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Niobrara R&D Corp Compact PLC Upgrades With the CERI.

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1 Niobrara R&D Corp Compact PLC Upgrades With the CERI

2 Niobrara R&D Corp  Technology-Driven Growth Company − Specializing in Data Communication Products − Complete design/manufacturing facilities  Founded 1987 − Joplin, Missouri USA  Products Distributed Worldwide − Through Schneider Electric Channels

3 Compact 984 Upgrades: CERI  Replace Compact PLC −Double width module −Keep the same racks −Supports up to 3 expansion racks  Ethernet Distributed I/O from any Modbus/TCP Master −Quantum I/O Scanner −M340 NOE I/O Scanner −Premium I/O Scanner −Momentum I/O Scanner

4 CERI (Continued)  Power Supply −3.0A power supply −24 VDC input with switch −Power and Overload lights −Removable connector  100BaseT Ethernet −Web server for configuration and status −Modbus/TCP I/O control and configuration −Firmware upgrades  RS-232 Serial Port −Firmware upgrades −Configuration and Status −Optional I/O Control using Modbus RTU  LCD and Keypad

5 CERI (Continued)  LCD and Keypad −Set IP Address −View serial port parameters −View Error messages −Password protected

6  The CERI …. −maintains a set of (4x) data registers mapped to the A120 Compact I/O −scans the rack continually and updates these registers −services the TCP messages at the end of each rack scan −PLC I/O Scanner reads+writes this data on Modbus/TCP Index 0 or 1 CERI N R & D Data Registers CERI Controlled Rack PLC Read Outputs Write Inputs

7 Rack Mapper  10,000 words of Holding Registers (4x) – Accessed as Modbus/TCP Index 0 or 1 – Accepts Modbus/TCP function codes 3, 6, 16, and 23  Mapper associates these Holding Registers to Inputs and Outputs on the rack. – Group all of the Inputs together (and Outputs) so a single I/O Scanner entry covers the entire CERI – Mapper automatically expands multiplexed modules – Internal CERI configuration and status registers may also be mapped to the I/O registers – Each Output word has a default value on watchdog failure – 4-bit and 8-bit modules are mapped as a single word (LSB) – Mapper can reverse I/O bit orders and can pack and unpack both nybbles and bytes for proper bit number alignment

8 Initial Setup  Set the IP Address – Factory Default is – Front Panel keypad and LCD – DHCP/BOOTP  Point a Web Browser at the CERI – Username is ignored – Password is “master”

9 Setting IP Address Using LCD and Keypad  Using the key pad on the front panel you can set the …. − IP Address – Subnet Mask – Gateway – Serial baudrate, databits, parity and stop bits

10 Main Page Main Web Page…. Name Plate Firmware Revision Mode of Operation Menu Links Configured Devices (white background) Unconfigured Devices (gray background) Device Configured incorrectly (orange background) Warnings (red)

11  Configuration Page – Links on the left hand side and at the bottom of each section of the page – Summary of Comms, Control and Gerneral Settings – Views of the Racks and Internal Mapping

12 Communications  IP Settings – BootP and DHCP – IP Address – Subnet Mask – Default Gateway

13 Control Settings  Allowed Master List – IP Address of each possible master – Only one entry at a time may control the I/O – Anyone can read but only entries in this list may control I/O  Timeout – Watchdog timeout between writes from master – Outputs will revert the default values at the end of the watchdog

14 General Settings  General – Run Mode – Missing Card Action – Name Plate (Run = Memory Protect)

15 Rack Configuration  Rack Page – Each slot has a link used to add or edit a module – All possible racks and slots are shown, even if they are not physically present – Click on the slot number to enter the module configuration

16 Configuring Individual Modules  Click the list box  Register usage list shows which register are being used

17 Configuring Individual Modules  Select the correct module from the list

18 Configuring Individual Modules  Select the correct values for each of the items for the ADU 206  When finish click Done or Update

19 Configuring Individual Modules  Completed configuration of Rack 1 Slot 3 with an ADU 206 four channel analog input module  Click on the module name to get module information

20 Configuring Individual Modules  Configuration of Rack 2 Slot 2 with an DAP VDC 16 discrete output module  The outputs of this card are mapped to register 4004  The default value for this card is 0000 hexidecimal

21 Configuring Individual Modules  Configuration of Rack 1 Slot 4 with an BKF 201 Interbus-S, 16 word module  Sixteen input words mapped to  Sixteen output words mapped to  The default values for each output register is 0000 hexidecimal

22 Internal Mapper Configuration  Internal Mapper – Register A are in the Drop 0/1 data space. Range of – Register B are either in Drop 0/1 or in the Drop 255 data space. Range 1 – – Source count is the number of registers moved – Mode selects the movement direction, A>B, B B reversed and B B, B B reversed and B

23 Update Password  Set Password to control access to web configuration

24 Backup & Restore  Backup and Restore the configuration to your PC − The backup is an editable text file − Complete configuration file can be created in a text editor and Restored to the CERI

25 Update Firmware  Update firmware conveniently and quickly from the web page

26 Clear Mapper & Default Values  Easily clear the mapper and default values without affecting the configuration stored in flash

27 Statistics  Statistics page shows…. − Modules firmware revision − Backplane information − Ethernet, Serial and Master Statistics

28 Problem Indicators  Problems with the configuration of rack are indicated with red lettering on the web page − Statistics is red indicating a problem − LCD backlight will flash to indicate problems

29 Problem Indicators  Clicking on Statistics shows a mapper entry conflict on register 4006 − LCD backlight will flash to indicate problems

30 Problem Indicators  Clicking on Register Usage shows a map of the configured modules registers. Register 4006 background color is now orange indicating a problem − LCD backlight will flash to indicate problems

31 Problem Indicators  Wrong module selected is indicated by the orange background in the rack at Rack 2 Slot 2 − LCD backlight will flash to indicate problems

32 Niobrara R & D Corp  ShippingMailing – 2400 Country Club Drive P.O. Box 3418 – Joplin, MO USAJoplin, MO  PhoneFAX – +1 (417) (417) – 1 (800) (US & Canada only) 

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