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Nouns Eight Kinds of Nouns:

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1 Nouns Eight Kinds of Nouns:
common, proper, collective, compound, concrete, abstract, singular, plural

2 A noun is a word that names a:
Person Grandfather, Percy, doctor Place Parkers Prairie, school, river Thing pencil, clock, shoe Idea love, truth, democracy Quality beauty, sadness, boredom

3 A common noun is the general name for a ______.
Person = girl Thing = tree Place = hospital Idea =curiosity Quality = strength

4 A proper noun is the specific name for a ____________.
Person = George Washington Place = Minnesota Thing = Oreo cookies

5 A collective noun is a word used for a group of people or things.
choir flock herd

6 A compound noun is made up of two or more words.
blackboard wallpaper scarecrow toothpaste

7 Sometimes compound nouns are hyphenated.
Father-in-law Twenty-five Six-year-old

8 A concrete noun refers to the ability to see, hear, smell, taste, or feel the item.

9 An abstract noun refers to abstract objects such as ideas and concepts.
intelligence bravery loyalty

10 A singular noun names one person, place, or thing.
Grandmother Computer House Pencil

11 A plural noun names more than one person, place, or thing.
Pens Churches Books Parents

12 Write down the common nouns in these sentences.
The architect built a sturdy bridge. Sentence #2: The population of St. Louis watched on television as the Gateway Arch was completed. Answers: architect, bridge, population, television

13 Write down the proper nouns in these sentences.
On January 15, Americans celebrated Martin Luther King Day. Sentence #4: Mr. Thompson brought his grandchildren some souvenirs from Mexico. Answers: January, Americans, Martin Luther King Day, Mr. Thompson, Mexico

14 Write down the collective nouns on this slide.
Sentence #5: The team sprayed water on the coach. Sentence #6: No one in the crew saw the whale coming. Answers: team, crew

15 Write down the compound nouns in these sentences.
The butterfly is a delicate creature. Sentence #8: The sixteen-year-old hopes to work as a lifeguard next summer. Answers: butterfly, sixteen-year-old, lifeguard

16 Write down the concrete nouns in these sentences.
He eats his bowl of cereal quickly. Sentence #10: On the path we spotted a large snake. Answers: bowl, cereal, path, snake

17 Write down the abstract nouns in these sentences.
Many immigrants came to this country seeking freedom. Sentence #12: The hikers enjoyed the beauty of the fall leaves. Answers: freedom, beauty

18 Write down the singular nouns in these sentences.
The tourist noticed the museum. Sentence #14: As a boy, he climbed many trees. Answers: tourist, museum, boy

19 Write down the plural nouns in these sentences.
Children can walk through the fields. Sentence #16: Her face was shown in many photos and advertisements. Answers: children, fields, photos, advertisements

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