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Where the Red Fern Grows

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1 Where the Red Fern Grows
Discussion Questions Exit Ticket January 26-28

2 Chapter 12 Exit Ticket- Index Card
Describe the personalities of the Pritchard brothers. Why do you think they behave in this manner? Explain why Billy’s grandfather made Billy accept the bet from the Pritchard brothers. Summarize Chapter 12 *****Write name, date and class period on cards*******

3 Chapter 13 Exit Ticket Index Card
Write a letter to the parents of Rubin Pritchard on behalf Billy explaining the events of Chapter 13. Use the front and back of Index card ****Write name, date and class period on cards********

4 Warm Up- Readers Journal- 5 minutes
Why didn’t Billy want to kill the Ghost Coon- Please answer in 3 or more sentences Student Response

5 Group Activity Using any details from Chapters create a crossword puzzle using 10 details across and 10 details down. This will serve as a quiz grade for another class period SO Make It Challenging!!!!!!!! Place the answers on a separate sheet of paper. Only create the boxes and questions

6 Exit Ticket –WTRFG 01/29/15 Exit Ticket Using Vocabulary from WTRFG choose a sentence Stem from the anchor chart and respond in journal.

7 Warm Up – Reader Journal 02/02/2015
In Chapter 14 Billy’s family begins to treat him differently . Explain and use text evidence to support your answer

8 Chapter 15 Exit Questions WTRFG Readers Journal
Chapter Fifteen: 1. The dogs’ closeness is displayed once again. Explain it and make a prediction concerning this characteristic. 2. How do the people treat superstition? 3. Billy feels a certain sensitivity around other people. Explain. 4. What are the rules of the hunt?

9 Exit Questions Cchapter 16-17 02/03
Chapter Sixteen: (Set 2) 1. What happens on the fourth night of the hunt? How does Grandpa react during the hunt? 2. Cite two raccoon tricks. 3. Give another example of the closeness between Billy and his dogs. Chapter Seventeen: 1. What change occurs in the weather? 2. What concerns do the hunters express? 3. What happens to Grandpa in the storm? 4. What surprise is found in the old box elder snag? What happens?

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