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Table of Contents 1.Introduction to Communication Department 2.Strategic Plans 2014-2018 3.Duties of Communication Secretary 4.Web-based Technologies.

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2 Table of Contents 1.Introduction to Communication Department 2.Strategic Plans 2014-2018 3.Duties of Communication Secretary 4.Web-based Technologies for Ministry 5.Adventist Identity and Media Standards 6.Communication Advisory


4 History “In 1912, the Adventist Church world headquarters hired Baltimore Sun newspaper reporter Walter Burgan to establish the Bureau of Press Relations, the precursor to today’s Communication department. Church administrators realized they needed help in responding to the media’s attacks on church doctrines. Leaders realized the importance of having a specialized professional to respond to media—someone who could speak their language.” ANN Style Guides 2014

5 Purpose To create a favourable image of the church, its mission, life, witness and related activities by using the most effective means of communication.

6 Theme “Building bridges of hope.”

7 A Communication Director Educates Recruits Trains Produces

8 Responsible for Websites Printing Marketing and Advertising Photography Video Production Reporter Graphic Designer Public Relations Media Liaison Image Guardian Information Technology

9 Andre Brink “But to sum it up, I’d say that someone who serves as a director of communication is really just a brand advocate.”

10 What is a Brand? “a person’s gut feeling about a product, service or company.” “a brand is not what YOU say it is It’s what THEY say it is.”

11 The Church Communicator Successful church communicators are attuned to the pulse of their church and the culture outside of the church and strategize ways to build bridges from their community to the church.

12 The Church Communicator They are passionate about the church’s vision and care about how it translates to people inside and outside of the church. They defend it. They design it. They care about it. It keeps them awake at night and is a reason for them to get out of bed in the morning.

13 John Jantsch “Branding is the art of becoming knowable, likeable, and trustable.“

14 "Your life bears a message. A message of hope and redemption. But, before people in your world encounter your message, they encounter you."

15 Kem Meyer Your church has a message. A message of truth, hope and purpose. But, before people in your congregation or community encounter that message, they encounter your church. Your job, as Communication Director, is to find the things in your church that attract people to the message and remove the things that repel them.

16 Strategic Plans 2014 - 2018

17 Strategic Imperatives 1.Spiritual Growth and Unity 2.Evangelism and Discipleship 3.Youth Empowerment 4.Stewardship and Development 5.Quality of Life and Community Impact

18 Spiritual growth and unity

19 #1 - Increased utilization of Adventist identity standards

20 1.Increase the number of churches that put up signs with the current Adventist standards 2.Encourage churches to utilize the Adventist standards in their letterheads 3.Increase the number of churches that take advantage of the free website offered by Inter- American Division 4.Provide online resources that are relevant to each Department for Departmental Leaders and members to utilize

21 #1 - Increased utilization of Adventist identity standards 5.Ensure that we have email contact for each church 6.Utilize Google Calendar in order to allow members and leaders to subscribe to Conference and Departmental Calendar of Events

22 #2 - Communication Points Table 1.Establish a media grading system for all churches

23 #3 - Utilize radio programs to share the fundamental teachings of the church 1.Feature a fundamental doctrine on Lifeline at least once per month/quarter 2.Provide copies of each of our current radio programs on the Website 3.Establish the Pioneers of Faith program that feature local lay members who have given outstanding service to the church

24 Integrated Evangelism and Discipleship

25 #1 - Create opportunity for targeted and diversified witnessing activities 1.Conduct at least one online evangelistic series 2.Establish a Website for each of our major evangelistic programs

26 Youth Empowerment

27 1.Live Youth Forums 2.Assist the Youth Department in re- energizing interest in Morning Watch 3.Radio Program for Youth

28 Stewardship and Development

29 #1 - Acquire hardware and software that will improve the quality of service provided by the Communications Department 1.Acquire Professional still camera 2.Creative Cloud Subscription 3.New Webhost provider (unlimited space and bandwidth) 4.Handheld recorder 5.Create new Website 6.Computers (Video/Audio) 7.Headphone sets and Microphone for Recording 8.Re-design studio for video production

30 #1 - Acquire hardware and software that will improve the quality of service provided by the Communications Department 1.LCD Screen and speakers for Conference Board Room 2.Screen Recording Software 3.Teleprompter 4.Online Giving

31 Education and Training

32 #1 - Educate members on effective use of media and technology for witnessing, worship, fellowship and spiritual growth 1.Departmental ticker --Ticking tips on Health and Stewardship displayed on Website 2.“How-to” videos for each Department posted on website 3.Collaborate with NCU to provide certification course in IICM 4.Annual Training for Communication Secretaries (Parish by Parish) 5.Media Conference that facilitate exchange of ideas on the use of technology in ministry

33 Quality of Life and Community Impact

34 #1 - Greater access to and sharing of information among local congregations 1.Re-design of Conference Website to provide more information for ministry 2.Improve Weekly Advisory 3.Increase our email contacts in each church (Create map) 4.Make provision for members to submit news articles 5.Android App as a companion to website 6.Central Focus Magazine

35 Communication Points Table ITEMPOINTS Camcorder/Video Streaming10 Certified Communication Secretary10 Church Bulletin (Special Days)5 Church/District Magazine10 Church Sign with Current Logo10 Church Sign5 Church Website10 Communication Committee10 Computer/Laptop for Media10 Elected Communication Secretary5

36 Communication Points Table ITEMS Internet Connection10 Facebook Page8 P.A. System5 Projector Screen10 Projector/LCD8 Sixteen Channel Snake5 Still Camera10 Trained Technician7 Video Streaming10 Weekly Advisory (Email)5 Weekly Church Bulletin8 Weekly Advisory (Letter)4 175

37 Grades Grade 1 – 150 Points Grade 2 – 100 Points Grade 3 – 50 Points

38 Goals Grade 1 – 25 Churches Grade 2 – 100 Churches Grade 3 – All Churches

39 Roles and Functions of Local Church Communication Secretaries

40 1.Knows and understands the Mission and Vision statements of the Conference 2.Knows and understands the Strategic Plans (Conference) 3.Collaborates with the Conference Communication Director

41 Roles and Functions of Local Church Communication Secretaries 4.Ensure that information and reports on church activities are communicated internally and externally. 5.Ensure media relationship and coverage of major church activities 6.Presents a favourable image of the Church

42 Roles and Functions of Local Church Communication Secretaries 7.Directs the writing, editing and printing of church publications (Bulletins, Magazines) 8.Ensures that church’s Website, Social Media Accounts and Notice Boards are kept current 9.Access and shares relevant information with appropriate personnel

43 Roles and Functions of Local Church Communication Secretaries 10.Functions as the official photographer for the church 11.Produces or oversees the production of PowerPoint, video or audio programmes for the church 12.Gathers and disseminates news, including announcements

44 Roles and Functions of Local Church Communication Secretaries 13.Ensure that the church sign, letterheads and other relevant stationaries meet identity standards 14.Record for posterity people of interest 15.Maintain a friendly, cooperative relationship with other communication personnel 16.Present periodic reports to the church business meeting

45 Web-based Technologies for Ministry

46 Features of the New Website Content of the Website About Us Section Administrators Departments Districts and Churches Media Institution Special Events Resources Church Events Weekly Advisory (Subscription and Archive) Calendar of Events News Items Maintainability Future Prayer Request Online Report Forms

47 Technologies that can assist in Ministry Cloud Storage Google Drive OneDrive Dropbox Google Calendar Google Forms, Docs Skype and other online meeting software Video Streaming (LiveStream, Ustream)

48 Social Media Twitter Facebook YouTube LinkedIn Flickr WhatsApp Google+

49 Adventist Identity Standards

50 Identity Standards Correct Name Seventh-day Adventist Abbreviation Adventist Not SDA or S.D.A.

51 Identity Standards Logo and use of:

52 Identity Standards Logo and use of:






58 Logo Colors

59 Letterhead

60 Envelope

61 Fonts Advent Advent Bold Advent Italics

62 Church Signs Crescent

63 ANN Style Guides Newswriting answers six questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How? Write the most significant information first, and leave less significant details for later in the story. Most readers won’t read much of your story, so serve them by giving them the most important details first.

64 ANN Style Guides – News Stories Think, “If I had only one sentence to tell this story, what would I write?” That sentence is your lead sentence. Use quotes from your subjects and insert them into the story to validate a statement. Try to use at least three sources for your story— people, charts, videos, policy books, etc.

65 What Stories to Report Speeches from church officials president secretary treasurer

66 What Stories to Report Significant actions of committees, boards or constituency meetings. Trends in the denomination locally— membership, attendance, school enrollment, etc. Financial matters—how much is contributed and how it's being spent. Religious liberty developments – encouraging or otherwise.

67 What Stories to Report New personnel. Awards. New methods of outreach. Church’s response or statement on social issues. Deaths of leaders and prominent members. Fun features about quirky ministries and personalities.

68 Prove your News is Newsworthy University of Maryland journalism professor John Franklin said the job of a journalist is to report: -What happened -What it means

69 Prove your News is Newsworthy Also, many readers will only read a sentence or two of a news story. So if they only read one sentence, serve them by making your leads tight and giving them the most important information: 1. What happened and 2. What it means (the significance).

70 Reporting Meeting and Speeches Meetings and speeches are not news— what is voted at the meeting and what is said at the speech is news. Too often we see headlines such as: Leaders meet to discuss issues or Conference president speaks Saturday afternoon

71 Photographing news Church photojournalism is similar to government photojournalism or business photojournalism. It’s sometimes kind of a cliché, but often your pictures will fit into one of four categories:  People at microphones  Portraits  File photo of institution  People actually doing stuff

72 Writing effective headlines Make sure your headlines contain a verb. Please don't write headlines that say “Sabbath School Ministries” or “Pathfinder Bake Sale.”

73 Communication Advisory 1.Purpose 2.Format 3.Sharing 4.Subscription 5.Update Profile

74 CJC Communication Department Director: Damian Chambers Assistant Director: Charles Bulgin Website: Email:

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