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2013-2014 School-Based Decision Making Coordinators and Trainers Spring Training Kentucky Department of Education Judy Littleton Laurie Cape.

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1 2013-2014 School-Based Decision Making Coordinators and Trainers Spring Training Kentucky Department of Education Judy Littleton Laurie Cape

2 Objective for Today’s Session To assist School-Based Decision Making trainers and coordinators in serving and supporting districts and schools towards continuous improvement in the effectiveness of their SBDM Councils.

3 Legislative Updates Pertaining to SBDM Effectiveness  *SB 97 (Sen. Givens) Compulsory School Attendance  *HB 180 (Rep. Rollins) Professional Growth and Effectiveness  *SB 56 (Sen. Gibson) requires schools to retain for at least one (1) week a master copy of any digital, video, or audio recordings of school activities without editing, altering, or destroying any portion of the recordings, although secondary copies of the master copy may be edited. The bill requires retention for at least one (1) month of a master copy of any digital, video, or audio recordings of activities that include, or allegedly include, injury to students or school employees without editing, altering, or destroying any portion of the recordings.

4 Early Graduation  *SB 61 (Sen. Wilson) establishes the option for early high school graduation beginning in the 2014-2015 school year. Also creates the Early Graduation Scholarship Certificate and the processes for awarding it and using it and creates the early graduation scholarship fund to be administered by KHEAA.  *SB 64 (Sen. Humphries) provides a Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship Award amount for the fourth year of high school to students who graduate in three years

5 SEEK Funds for Nonresident Pupils  *HB 182 (Rep. Rollins) allows SEEK funding to be distributed for a nonresident pupil who attends a district in which a parent of the pupil is employed. All tuition fees required of a nonresident pupil may be waived for the pupil.

6 “Regulation 225”  703 KAR 5:225. School and district accountability, recognition, support, and consequences for Focus and Priority Schools  Describes the process that Kentucky will use/is using to measure the achievement of students, schools, and districts  Provides documentation that Kentucky schools and districts are compliant with the No Child Left Behind waiver  Explains the educational recovery process for Focus and Priority schools

7 Comprehensive District and School Improvement Plans 703 KAR 5:225, Section 9 How should School-Based Decision Making Councils be involved with Comprehensive District and School Improvement Planning?

8 Section 9. Comprehensive School and District Improvement Plan Process. 1)Each school or district shall annually develop, review, and revise a comprehensive school or district improvement plan. 2)The structure of a school or district comprehensive improvement plan shall include: a)Executive summary that shall include a vision and a mission; b)Needs assessment that shall include: 1.A description of the data reviewed and the process used to develop the needs assessment; 2.A review of the previous plan and its implementation to inform development of the new plan; and 3.Perception data gathered from the administration of a valid and reliable measure of teaching and learning conditions;

9 c)Process for development that shall include: 1.Analysis of data to determine causes and contributing factors; 2.Prioritization of needs; and 3.Development of goals, objectives, strategies, and activities based on the needs assessment and root cause analysis, that shall include targets or measures of success, timelines, persons responsible, a budge that includes resources needed and source of funding, and a process for meaningful stakeholder communications and input; d)A set of assurances, approved by and on file with the local board of education, with a signed declaration by the superintendent that all schools in the district are in compliance with the requirements of the statutes and administrative regulations included in those assurances; and e)A process for annual review and revision by the school or district.

10 SBDM Training and Guidance Updates

11 2013-2014 SBDM Handbook Table of Contents ChapterTitlePage 1School-based Decision Making Statute, 6 2Other Kentucky Statutes Related to School Councils Work 19 3Bylaws and Policies 24 4Roles for School-based Decision Making Stakeholders 30 5School Councils and Boards of Education 36 6School Council Elections 38 7Requirement for SBDM Member Training 47 8Communicating with Families and the Community 49 9Open Meetings 51 10Committees 59 11Consensus Decision Building 65 12Open Records 69 13Communicating with the Media 74 14Personnel and Staffing Allocations 77 15Minority Educator Recruitment and Retention 83 17Achievement Gaps and Planning Requirements 89 18School Councils and Budgets 96 19Principal Selection (overview) 102

12 SBDM-Related Roles  Kentucky School Board Association  Kentucky Department of Education SBDM Program Administration  Local School Board  Superintendent  District SBDM Coordinator  Principal  Certified Staff Assigned To Building  Elected Teacher Council Members  Parents of Preregistered Students  Elected Parent Council Members  Council Secretary/”Logistics Coordinator”

13 District SBDM Coordinator Charge: Support and Guide Councils Liaison: KDE ↔ District ↔ School  Guide and support teacher and parent organizations in the SBDM election process  Arrange for and/or provide council members’ trainings & ongoing support; Track trainings; Verifications report  Review & maintain copies of SBDM-related documents (bylaws, policies, committee structure & reports, agendas/minutes, CSIP, data used in planning, etc.)  Monitor/Attend meetings  Share info, data, and guidance to councils by collaboration and communication with principal/chairperson  Foster a collegial, collaborative, supportive council culture (help with conflicts, consensus, team-building)  Oversee council compliance with Open Meetings/Open Records Acts and other state statutes and regulations

14 SBDM Chairperson Facilitator, Gatekeeper, Organizer Liaison: stakeholders ↔ school ↔ district ↔ KDE  Facilitate election for additional minority members  Lead the council in appointing a secretary or “logistics coordinator”  Guide development of agenda & writing of minutes  Facilitate group discussions, following agenda & Robert’s Rules of Order  Facilitate the group decision-making process

15 Sample Council Secretary “Logistics Coordinator”  Type agendas & minutes  Distribute agendas before meetings  Facilitate communication of council work  Distribute minutes on the web, via email to stakeholders, display at school, phone, newsletters, signage, etc.  Maintain records documentation  Collaborates with district coordinator to distribute and collect documentation  Timekeeper during meetings

16 2013-14 SBDM Training Modules

17 2013-2014 SBDM Training Modules  Introduction to SBDM – (6 hours) – Updated  Budgets (3 hours) – Updated  Bylaws & Policies (3 hours) – Updated  Family & Community Engagement (3 hours) – Updated, additional resources to come  TELL KY (3 hours)- will be updated by May  KASC Assessment & Accountability (3 hours) – Updated  KASC Advanced Assessment and Accountability (3 hour) – new  Closing The Achievement Gap (3 hour) – New  Prichard Committee’s GCIPL – New, coming soon

18 Additional Family and Community Engagement Resources  Engaging Community Stakeholders in the Continuous Planning Process diagram  Strategic Planning with Community Engagement Focus outline  Stakeholder Groups to Consider for Strategic Planning Partners list – Community List and School List

19 2013-14 SBDM Guidance and Resources

20 2013-2014 SBDM Guidance & Resources  New School Guidance - New, coming soon  Advisory Council Guidance – New, coming soon  Continuous Improvement Planning and SBDM – New, coming 2014  Data Analysis – New, coming 2014

21 Election Guidance o SBDM Handbook, Chapter 6, pp. 38 – 46 o Other Resources:  Informational Session for Teacher/Parent Election Representatives  Family and Community Stakeholder Engagement Activity from Continuous Improvement Planning Workshops  Kentucky PTA:  Kentucky Education Association

22 Allocations o Determine the number of persons to be employed’ in each ‘job classification’ in the school. o Adopting policy and procedures to assist the school council with consultation in the selection of personnel. o Being consulted by the principal prior to him or her making a recommendation on filling vacancies in all certified and classified positions.

23 Staffing Allocation Funding Statute KRS 157.360 a)Except for those schools which have implemented school-based decision making, the commissioner of education shall enforce maximum class sizes for every academic course requirement in all grades except in vocal and instrumental music, and physical education classes. Except as provided in subsection (5) of this section, the maximum number of pupils enrolled in a class shall be as follows:

24 1.Twenty-four (24) in primary grades (kindergarten through third grade) 2.Twenty-eight (28) in grade four (4); 3.Twenty-nine (29) in grades five (5) and six (6); 4.Thirty-one (31) in grades seven (7) to twelve (12). b)Except for those schools which have implemented school-based decision making, class size load for middle and secondary school classroom teachers shall not exceed the equivalent of one hundred fifty (150) pupil hours per day

25 KRS 157.360 (13) Except for those schools which have implemented school-based decision making and the school council has voted to waive this subsection, kindergarten aides shall be provided for each twenty-four (24) full-time equivalent kindergarten students enrolled.

26 KRS 158.102 Schools shall employ a school medial librarian to organize, equip, and manage the operations of the school media library. The school media librarian shall hold the appropriate certificate of legal qualifications in accordance with KRS 161.020 and 161.030. A certified school media librarian may be employed to serve two (2) or more schools in a school district with the consent of the school councils.

27 Verifications November 1 If you plan only to train only SBDM members within your district, the November 1 verifications will suffice as your sign-in sheets. If you plan to train SBDM member from multiple districts, you must submit your sign-in sheets to the SBDM mailbox.


29 Governor’s Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence

30 Governor's Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership (GCIPL)  based on a sixteen-year program of the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence,  helps Kentucky parents become more involved in improving public schools  to enhance academic achievement for all students

31 GCIPL  Six day training for 30 parents per institute  Participation is by application  Training Topics:  Leadership  Communication skills  Analyzing achievement data  Overview of Kentucky’s P-12 Learning System  Participants create a culminating project designed to engage other parents in their school

32 GCIPL Contact Information 859-233-9849 ext. 231

33 2013-2014 Online SBDM Trainings KET

34 KET Online SBDM Training Online training for New and for Experienced SBDM Members is still available. The process for registering is being updated as KET transitions into it’s partnership with PBS. Updated details on the registration process are forthcoming in SBDM news emails. For immediate assistance, contact Laurie Cape (KDE) at (502)564-3791 or Or Cynthia Barton (KET) at (859)258-7271 or

35 How to Receive Your EILA and Be Added to the Endorsed Trainer’s List Send the following message to the SBDM Mailbox: SBDM Staff: I have viewed the SBDM Trainer Webinar and would like to be included on the Endorsed Trainer List.

36 Questions and Comments Judy Littleton, Planning Branch Manager Laurie Cape, SBDM Consultant Kentucky Department of Education 502-564-3791

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