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Start dreaming again!!! Unlimited income potential!!!

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1 Start dreaming again!!! Unlimited income potential!!!
Get Ready to Discover a Brand New, World-Wide, Home Business A STRONG 4 x 6 Structure That Will Change Your Life!  Start dreaming again!!! Unlimited income potential!!!

2 Congratulations on viewing this life changing information
Congratulations on viewing this life changing information! Whether you’re just looking for a little more cash flow or you want more time to do the things you enjoy. We want to show you a new & dynamic company where you can take $18 once out of pocket and turn it into over $500 THOUSAND DOLLARS!! 4 Corners Alliance Group is headquartered in the United States out of Las Vegas, Nevada and lead by CEO David Harrison who has years of experience in Business Management & Information Technology. The company is built on these 4 pillars: Professionalism, Extensive Business Experience, Integrity and Technical Know How.

3 Plus, there is a monthly online Financial Market webinar discussion.
The products are a set of 16 financial digital books distributed through 6 Levels. You could spend thousands of dollars to acquire this information. Topics range from Credit Card Debt, Identity Theft Protection, Real Estate Investing, Living Trusts, Insider's Guide To Buying Gold & Silver and more. The second product is a monthly Newsletter packed with cutting edge information on financial affairs and approaches to such things as generational wealth creation. Plus, there is a monthly online Financial Market webinar discussion. Some things that make this opportunity unique: 1. Low $18 one time out of pocket entry point 2. High quality digital products 3. Weekly income potential Monthly residual income potential 5. Tremendous Company support 6. Global expansion to over 100 countries

4 Please read this disclaimer
Questions to ponder! Would you choose A, B or C? Most would take the million & run, but based on a penny doubled that’s giving up OVER 5 TIMES the money!!!!

5 weekly income examples!!
4 Corners pays out over 86% in commission! YES!!!! 100% MATCH!!!, it does say 100% Match!! THAT’S HUGE!!! WE HAVE AN UNLIMITED INCOME POTENTIAL!! Including our NEW Leader Infinity Bonus Achievements!!! Based on how many personal referrals, look at these weekly income examples!!

6 ALL upgrades are automatically paid for on your behalf from your earned commissions out of your e-wallet, not your pocket!!! Instant commissions are paid in real time to your e-wallet account. You load them weekly to your DirectPay Express Debit Card!!! Next, let’s break the commission down on each package by level.


8 $29.95 monthly fee is paid from your profit, not your pocket!!
Over $76,000 of monthly residual income possible!!!!! This is paid over & over again month after month!!! Note the potential income on Level 7 alone!!!!

9 Here’s a 12 week example on Paying it Forward




13 Your own shopping cart is available with all the products that can be sold to non-members.

You can receive your withdrawals in the following ways: 1. DirectPay Express Debit Card (Anywhere in the world) 2. SolidTrust Pay 3. ACH (US Only) – For amounts above $ International Bank Wire – For amounts above $2000 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Which countries can I promote 4C in? Rather than go through the many countries worldwide where you can promote Four Corners, perhaps the easiest way will be to mention countries which are currently excluded either due to sanctions imposed by the United States Authorities or by the Debit Card Providers restrictions: Angola Ethiopia Myanmar (Formerly Burma) Belarus Iran Nigeria Burma Iraq Sierra Leone Cote d’Ivoire Kuwait Somalia Cuba Lebanon Sudan Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Liberia Syria Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro Uzbekistan Democratic Republic of Congo Moldova Zimbabwe Eritrea

How can my team from “X” country join? They don’t really use credit cards in that region. We currently have two additional payment options: SolidTrust Pay and SafetyPay. Additional solutions are under consideration. Please contact Support if your region is not satisfactorily supported by our current options. How many accounts can I have? In order to ensure strong and steady growth of the entire business, each member is allowed ONE account.  This will be monitored thoroughly and duplicate accounts will be detected, shut down and funds forfeited. Can my family members have an account too? Four Corners Alliance Group realizes that many of our members will want their family members to be part of the business too.  We have no problems with that AS LONG AS THE INTEGRITY OF THE BUSINESS AND THE COMPENSATION PLAN IS UNDERSTOOD, RESPECTED AND MAINTAINED. Please be aware that any attempts at malicious “stacking” and/or manipulating the system in any way will be detected and dealt with. Offending accounts will be shut down and funds forfeited – don’t say we didn’t warn you! We want this business to create wealth for everyone and have constructed the compensation plan to do this.  Remember, what goes around, comes around – so play fair and treat others exactly as you would want to be treated yourself – or risk losing your account. Minimum Age Requirement - The Minimum Age Requirement is 18 years. How much does it cost to join? The Four Corners Alliance Group compensation plans are based on two products. A six lesson, sixteen book Financial Education set, and a monthly Newsletter subscription due at the end of the first month after joining us. Four Corner Alliance Group has considered folks struggling to purchase the entire set by providing a solution to pay for the lessons from commissions earned however, it is essential to understand that the more lessons purchased, the faster you will be in a position to put money in your pocket from your recruiting and retailing efforts. The purchase option is: Basic Entry – Purchase Lesson 1 only and use a combination of  your commissions and future additional lesson purchases. Once all your Lessons are purchased, your recruiting efforts will put income in your pocket. Total purchase under $20.

cUSTOMER vs. AFFILIATE Here in 4 Corners, we value our Customers and our Affiliates alike and look to offer the best experience in every situation. There are three ways in which you can become part of the 4 Corners life enhancing experience. 1. Retail Customers: Purchase our exclusive product range and crucial information packed monthly newsletters from an Active Affiliate Member’s Retail Store at the full retail price. Please Note: Retail only customers who subscribe to the newsletter directly from an Affiliate’s Retail site, will earn that affiliate commission but will not appear in the affiliate’s downline organization. Only Active Affiliates can earn commissions and benefit from a downline income. Retail subscriptions will be listed separately in an Affiliate’s Business Management Back Office. 2. Non-Qualified Affiliates: Can buy and sell our range of powerful products and monthly newsletter at discounted prices – but they cannot earn commissions resulting from a business build. 3. Active Affiliate Member: Can purchase our exclusive product range and crucial information packed monthly newsletters from your own Back Office or Retail Store at 25% members’ discounted price PLUS benefit from commissions resulting from a business build based on the sale of products and subscriptions of the monthly newsletter. QUALIFICATIONS/BENEFITS RETAIL CUSTOMER NON-QUALIFIED AFFILIATE ACTIVE AFFILIATE Purchase Products from the Retail Store X Sell Products from the Retail Store Has paid a one time $5 enrolment fee Has sold/purchased at least $10 worth of product Sell/purchase at least $19 worth of product – ie: one Newsletter per month Purchase part one or any one of the bundles 1-6 of the exclusive product range at discounted Membership Price Benefit from commissions on products sold and also from powerful residual and matching commissions Participate in the third party Investment Club

17 Join today
People around the world are joining OUR FAST GROWING TEAM…with thousands more to come! YOU have the opportunity to GET Positioned and override these people…but only if you TAKE ACTION!!! Get Positioned Immediately with one of the Fastest Growing TEAMS in the Company!! Get started NOW!!! Contact the person that invited you to view this presentation today!!!! Presented by: Contact number: address: Join today WELCOME TO THE TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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