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Planning Guide.

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1 Planning Guide

2 Day-to-Day Contact Your Day-to-Day Sponsorship Contact will guide you throughout the planning and execution of your ESPYS sponsorship. This person will serve as your main point of contact within ESPN and can connect you, as necessary to the broader ESPYS Team. Day-to-Day Sponsorship Contact: Name: Stephanie Bonk Office: (646)

3 Table of Contents Sponsor Checklist Category Exclusivity & Guidelines Logo Usage/Brand Guidelines TV & Event Schedule On-Air Digital Print Promotional Support On Site Sponsor Activation ESPYS Celebrity Golf Classic Gift Bags Tickets & Hospitality Public Relations Contacts

4 Sponsor Checklist

5 Sponsor Checklist SPONSOR ACTION DUE CONTACT Complete? KEY
Submit logo and sponsor branded creative for May 19 Amber Laws / Complete Submit logo for event signage Stephanie Bonk/  Complete Submit logo and URL link for ESPYS Celebrity Golf Classic May 23 Assign PR spokesperson Submit banner creative May 26 Provide sample for Celebrity Golf Classic gift bag (Qty. 350) June 2 Provide sample for Nominee/Presenter gift bag (Qty. 300) Provide sample for ESPYS Experience (consumer) gift bags Submit names and titles for sponsor hotel guests June 6 Submit contact information for ticket shipment Submit final creative for ESPN The Magazine June 9 Submit Certificate of Insurance Confirm in-show feature content elements June 13 Jason Grant / (646) Submit player info sheets for Celebrity Golf Classic Submit :30 unit for ESPYS Nomination Show June 20 Rich Faber / (860) Submit BB’s for ESPYS Nomination Show, ESPYS Awards Show, Countdown & SC Submit contact name/address for Jimmy V donation invoice Schedule onsite walk-through June 27 Confirm athlete/celebrity attendee names/seat locations June 30 Submit :30 unit for ESPYS Awards Show, Countdown & SC July 2 Rich Faber / (860) Send itemized shipping inventory sheet Ship items for Nominee/Presenter gift bag to LA July 7 Ship items for ESPYS Experience (consumer) gift bags to LA Ship items for Celebrity Golf Classic gift bags to LA July 10 KEY Audio On-Air On-Site Digital Print

6 Category Exclusivity & Guidelines

7 Category Exclusivity & Guidelines
Please respect the category definition of all fellow sponsors (listed on the following page) Use of Rights: We strongly support sponsors’ utilization of their rights to ESPYS marks in advertising and promotions to maximize association with the event All marketing activities MUST receive prior approval from ESPN. These activities include, but are not limited to, all cross promotions, advertising, and any use of the ESPN and ESPYS brand marks Approvals: Please allow three to five business days for approval. We cannot turn around approvals in 24 hours Cross promotions with other ESPYS sponsors are encouraged. However, cross promotion with non-sponsors is not permitted

8 Category Exclusivity & Guidelines
Presenting Sponsors Category Definition Capital One Bank, Credit Card & Direct Bank Associate Sponsors Category Definition Gatorade Non-Alcoholic Beverage GMC Automotive Grey Goose Liquor/Distilled Spirits Miller Fortune Beer Nautica Fashion Apparel Old Spice Body Soap/Body Wash/Deodorant Verizon Fios **Additional sponsors will be added as agreements are finalized**

9 Logo Usage/ Brand Guidelines

10 Brand Guidelines Basic Logo Usage Guidelines
All logo usages should utilize the ESPYS mark Your day-to-day contact will provide you with a logo kit upon request All elements incorporating ESPYS branding must be approved by your Day-to-day Sponsorship Contact prior to print “The ESPYS” is the correct copy form, with usage depending on context This mark should only be used in the colors detailed below The orientation or elements of this mark should never be altered or manipulated

11 ***Please allow 6 weeks for any co-branded item to be produced***
Logo Usage Sponsor Sweepstakes & Promotions Please reach out to your day-to-day sponsorship contact if you are interested creating an ESPYS-related contest, sweepstakes, or other promotion. We will guide you through the process, as appropriate, on a case by case basis Premiums ESPYS & Co-Branded premiums created by sponsors are encouraged under the following guidelines: Any co-branded merchandise/promotional items must be produced by ESPN Consumer Products through approved vendors to ensure all products are compliant with Disney product safety regulations Please contact your daily sponsorship contact if you are looking to produce co-branded ESPYS merchandise to guide you through the process ***Please allow 6 weeks for any co-branded item to be produced*** This allows enough time for both parties to approve samples, etc. Prices will be provided based on items selected and quantity to be produced

12 TV & Event Schedule

13 TV & Event Schedule TV Schedule Event Schedule Date Time Show Network
(All times are EST and subject to change. Please consult your local listings.) Date Time Show Network July 3 7:30PM – 8PM PTI ESPYS Nomination Special (Original) ESPN July 15 7PM – 8PM Jimmy V Compilation Show ESPN2 July 16 6PM – 7PM The ESPYS 7PM – 9PM ESPYS Countdown Show 9PM – 11:30PM ESPYS (LIVE) 11:30PM – 12:30AM Post-ESPYS SportsCenter Event Schedule (All times are PST and subject to change.) Date Time Event Location July 14 6PM – 8:30PM Monday Night Draw Party & Golf Welcome Reception JW Marriott July 15 9AM 14th Annual ESPYS Celebrity Golf Classic For more information please go to Pacific Palms Resort at Industry Hills 9PM – 1AM BODY at ESPYS Party Lure July 15-16 Tues 12PM – 9PM Wed 11AM – 3PM ESPYS Escape JW Marriott Pool Deck – 4th FL July 16 12PM – 6PM The ESPYS Experience LA Live Plaza The ESPYS NOKIA Theatre 8:30PM – 12AM ESPYS Post-Party Celebration Event Deck (LA Live)

14 On-Air

15 Capital One On-Air Sponsorship Elements
Role ESPN Rep Contact Account Executive Bill Mautner (646) On-Air Management (Customized features, graphic inserts, bottom line, etc.) Jason Grant (646) Capital One On-Air Sponsorship Elements COMMERCIAL POSITIONING & BILLBOARDS Capital One to receive all units in the ESPYS Award Show at the “A” position Capital One to receive total of twelve (12) Billboards throughout schedule (billboards can be animated) Four (4) in ESPYS Award Show Two (2) in ESPYS Nomination Show Two (2) in ESPYS Countdown Special Four (4) in ESPYS SportsCenter Two (2) in ESPYS 6PM SC Two (2) in ESPYS 11PM SC Capital One will be Presenting Sponsor of the following: ESPYS Nomination Special ESPYS Countdown Show ESPYS Award Show

16 Capital One On-Air Sponsorship Elements
FEATURES Capital One will work with ESPN on content for the following pre-produced pieces: ESPYS Nomination Special Format for 2013 rolled into half-hour Special Edition of PTI Receive pre-produced :30 feature in-show, previewing the Capital One Cup ESPYS Countdown Show Capital One Advisory Board Members to be interviewed on the Red Carpet, pending communicated company objectives Resultant On-Air exposure during segment Production to interview TBD Capital One Athletes (2013: Lisa Leslie/Jenny Finch) Interview subject to change (Approx. 4:35PM PST) w/ Cari Champion or Sam Ponder B-roll footage of Cup to be shown during interview On-Air exposure of Capital One Fan Boxes on Red Carpet Two (2) live on-air exposures in Countdown Show with audio mention Capital One Cup logo with “Fan Box” in text to appear in lower third NEW: Capital One Quicksilver Cam (Tentative Name) Two (2) live on-air exposures in Countdown Show at Production’s discretion Talent audio mention

17 On-Air Capital One On-Air Sponsorship Elements ESPYS Live Show
Two (2) pre-produced :30 “Capital One Cup” content pieces First :30 preview piece used to discuss background of Capital One Cup Second :30 piece will highlight Male and Female winners of Capital One Cup Both content pieces will ensure the following: Airs 1x at Production’s discretion Self-contained :30 vignette to be cut by ESPYS Production Preview vignette will run in early part of The ESPYS; winner reveal piece will air after the preview vignette Front and back end animations w/ Capital One Cup Logo and audio mention of the Capital One Cup Capital One will work w/ ESPN on content Capital One Cup Congratulations – Live Mention Airs 1x immediately following the “Celebrate the Winner” vignette Capital One Cup Trophy and Logo image on hero screen TBD Talent will congratulate the winning schools and mention attending Athlete reps Bump-In “Welcome Back” Airs coming out of commercial break TBD logo integration* Airs three (3) times during the 2014 ESPYS at production’s discretion Capital One logo placement No audio mention No commercial adjacency *Exact execution TBD but production will ensure 3x Capital One logo pops Please see next page for all formatting/trafficking specs Questions regarding your on-air elements above? ***Please contact your ESPN on-air account reps***

18 Mary Schnabel /
On-Air Submission Guidelines: On-Air Elements Billboard Submission Guidelines Billboard Requirements: :05-:07 of audio copy in script form (A “brought to you by…” lead-in is used for all billboards, non-inclusive of the five seconds) Artwork: Adobe Illustrator or EPS file format DEADLINES: ESPYS Nomination Show BB’s, ESPYS Awards Show, Countdown Show, & SC at ESPYS: June 20th Only one product may be used across each network Product shots are evaluated on a case by case basis, but should generally be avoided in lieu of a keyable brand logo Animated billboards can be sent on tape or through a digital ad vendor. :05 second Animated Billboard with matte must be over superblack. Do not include voice over copy. Sound effect audio is ok – sound effect audio must be in Stereo. Video and matte must include time code (Both LTC & VITC TC should match). ISCI Code required Billboards are pre-produced; changes after receipt of artwork cannot be guaranteed Billboard artwork and copy must be labeled with ISCI codes TRAFFICKING: Billboards, logos and audio copy must be trafficked to: Questions regarding traffic procedures can be addressed to Mary Schnabel /

On-Air Submission Guidelines: On-Air Elements Commercial Submission Guidelines Commercials must be in-house five (5) business days before shows tape ESPYS Nomination Show: June 20 ESPYS Award Show, ESPYS Countdown Show, SC at the ESPYS: July 3 To maintain integrity of category exclusivity, commercials should NOT feature products that conflict with any ESPYS sponsor ESPN monitors all ESPYS spots prior to air. TRAFFICKING/SEND COMMERCIALS TO: ESPN, INC. ATTN: Rich Faber 545 Middle Street Bristol, CT In-Show Feature Guidelines Deadline to confirm feature content elements with ESPN: June 13, 2014 Creative Guidelines for feature concept development/submissions Only one product may be used across each network No product shots will be accepted Features are pre-produced; changes after receipt of assets cannot be guaranteed No taglines to be used with sponsor the logo

20 Digital

21 Digital Capital One Digital Sponsorship Elements
Capital One would receive the following as part of their Presenting Sponsorship: Full Presenting Full Presenting Sponsorship of Homepage (Logo Placement 1) 50% SOV of ESPYs video throughout flight Ownership (100% SOV) of ESPY Award Voting (online and mobile) 50% SOV of ESPYS Mobile Hot Corner 16% SOV of, Mobile and Tablet homepages on 7/15 (co-branded w/ other ESPYS Sponsor logos) Capital One Branded takeover of, Mobile, and Tablet homepages (7/16) Presenting sponsor of ESPYS-themed Bill Simmons (BS Report) Podcast Enhanced Social elements: Logo inclusion (100% SOV) on ESPYS enhanced Twitter page Co-Branded promotional media leading up to ESPYs to drive tune-in (6/27-7/16) Capital One Quicksilver Cam Exact social integration TBD, but will handle OR custom hashtag Frequency: ESPN: Tweets (2x), Instagram (2x), Vine (2x) ESPYS Tweets (4x) SportsCenter: Tweet (1x), Instagram (1x) Please see next page for all formatting/trafficking specs Questions regarding digital elements above? ***Please contact your ESPN Digital Account Rep(s)*** Role ESPN Rep Contact Account Executive Jason Kessler / Digital Sponsorship Management (co-branded creative, technical questions)) Amber Laws /

22 Digital Technology Specifications Sponsor Logo Ad Units & Banners
Co-branded creative will be produced by the ESPN internet group Sponsor branded creative to be produced by the sponsor Sponsor Logo Adobe Illustrator, MacroMedia Freehand, Photoshop (Must be layered file) Required: Vector-based native design file containing brand logo and any requirements regarding its design application If logo or background is to appear in a color different than in the file, Hex color code or Pantone number must be provided. Please submit brand style guide and guidelines for use of logo Ad Units & Banners Ad Units: File sizes for :15 and :30 video ads should not exceed 100MB Specs for normal ad types: File sizes for other types of ad units should be ≤ 40k (Gif, JPG, Flash) and dimensions are as follows: Leaderboard: 728 x 90 Skyscraper: 160 x 600 Medium Rectangle: 300 x 250 Pencils: 924 x 50 / 924 x 56 (if included in Homepage execution) Deadline for sponsor branded creative: May 26, 2014 (assuming June 1 flight) Banners: Sponsors can rotate up to five (5) different banners at once Deadline for banner creative: May 26, 2014 (assuming June 1 flight) Trafficking Submit all digital assets and direct technical questions to (TBD ESPN contact) TBD & phone number

23 Print

24 Print – ESPN The Magazine
Capital One Print Elements Capital One will run one full-page brand ad in the following issues of ESPN The Magazine as part of their ESPYS commitment: Issue: 4/29 (On-Sale Date: 4/19) Issue: 6/24 (On-Sale Date: 6/14) BODY Issue: 7/22 (On-Sale Date: 7/12) Element Sponsor Action Due Date Full Page 4C Ad Submit BODY file proof for approval to your Magazine Account Executive June 2 Approved 4C Ad Submit approved BODY artwork file to: June 9 **Please note new ad submission method** You may need to create an account using your address and a password of your choosing. If SendMyAd is new to you, we recommend you take 10 minutes to run through the tutorial. After you upload and approve your ad, it must be approved by ESPN as the final step in the process. Once your ad has been approved or rejected, you will receive an automated from: Issue Information Rate Base: 2,000,000 Est. Total Readership: 14,336,000 Est. % Adults 18-34: 52.5% Technical Specifications PAGE SIZE TRIM NON-BLEED BLEED LIVE AREA Full Page 10’ x 12” 8 ¾ “ x 10 ⅝ “ 10 ¼ “ x 12 ¼ “ 9” x 11” Additional Print Info Safety Gutter Safety Max Density Digital Files ½“ from trim All text and elements ⅛” each side of gutter 280“ PDF/X-1a *Please direct technical questions to ESPN The Magazine* (860)

25 Promotional Support

26 Capital One Promotional Elements
Promotional Support Capital One Promotional Elements Capital One will receive logo placement in all ESPYS promotional materials that drive tune-in across the following: ESPN Networks ESPN Digital ESPN Mobile ESPN Audio ESPN Radio will create a :30 Tune-In message to run 7/5-7/11 Co-Branded promotional media leading up to ESPYS driving tune-in (6/27-7/16) Capital One will receive logo placement on miscellaneous ESPN Digital, Social, and Synergy platforms, including: Studio show plugs Voting Module Times Square Super-Sign LA Live

27 Onsite Sponsor Activation

28 Onsite Sponsor Activation
Element Sponsor Action Due Contact Logo Submit logo for event signage: Via In color AND B&W, including color specifications (i.e. PMS colors) In JPG AND hi-res format - Adobe Illustrator (AI) or EPS May 19 Stephanie Bonk Sponsor Thank You Graphic Capital One to receive logo placement within rotating thank you graphic in-theatre June 9 Certificate of Insurance Provide relevant info and submit COI forms to: **COI guidelines document to be provided** Red Carpet or Show Feature Confirm content and logistical elements for coordination June 13 Jason Grant (646) Athlete Seating For broadcast, please provide attendance confirmation and seat locations of athletes and/or celebrities attending show June 30 ESPYS Tickets Review/approve logo inclusion on front and back of the following event tickets: ESPYS Live Show ESPYS Red Carpet ESPYS Post Party May 10 (COMPLETED) Red Carpet Branding Capital One will receive logo placement on the following Red Carpet integrations: Step & Repeat Wall facing Press Pit (1) Riser Fronts/Fan Boxes (2) Sponsor Thank You Kiosks (3) 360 Cam (1) TBD Backstage Tour Who: Up to twenty (20) CapOne guests When: Wednesday, July 16, 2014 Action: Submit contact name and final guest count July 12

29 ESPYS Celebrity Golf Classic

30 ESPYS Celebrity Golf Classic
Pacific Palms Resort at Industry Hills (Industry Hills, CA) Shotgun: 9AM - 7/15/14 Element Sponsor Action Due Date Contact Logo and URL Link Submit logo for onsite signage and inclusion on Via In color AND B&W, including color specifications (i.e. PMS colors) In JPG AND hi-res format - Adobe Illustrator (AI) or EPS May 16 Stephanie Bonk Golf (3) Foursomes Submit golfer information form June 13 Two (2) Contest Holes Capital One sponsors Longest Drive and Closest-to-the-Pin contests: Approve hole signage creative Submit contest prizing donation(s) June 7 Jimmy V Donation Submit name and address for internal sponsor contact who will process ESPYS Golf donation invoice June 20

31 ESPYS Celebrity Golf Classic
Please provide the following information, so we can schedule your golf foursome accordingly: Golfer 1 Name/ Title Golfer 2 Name/ Title Golfer 3 Name/ Title Golfer 4 Name/ Title Company/ Mailing Address Shirt Size Renting Clubs? Y/N & Male/Female R/L Handed Please completed golfer information form(s) to: by June 13, 2014 For a complete schedule of events please visit

32 Gift Bags

33 Gift Bags The ESPYS include sponsor product in the Celebrity Golf, Nominee/Presenter and ESPYS Experience gift bags: Element Sponsor Action Due Date Contact ESPYS Celebrity Golf Classic Gift Bags Submit product sample for ESPN review & approval (An estimated 350 gift bags will be distributed to the golf participants) June 2 Stephanie Bonk Ship 350 items for Golf Classic Gift Bags to: (Shipping address to be updated and shared with sponsor as event nears) TBD ESPYS Nominee/Presenter Gift Bags (AVR: $150+ / Qty. 300) Ship 300 items to: July 7 ***Any co-branded merchandise bearing the ESPN or ESPYS brand mark must be produced through ESPN Consumer Products to ensure all products are compliant with Disney ILS and product safety testing. Please let us know what you have in mind, so we can provide estimates and developmental timetables***

34 Tickets & Hospitality

Tickets & Hospitality CONTRACTUAL HOTEL/TICKET BREAKOUT Official Host Hotel JW Marriott 900 West Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, CA Sixteen (16) rooms Eight Ritz Eight JW Marriott Three (3) nights (July 14-16) Check-Out (July 17) Monday Night Draw Party Twenty-Four (24) tickets ESPYS Escape Eight (8) wristbands BODY at ESPYS - Tuesday Night Party ESPYS Award Show (Please alert (Stephanie Bonk) of athlete/celebrity attendance and seat location by July 1) Sixty-Six (66) TOTAL tickets Six (6) Orchestra (A-C); Row: 1-3 Sixteen (16) Orchestra (D-O); Row: 4-15 Eight (8) Orchestra (P-Z); Row: 16-26 Thirty-Six (36) Orchestra (AA-ZZ) Red Carpet Tickets Black (Athlete) Walk (COC Board & COC Winners) VIP Walk (CapOne Executives) ESPYS Backstage Lounge Six (6) wristbands ESPYS Post Party Element Sponsor Action Due Date Contact Hotel Accommodations Submit Names and Titles for rooming list inclusion June 6 Stephanie Bonk Ticket Information Submit: Name Mailing Address Phone (Work & Mobile) Address (This contact will receive ALL tickets and party invitations for the ESPYS) ESPYS Onsite Walk-Through Schedule with (Stephanie Bonk) June 27

36 Public Relations

37 Social Media & PR Guidelines
Public Relations Social Media & PR Guidelines  The following guidelines were developed for ESPYS Award sponsors and partners. Please note this is not meant to limit information sharing, but rather help control and coordinate the messaging and content being distributed to press and across social media channels. GENERAL ESPN will not do individual announcements as Sponsors are added to the event but may choose to execute one overarching release announcing Sponsors prior to the event ESPN will provide several house photographers to secure images for Sponsors ESPN will have a shot list prepared with all Sponsor requests so that photos and content are captured onsite Sponsors should submit those requests at least 48 hours prior to event ESPN will distribute select photos to Sponsors within 48 hours of the event ESPN will provide Sponsor with images of athletes/celebrities interacting with Sponsor for Sponsor’s use in its advertising and promotion only if Sponsor has entered into an endorsement or other agreement with all athletes/celebrities depicted in such images ESPN intends to post images of athletes/celebrities interacting with Sponsor on ESPN-controlled channels (e.g.,, ESPN Twitter accounts, ESPN Facebook pages, Instagram, Google Plus). Sponsor may link to, re-post or re-tweet such images, however, Sponsor is solely responsible for obtaining any necessary licenses, permissions or clearances to do so ESPN Public Relations will service photos to all general market media in an effort to garner press for the ESPYS, to include relevant sports, lifestyle and entertainment media Sponsors are encouraged to share photos with endemic trades for their particular verticals (spirits, automotive media, etc.)

38 Social Media & PR Guidelines
Public Relations Social Media & PR Guidelines  The following guidelines were developed for ESPYS Award sponsors and partners. Please note this is not meant to limit information sharing, but rather help control and coordinate the messaging and content being distributed to press and across social media channels. RED CARPET Photo and video requests should be submitted to ESPN to be captured by ESPN’s house photographers and videographers SOCIAL MEDIA ESPN’s social media team will be providing extensive coverage of all events related to and including the ESPYS In order to keep those social media efforts organic, Sponsors will not be integrated into those social media feeds Similarly, unless agreements are in place with specific talent, talent will not be asked to incorporate sponsor messaging into their personal social media feeds Sponsors are encouraged to activate their own social media channels (e.g. re-tweeting, re-posting, etc.) on behalf of the ESPYS and their involvement with the event. For consistency, please use the tag #ESPYS

39 Public Relations Please note ALL Public Relations efforts require ESPN approval prior to the event. ESPN will coordinate PR efforts with sponsors in the following ways: Review and approve sponsor-produced press releases Coordinate ESPN executive interviews if requested by sponsors media team Display sponsor press kits in the press center Distribute press releases to appropriate trade, business and consumer media, or Public Relations sources Element Sponsor Action Due Date Contact Public Relations Opportunities (Advance & On-Site) Designate spokesperson who can respond quickly to PR inquiries (i.e. approve quotes, provide artwork, review press releases, etc.) May 16 Stephanie Bonk ESPYS PR Contact: Jay Jay Nesheim (647) ESPN PR Contact: Amy Phillips (646)

40 Contacts

41 Contacts ESPN Contact Contact Phone Sponsor Partnership
Blandine JnPaul-Reid Senior Director - Sports Management 77 W. 66th St., 4th FL New York, NY (646) Amber Laws Associate Director - Sports Management (646) Onsite Sponsor Activation Matt Gizzi Director - Sports Management (646) Stephanie Bonk (646) Lauren Robinson Manager - Sports Management 401 N. Michigan Ave, Suite 1100 Chicago, IL 60614 (312) Sivan Zaitchik Associate Manager - Sports Management (646)

42 Contacts ESPN Contact Contact Phone TV On-Air Execution Jason Grant
Associate Director - Sports Management 77 W. 66th St., 4th FL New York, NY (646) Digital Execution TBD Contact (Interim contact: Amber Laws) Coordinator - Sports Management TBD Phone # ESPN The Magazine Jackie Barredo Ad Production Manager (860) ESPYS Show PR Jay Jay Nesheim Director - Communications 77 W. 66th St., 11th FL (646) ESPN Corporate PR Amy Phillips 77 W. 66th St., 21st FL (646)

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