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Providing Pertinent Programming with an Emphasis on Careers.

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1 Providing Pertinent Programming with an Emphasis on Careers

2 The Changing World……  Students need a higher level of competency to survive and succeed in the 21 st century.  Young people entering the workforce after high school or college will need to constantly learn new skills and update existing skills in order to succeed.

3 The Changing World……  Students must have the knowledge and tools to make wise decisions as participants in a labor market that is characterized by economic, demographic, and technological change.

4 Preparing Our Students The goal of Tech Prep in South Dakota is to prepare all students for their future after high school.

5 South Dakota Career Development Framework Comprehensive Guidance & Counseling Framework Student Registration Handbook Internships ProfessionalDevelopment Resources Articulation Career Clusters/Pathways Personal Learning Plans Teachers As Advisors Senior Projects Portfolios Guidance Central

6 The SD Framework is built on Strategies and Tools for Transitions  A seamless system  A work in process  Emphasis is on all levels Middle High School Postsecondary

7 Personal Learning Plans  The goal is for each high school student to have a personal learning plan based on their individual interests and aptitudes with a career cluster/pathway identified.  Guidance Central through will be provided to all high schools to serve as a planning and resource tool.

8 Guidance Central  Statewide initiative  Privately funded Explore – Plan – Achieve  Choices Explorer- uniquely engaging career and education exploration.  Choices Planner- for follow up on planning & connections to colleges.  testGEAR- on-line test preparation curriculum for more prepared students and higher ACT scores

9 South Dakota Career Assessment Program  The South Dakota Career Assessment Program (SD CAP) is required for all students in grades 8 or 9 by SD Administrative Board Rule.

10 Student Portfolio  Career and Life Planning Portfolio Career and Education Planning Skills Employers Want Projects/Work Samples Assessment Results

11 Career Clusters  Career Clusters are groupings of occupations and industries.  These groupings are used as an organizing tool for curriculum design.

12 Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Finance Architecture & Construction Education & Training Arts, AV Tech & Communications Government & Public Administration Business, Mgt & Admin. Health Science Hospitality & Tourism Manufacturing Human Services Marketing Sales & Services Information Technology Science, Tech, Engineering & Mathematics Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Sixteen Career Clusters

13 What do Career Clusters DO?  Provide a framework for career technical education programs  Provide a framework for seamless education – from high school to postsecondary to the workplace  Provide MORE career options for learners  Provide a framework for addressing the entire world of work  Provide a picture of how Knowledge and Skills transfer vertically and horizontally  Provide for integration of academics with career technical education and integration of career technical education with academics

14 Teachers As Advisors…….  A classroom guidance delivery system where middle school and high school students are divided into small groups, each facilitated by a local educator, to receive guidance services including personal/social development, academic development and career development.

15 Overall Purpose  The overall purpose of Teachers as Advisors is to encourage a connection with a caring educator to help students better understand themselves, their strengths and to plan for their future.

16 Teachers As Advisors Gives Meaning to Education Rigor * Relationships * Relevance Retention Academic Development Career Development Personal/Social Development

17 TAA Lesson Plans  A “menu” of lesson plans for grades 6-12.  Each lesson is “cross-walked” to employability skills, career development standards, and academic content standards.  Includes a bank of scoring rubrics and a suggested scope and sequence...

18 The Senior Project…  is a high school capstone experience that requires students to demonstrate not only what they know, but what they can do.  States, school districts, and high schools focusing on restructuring, raising high school standards, and actively engaging all Seniors in a challenging and relevant educational process incorporate the Senior Project.

19 Senior Project Four Phases  Paper  Product  Portfolio  Presentation

20 Youth Internships The South Dakota Youth Internship Program enables school districts to work with local business and community service organizations to provide valuable on-the job experiences for students.

21 Youth Internships…..  It’s a supervised and graded work experience for high school students. Students participating in the program are placed in an appropriate work setting that relates directly to the students’ possible career choice.  Duration of the experience is recommended to be one semester with no fewer than 90 minutes at the site each day.  Students participating in an approved Youth Internship, work under the terms of a training agreement that has been crafted by the supervising teacher (representing the school) and the worksite supervisor.

22 Youth Internship Programs Improve the Quality of School-Based Learning by….  Introducing students to modern workplace equipment and actual problems faced in the workplace;  Giving youth access to jobs that require more knowledge and skills than “ordinary youth jobs”;  Enabling educators and employers to work together in preparing students for success in the workplace;  Helping educators connect work-site learning to school-based learning;  Allowing students to experience a career field before 12 th grade so that they can “tone up’ their school-based academic and technical program of study before graduation.  Southern Regional Education Board – High Schools That Work

23 Student Academies  Health  Communications  Manufacturing  Construction A one-week career exploration opportunity

24 A distance learning program offered in partnership with Sanford Health and rural schools. Academy Target audience: Biology classes Six sessions focusing on the “hot jobs” in the health field: pharmacy, radiology, respiratory care, nursing, medical information management, and medical technology. Tour Target audience: middle school/junior high health and physical education classes. Three sessions: pre op, operating room, post op Virtual Health

25 18 school districts participated in 2006-07 “Everything worked great for the VHA Tuesday! I was so impressed! It just turned out that our Superintendent was in the area when it was starting, so I invited him in. He stayed for awhile and was really impressed! He sees the need for more Health Career workers and agrees that this is like shadowing a professional, but never leaving the building.” Virtual Health Tour 2007

26 HEALTH IN PARTNERSHIP WITH EDUCATION Governor’s Proclamation Career Fairs Mock Accidents Press Releases Blood Pressure Screening Healthcare providers presenting to students Distribution of information to South Dakota Legislators February 4-8, 2008 HIPE Week

27 Tech Prep in conjunction with OCTE and DORH has developed a one day health careers exploration Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors Five Sites – Rapid City, Pierre, Sioux Falls, Mitchell, and Watertown Explore All 5 Health Science Pathways Hands-on Activities Associate and Bachelor Level Careers Health Fair Field Exploration Experience Scrubs Camp

28 Offers a two-day curriculum developed in South Dakota where healthcare providers teach health-related lessons to students in their local middle school. Informs students about the opportunities in the health care industry while meeting the standards of the health curriculum. HOTT Futures

29 Forms a partnership between the school and the local healthcare facility. Provides an opportunity to learn about careers in health care experts in the field. HOTT Futures

30 Day One of the curriculum features a mock car accident. When the students enter the room they are informed about the accident and told the patient is being brought to their hospital. The students are placed in seven different hospital departments which represent 21 different careers in health care. HOTT Futures

31  Day Two emphasizes the spread of epidemic diseases with the “Typhoid Mary” activity.  In the activity, students exchange solutions (that could represent body fluids) with others in the class.  After recording who is infected, the class traces the disease back to the original carrier. HOTT Futures

32 HOTT Futures kits can be reserved and checked out from any regional Tech Prep coordinator. A healthcare provider is an essential partner to assist with the curriculum. HOTT Futures

33 Technical Institute Programs Hospitals – Different Departments Health Clinics Assisted Living Nursing Homes Private Health Care Providers Blood Services EMT American Red Cross Career Expo

34 Marvelous Meaningful Monthly Math  Participants receive math problems each month that relate to sixteen different careers – one in each of the sixteen career clusters.  The problems encompass and reinforce a variety of math skills and concepts.  Problems are sent via e-mail to participating instructors.  During the month, the instructors can incorporate the problems into lessons.  Instructors return the hard copies of each student’s problems and solutions.  From the correct entries submitted, a winner is be selected. The winner will receive a prize.

35 Articulation  A cooperative effort between South Dakota high schools, technical institutes and universities links high schools with certificate, diploma, associate and baccalaureate degree programs.  Flexfactor allows you to factor your options by applying credits from a tech school to a public university.  Guidelines are in effect which provide a coordinated statewide system. www dot flexfactor dot info

36 Professional Development  A coordinated statewide process is in effect which allows for needs of individual school districts.

37 Resources  Curriculum Materials  In-service Training  Travel Costs  Planning Stipends  Mini-grants  Websites

38 Cooperation + Collaboration = Success

39 Scott Fossum Central Area Coordinator Mitchell Technical Institute 821 North Capital Street Mitchell, SD 57301 (605) 995-3072 Contact Information: Dodie Bemis Tech Prep Coordinator Lake Area Technical Institute 230 11 th Street NE Watertown, SD 57201 605-882-5284 ext. 328

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