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Books Summaries By Erin Salona

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1 Books 10-17 Summaries By Erin Salona
The Odyssey Books Summaries By Erin Salona

2 Book TEN The Bag of Winds and the Witch Circe
Odysseus & men land on island of Aeolia Aeolus, the wind king, puts all the winds in a bag so that the men won’t be harmed on the voyage Odysseus’ sailors open the bag of wind on the boat & hurricanes ensue They are blown back to Aeolia with no sympathy from Aeolus

3 Book TEN The Bag of Winds and the Witch Circe
Next, they sail to the land of the giant Laestrygonians (lees-trih-GOH-nee-unz) & some of the Laestrygonians, cannibals, eat some of Odysseus’ men. Then, with one ship left, they land on Aeaea, home to the witch Circe. Eurylochus, leads a party of 22 men to explore the island. They find Circe surrounded by many wild animals.

4 King Antiphates & Queen
Book 10: Laestrygonians King Antiphates & Queen

5 Book TEN The Bag of Winds and the Witch Circe
Circe looks harmless since she is singing and weaving & the men think she might be a goddess. Eurylochus did not go in to meet her since he sensed something evil within Circe. Circe feeds the men and gives them laced wine which turns them into pigs. Hermes gives Odysseus an antidote to eat to work against Circe’s power & he rushes to her home.

6 Book TEN The Bag of Winds and the Witch Circe

7 Book 10 Then Odysseus should threaten Circe with death, at which point Circe will offer to sleep with him. Odysseus must sleep with her, as it will break her spell over his crew. Odysseus visits Circe, and the plant works its magic against her poison. He goes through with Hermes' plan, and because of his fortitude she takes him to be the great Odysseus.

8 Book 10 As Hermes predicted, Circe asks Odysseus to sleep with her; he first makes her promise not to use any more enchantments. After they retire to Circe’s bedchamber, she turns them back into men, now looking better than ever. Circe tells Odysseus to have his men bring their ships and gear ashore and come back with everyone. They all return but the still suspicious Eurylochos.

9 Book TEN The Bag of Winds and the Witch Circe
Circe releases all of Odysseus’ men, and since she is the most beautiful immortal, he agrees to her request to have Odysseus and his men stay with her for a year. They beg Circe to help them get home. She warns them that they will have to confront Hades, King of the Underworld, and his wife Persephone, Queen of the Underworld.

10 Book TEN The Bag of Winds and the Witch Circe
Circe gives Odysseus very specific instructions regarding how to reach the Underworld because one cannot simply take a boat there Odysseus must go to Persephone’s land, find the place where two rivers meet and drain into the river Styx, and then dig a trench. In the Underworld, the men will have to consult with Teiresias, the blind prophet, make sacrifices of animals, & confront ghosts.

11 Book ELEVEN The Land of the Dead
Odysseus’s voyage to the Land of the Dead symbolizes the darkest depths of our souls that we must all confront on life’s journey. Odysseus must ask Teiresias how to arrive home to Ithaca. Teiresias’s blindness suggests his true insight or prophecy. In the Underworld, Odysseus sacrifices sheep to the gods and the dead watch him Teiresias tells Odysseus that Poseidon will make his journey home difficult

12 Book ELEVEN The Land of the Dead
Teiresias tells Odysseus not to eat Helios’, the sun god’s, cattle & to make sacrifices to Poseidon He says Odysseus will come home alone to find the suitors at his house which he will kill Odysseus sees his mother Anticleia, a ghost, who died of a broken heart when Odysseus did not return home from Troy

13 Book ELEVEN The Land of the Dead
Anticleia assures Odysseus of his wife’s loyalty and he tries to embrace her but can’t Odysseus sees many heroes in the Underworld he once knew, such as Achilles and Agamemnon Agamemnon tells Odysseus that he must return to Ithaca in disguise in order to spy on wife Penelope. Agamemnon is distrustful of wives after his wife & her lover murdered Agamemnon upon his return.

14 Book TWELVE The Sirens, Scylla, and Charybdis
Odysseus has returned to Circe’s island & she warns him of the dangers of his journey Circe warns the men of the Sirens, beautiful, bird-like women whose music enchants men so that they may kill them No sailor has ever survived the lure of the sirens.

15 Book Twelve Circe tells Odysseus to plug the men’s ears with wax so they can’t hear the Sirens The men will continue to steer the boat past the Sirens. Odysseus can be tied to the mast of the boat so he can hear them

16 Book TWELVE The Sirens, Scylla, and Charybdis

17 Book TWELVE The Sirens, Scylla, and Charybdis
Circe tells the men that the 2nd danger to avoid is the den of Scylla, a monster who has 12 legs and 6 serpent’s necks and heads. She has 3 rows of sharp teeth. She will eat 6 men at once.

18 Book Twelve The 3rd danger is the whirlpool Charybdis
Circe tells the men that they should hug the cliffs of Scylla because it is better to lose 6 men than an entire boat of men. The 4th danger are Helios’ cattle. If the men eat them, the ship & crew will be destroyed– but not Odysseus.

19 Book TWELVE The Sirens, Scylla, and Charybdis
Odysseus never tells the men of the last prophecy (Helios’s cattle) (Remember: Odysseus is still telling his story to King Alcinous) The men survive the Sirens. The men drop their oars out of fear when they see Scylla & Charybdis. Scylla eats 6 of the men. They avoid Charybdis.

20 Book TWELVE The Sirens, Scylla, and Charybdis
Odysseus tells the men not to eat Helios’ cattle when they arrive on Thrinakia for a rest After a month of storms, the men are hungry and kill a cow. The men eat Helios’ cattle & are punished at sea by a thunderbolt from Zeus. Odysseus is the only one who survived & is rescued on Calypso’s island.

21 Book Twelve *Odysseus is finished telling his story to King Alcinous
*We are back at book 5. Chronologically, Odysseus voyage is as follows: Book 9-12, 5-8, 13-24

22 Book Thirteen Odysseus stops telling his story to Alcinous
King Alcinous helps him home to Ithaca Athena comes to Odysseus, disguised as a shepherd & then a woman Athena turns Odysseus into an old beggar to protect him

23 Book Fourteen Odysseus, disguised as a beggar, visits Eumaeus, his old loyal swineherd. Odysseus tells him that Odysseus, his lord, will be home soon to take vengeance on the suitors– he is not dead Eumaeus warns him of the suitors’ plans to ambush Telemachus

24 Book Fifteen Athena finds Telemachus at King Menelaus & Helen’s and urges him to return home lest his mother marry one of the suitors She also warns him of the suitors’ fatal plans, and tells him to find Eumaeus and have him deliver the message to Penelope that he has returned home.

25 Book SIXTEEN The Meeting of Father and Son
Telemachus arrives at Eumaeus’ hut. Odysseus is still there, disguised as a beggar. Eumaeus is thrilled to see Telemachus Telemachus asks him if his mother remarried and Eumaeus says “no.” Telemachus tells “the stranger” he will protect him as best he can

26 Book SIXTEEN The Meeting of Father and Son
Eumaeus tells Penelope of Telemachus’s return Athena makes Odysseus look like a better version of himself At first, Telemachus is afraid of Odysseus– thinks he is a god Then, Telemachus is happy to see his father after 20 years Odysseus asks Telemachus to keeps his arrival secret, even to Penelope

27 Book SEVENTEEN The Beggar and the Faithful Dog
Telemachus returns home & Penelope and Eurycleia, his nurse, greet him. A soothsayer/ seer named Theocylmenus is with Telemachus, and he tells Penelope Odysseus will be home soon Penelope can’t believe him due to years of disappointment

28 Book SEVENTEEN The Beggar and the Faithful Dog
Odysseus returns home, disguised as a beggar, with Eumaeus Argos, Odysseus’s old dog who he hasn’t seen in 20 years, remembers him Argos is found sleeping on a pile of dung/ manure. Argos dies after seeing Odysseus

29 Book Seventeen Odysseus, disguised as a beggar, goes to the hall and asks each suitor for food, testing their loyalty. They all give him food, except for Antinous, who throws a stool at him Penelope has heard that the beggar has news of her husband and protects him Penelope scolds Telemachus for not protecting the beggar from the suitors.

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