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Topic Here Survivor Can your team out- name of topic your opponents to win the title of Topic Survivor?

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2 Topic Here Survivor Can your team out- name of topic your opponents to win the title of Topic Survivor?

3 The Six Tribes §Tribe 1 2 3 4 5 6

4 The Topic Immunity Stick Use your immunity stick to pass on a question or challenge, but once used it is rendered powerless!

5 Challenges When your tribe answers a question correctly, it can earn a bonus point by completing a challenge.

6 Challenge Bonus Points The other tribes will vote to decide if your tribe has met its challenge and deserves a bonus point.

7 The Final Challenge The final challenge for all tribes will be revealed at the end of the game. Good Luck, Survivors!

8 Question One Type Question here

9 Answer One Type Answer Here

10 Challenge One Type the Challenge here

11 Question Two Type Question here

12 Answer Two Type Answer Here

13 Challenge Two Type the Challenge here

14 Question Three Type Question here

15 Answer Three Type Answer Here

16 Challenge Three Type the Challenge here

17 Question Four Type Question here

18 Answer Four Type Answer Here

19 Challenge Four Type the Challenge here

20 Question Five Type Question here

21 Answer Five Type Answer Here

22 Challenge Five Type the Challenge here

23 Question Six Type Question here

24 Answer Six Type Answer Here

25 Challenge Six Type the Challenge here

26 Question Seven Type Question here

27 Answer Seven Type Answer Here

28 Challenge Seven Type the Challenge here

29 Question Eight Type Question here

30 Answer Eight Type Answer Here

31 Challenge Eight Type the Challenge here

32 Question Nine Type Question here

33 Answer Nine Type Answer Here

34 Challenge Nine Type the Challenge here

35 Question Ten Type Question here

36 Answer Ten Type Answer Here

37 Challenge Ten Type the Challenge here

38 Question Eleven Type Question here

39 Answer Eleven Type Answer Here

40 Challenge Eleven Type the Challenge here

41 Question Twelve Type Question here

42 Answer Twelve Type Answer Here

43 Challenge Twelve Type the Challenge here

44 Question Thirteen Type Question here

45 Answer Thirteen Type Answer Here

46 Challenge Thirteen Type the Challenge here

47 Question Fourteen Type Question here

48 Answer Fourteen Type Answer Here

49 Challenge Fourteen Type the Challenge here

50 Question Fifteen Type Question here

51 Answer Fifteen Type Answer Here

52 Challenge Fifteen Type the Challenge here

53 Question Sixteen Type Question here

54 Answer Sixteen Type Answer Here

55 Challenge Sixteen Type the Challenge here

56 Question Seventeen Type Question here

57 Answer Seventeen Type Answer Here

58 Challenge Seventeen Type the Challenge here

59 Question Eighteen Type Question here

60 Answer Eighteen Type Answer Here

61 Challenge Eighteen Type the Challenge here

62 Question Nineteen Type Question here

63 Answer Nineteen Type Answer Here

64 Challenge Nineteen Type the Challenge here

65 Question Twenty Type Question here

66 Answer Twenty Type Answer Here

67 Challenge Twenty Type the Challenge here

68 Question Twenty-One Type Question here

69 Answer Twenty-One Type Answer Here

70 Challenge Twenty-One Type the Challenge here

71 Question Twenty-Two Type Question here

72 Answer Twenty-Two Type Answer Here

73 Challenge Twenty-Two Type the Challenge here

74 Question Twenty-Three Type Question here

75 Answer Twenty-Three Type Answer Here

76 Challenge Twenty-Three Type the Challenge here

77 Question Twenty-Four Type Question here

78 Answer Twenty-Four Type Answer Here

79 Challenge Twenty-Four Type the Challenge here

80 Final Challenge Unscramble the name of your tribe into the SUBJECT term from which it was created.

81 The Real Six Tribes §Tribe 1 2 3 4 5 6

82 TOPIC Survivor Congratulations! You are now an official TOPIC Survivor! Good luck on tomorrow’s test!

83 Credits Original design by Danny Poellot, Wylie ISD Danny Poellot Template designed by Debbie Behling, Debbie Behling, Region IV Education Service Center Houston, Texas

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