstration of the past decade took place in northern Germany on 20 March 2010. Roughly one million people joined a human chain that stretched in length of 120 km between the nuclear power plants Brunsbüttel and Krümmel. The human chain that was stretching along the Elbe and through Hamburg, was organized jointly by environmental organizations and labor unions, churches and political parties.  (Kristýna Spáčílová 1.A)

4  Normally we think of stress as a negative phenomenon of the modern hectic civilization. According to expert studies everyday stress paradoxically helps us and we can hardly work without it. (Johana Kapošváryová 1.A)

5  A team of biologists from the State University of Ohio demonstrated on case of mice that stress induced by the upheavals had positive effects. Mice that were exposed to daily stress were ten times more resistant to infection of influenza.  We try to avoid stress, but a daily quantity of stress is beneficial and healthy for human life.  (Johana Kapošváryová 1.A)

6  According to a study by Wrigley people who regularly chew, are calmer and more relaxed and better manage daily stress.  (Johana Kapošváryová 1.A)

7  The advanced tool to fight stress is laughter. You have nothing to laugh to? Just watch a good comedy tonight.  Michael Miller says: "Who doesn´t laugh at least fifteen minutes a day, he does not live healthily.„  (Johana Kapošváryová 1.A)

8  Monkseaton High School in north-east of Great Britain participates in an interesting project. Scientists test influence of lesson start on attendance of students and on their achievements at school. Since October students start their lessons at ten o´clock. And the first results? They are great.  Monkseaton High School has 800 students. Since October till March the absence declined by 8 per cent. Absence of students with bad attendance declined by 27 per cent.  The study is overviewed by neurologist professor Russell Foster from Oxford University. Mr. Foster did different knowledge tests and he proved that difficult and exacting subjects shouldn’t be taught in the morning but in the afternoon. Students biology test results are better in the afternoon than in the morning.

9  (L. Fialová + L. Wellartová, III. A)

10  Czech football player Radoslav Kováč who plays in West Ham is without a coach. Leaders of the London club have called away the contract with coach Gianfranco Zola, who had lost job just 2days after end of Premier league, in wich Hammers ended only one place of downgrade zone.

11  43- year-old coach came to London in september 2008. In his first season West Hame occupied the 9th place,but this year wasn´t successful that much.The rumours about his leaving went around for a long time, mainly because of not very good relationship between him and new WH owners. Ex-player of Neapol, Parm and Chelsea had finished his career 5 years ago in Cagliari. One year later Zola started his new career as Italy U-21 team coach. West Ham was his first club contract.  In this season West Ham had only 8 wins and 11 draws but also 19 losses. Hammers scored 47 goals but they got 66.  (M. Bureš, III. A)

12  CANADA Scientists discovered the biggest beaver dam (850 m) in national park Wood Buffalo in Albert province. The satellite caught the first image of it in 1990. Explorers localized the construction in 2007.  (Eva Lembasová 1.A)

13  National Theatre – Czech musical museum prepared an exposition about the famous band The Beatles. The exposition is open until 10 January 2011.  Museum Beatles Story in Liverpool expands the offer of exhibitions.  (Eva Lembasová 1.A)

14  NEW YORK CITY Female nude, three green cards and portrait bust. It is all in one picture. This painting was sold for 2,1 milliard crowns. Pablo Picasso painted the painting in 1932 and was inspired by his mistress Marie – Thése Walter. Picasso met her in Paris gallery. The painting belongs to a collection which was hidden from Nazis. It has been exhibited only three times during past 50 years.  (Eva Lembasová 1.A)

15  After a year and three days, Barack Obama came back to the Czech Republic. Barack came to sign with Russian President Dimitry Medveděv an agreement on nuclear weaponry. The contract was just signed on 8 April at 12:00 o´clock at the Prague Castle. According to it there should be a total reduction in the number of nuclear weapons by one third. This action of America and Russia was of a great importance for the Czech Republic. For Russia and America, this means reducing the number of nuclear warheads to one thousand five hundred and fifty pieces. The day of the visit, the Czech Republic had a lot of professional equipment for the protection of the President of the United States. The Czech Republic paid for this action around fifty million crowns. Both presidents spend in total 2 days in the Czech Republic.  (Filip Kořínek 1.A)


17  (London) He is still in primary school. He likes cycling and climbing on a trees. But because of his illness he is becoming an old man. Harry Crowther has a thiner skin, his hair is falling down, he has an arthritis and some other things what kids of his age cannot imagine. He also gets tired sooner than the other kids. Henry is getting older faster than them. “I’m doing similar things like boys at my school. But sometimes I have to stop because I feel pain”, said the boy. The blame for his problem is a genetical failure. Only twenty six people in the whole world have this diagnosis. Harry knows what illness he has and he is trying to get on with it. His parents John and Sharron keep trying to help him. “He is brave and funny kid and we don´t want to treat him too compassionatelly” said his mother. “The times of tears when we were asking ‘Why’ are gone” said forty years old Sharron. The doctors discovered his disease when he was six. Actually they advise him to do exercise regularly. They are not able to heal him.  (Lucie Schneiderová, I. A)


19  New British Prime Minister David Cameron began to fill the positions in his cabinet, after the Conservatives agreed on a coalition with the Liberal Democrats on Tuesday. Their chairman Nick Clegg would be Cameron´s deputy, said the BBC.  There will be another four Democratic ministers in the government and another sixteen should work in high positions in the administration.This will be the first coalition government in the UK for the past 70 years and the first common cabinet of both parties.  Cameron nominated William Haguea for the post of foreign minister. George Osborn Ministry is to over take the ministry of finance, and Andrew Lansley will be minister of health issues and Liam Fox will be a defence minister. In contrast, according to the BBC's, former Clegg´s office head Danny Alexander will become Minister for Scotland.

20 (K. Krýdlová, II. A)

21  Is it possible to live many years totally without eating and drinking? Prahlád Džaní, sádhu, a „holy man“ from Indian federal state Gudžarát claims that he hasn´t got anything to eat or drink since 1940. If it´s true, he hasn´t been eating and drinking for 69 years.  (M. Kubica, T. Durčák, T. Výtisk, III. A)

22  Nothing and even a drop of water hasn’t he swallowed during 10 days staying in the hospital in Ahmédábád, where he was permanently observed by doctors and security cameras. During these 10 days his body didn’t produce a gram of dejection and even a drop of urine which may sign that he was eating and drinking in secrecy.  (M. Kubica, T. Durčák, T. Výtisk, III. A)

23  He meets liquid only in bath and gargling. But the same size of water he takes he spits out. Thirty doctors which look after Džani can´t explain how it is possible that he hasn´t been eating and drinking for many years and his organism is still all right. Information that the 83- year-old Hindu hasn’t eaten since his 13 they don’t take very seriously.  “It is a big secret for us. We absolutely don´t know how he can survive.” said neurologist Sudhír Šáh. Doctors from India are now divided in two parts. First part agrees with Džaní´s and says that it´s a revolution in medicine. Second part says that it´s one big fake.  Similar cases have been known from other parts of the World, mostly from south and Southeast Asia.  (M. Kubica, T. Durčák, T. Výtisk, III. A)



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