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Colonial Guns 1600 – 1700 By Ronald Mirochnik 7A2.

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1 Colonial Guns 1600 – 1700 By Ronald Mirochnik 7A2

2 Guns in Colonial Times were used for many different reasons
Rifles Musket These are the hunting guns used during the colonial times

3 These are war guns Revolver Flintlock Rifle

4 During war or battle, the colonists would use this cannon on wheels

5 These are the different parts of colonial guns
Sideplates Locks Butt Tangs Haha I know, let it out of your system Trigger Guards This helps lower the recoil of the gun These help you not to pull the trigger by accident

6 This is the open barrel of a revolver gun.
This is the Revolver. It is connected by a spring. The barrel spins every time you shoot. To take the barrel out to reload, you must pull the trigger on the back of the gun. Like this

7 The guns could be made of wood or metal, or both
Guns were located in all of the middle and upper class homes. Guns were kept for hunting ,protection and war fare. Typically, the handle is made of wood The colonists would make guns themselves or they would go to the local gunsmith And the rest made of metal Colonist’s Gun Shop Gunsmith

8 Purchasing and using firearms
Only white men of middle and upper class could purchase and handle firearms. Native Americans were legally not allowed to own firearms in some colonies. The wealthy colonists would use guns for a hunting sport. They would also use them to hunt for survive during the winter. The wealthy would buy guns called “Punts” or “Hudson Valley” that have a 30 – 60 yard range. Englishmen would smuggle firearms to the Native Americans.

9 Interesting Information
In Plymouth, Massachusetts, by law you were supposed to have “two pounds of gunpowder and ten pounds of bullets”, you would be fined 10 shillings if you did not have this. Gunpowder and bullets were sold in bars and other shops There was never any shortage of any gun-related parts. By law, no man was allowed to leave a mile from his house without any firearms. You were required to bring a gun to church, and if you didn’t, you were fined twelve pence. The minimum age to own a firearm was sixteen. The minimum age varied from colony to colony. The military did not have a storage space for all of the guns, Instead they gave all the guns to the soldiers equally.

10 With rifles, they can shoot long range with no problem at all!
Before there were Rifles, the Colonists would fight short range, like this With rifles, they can shoot long range with no problem at all!

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