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Engaged in School Career Ready. Student Centered Career Readiness Plan development requires an understanding of: Who Am I? Where Am I Going? How Do I.

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1 Engaged in School Career Ready

2 Student Centered Career Readiness Plan development requires an understanding of: Who Am I? Where Am I Going? How Do I Get There? Being career ready means, in part, that a high school graduate has a viable postsecondary plan with, at least initial occupational goals, and understands the steps necessary to achieve them.

3 Engaged Imaginations Einstein said: “imagination is more important than information or knowledge,” Information is essential, but insufficient. When we can visualize ourselves in appealing future scenarios (vacation, career…), a spark is ignited. We become purposeful and intentional in the present to create the future we want.

4 Most people are “resigned to spending their entire adult lives working at jobs chosen by their unthinking sixteen-year-old selves” The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work Alain de Botton Thoughtful Decisions

5 CalCRN Resources Linking Information & Imagination California CareerZone California Reality Check California Career Planning Guide The Real Game California TM (TRGC) My Career Center (being developed)


7 Links to all CalCRN resources Three entry portals with “Where Do I Start?” –Student –Educator –Job and Career Seekers Presentations inc Power Point and Reports What’s New inc Meeting Schedule

8 California CareerZone


10 California CareerZone Assess Yourself --- Four Types: Quick Assessment (Holland) *Interest Profiler (Holland) Work Importance Profiler Skills Profiler (New) Explore Industry Sectors (Both O*Net and CTE) 900 Occupations (300 with videos): Online Account Option Filter Occupation Results (New) Compare Occupations (New) Compare Colleges (New) *IP worksheets in Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese Occupation Details (Graphic Format) About the Job Its Also Called What They Do Interests Work Values Things they Need to Know Things They Need to be Able to Do Education Required Wages Outlook Common College Majors Industries That Employ This Occupation Similar Occupations Find Job Openings

11 California CareerZone Portfolio Account Set-Up: Username, Password, Zip Code Expanded Portfolio Features –Save Work Importance, Interest & Skills results –Assessment Matches (Combined WIP, IP, SP) –Flagged Occupations, Colleges & Majors –Rated Occupations, Colleges & Majors –Record Notes in the Journals

12 California Reality Check

13 California Reality Check 3. Begin “Occupation Direct” then count down through the budget categories Build a Monthly Budget Housing Utilities Food Transportation Clothes Health Care Entertainment Personal Misc Savings Taxes *Workbook available Three Exploration Options 1. Build a Budget in one of 22 California Cities, then Choose an Education Level, then Choose an Occupational category 2. Begin with a “Future Salary” then go directly to Education Level/Occupational Category page *Update Pending Fall 2011


15 California Career Planning Guide Contents Summary Introduction to the Career Planning Process Learn About Yourself Investigate the World of Work Use What You Have Learned Test the Waters Wrap It Up – Create a Career Action Plan Additional resource links and online How-To Video, plus English, Spanish & text PDFs. We plan to have writable PDF worksheets available soon.


17 The Real Game California 2.1 Four Units - Twenty-two Sessions 1.Making a Living – Spin Game, Wish Lists, Role Profiles 2.Quality of Life – Time Budgeting, Financial Budgeting, Financial Literacy 3.Changes & Choices – Gender Equity, Job Loss, Disasters, Self-Employment 4.The Personal Journey – Self Understanding, Occupational Options, Life Planning 96 California Role Profiles Facilitator’s Guide

18 Counselors’ Guide to Career Exploration Using Resources from CalCRN California Career Zone California Reality Check California Career Planning Guide The Real Game California 2.1 * 1.One brief session with a student 2.One long session with a student 3.Multiple sessions with a student 4.Full class session with a group 5.Multiple sessions with a group 6.Full term with a group*

19 Find and Get the Right Job Student Guide Step 1: Assess Yourself Step 2: Prepare for the Job Search Step 3: Search for a Job Step 4: Contact Employers Step 5: Interviewing Succeed at Work Student Guide Step 1: Acting Self-Employed Step 2: Starting a New Job Step 3: Being an Excellent Employee Step 4: Living a Balanced Life Step 5: Enjoy Your Current Position


21 Explore California Career Zone and My Career Center

22 “My Career Center” (pending) Middle Grades –Preparation for HS –Career Exploration –College Exploration High School –Career Planning –College Planning Money Management –Financial Literacy –Paying for College Addressing Challenges –Foster, homeless, ESL, etc Educator Resources Parent/Guardian Resources Student Portfolio Virtual Counselor CalCRN Home Help/Contact Us

23 My Career Center Core Content Sources California Career Planning Guide Getting Ready for High School Getting Ready for Life After High School

24 My Career Center Key Links California Career Zone* (Career) California Reality Check (Career/Finance) California* (College)* (Community College) My Future* (Military) Find and Get the Right Job (CalCRN PDF guide) * Student Account available





29 Additional Resources


31 Roadtrip Nation Explore Featured/Recent Roadtrips & Blogs Watch the PBS Series: Episode Guide Listen to Roadtrip Nation Artists Participate: Apply, Tours/Events, Conversations Roadtrip Nation Experience High School Curriculum Middle Grades Curriculum Fall 2011




35 California CTE Pathways provides information about Career Technical Education (CTE) course pathways that have been developed or are being developed within local schools to help students gain the skills needed to succeed in their chosen fields. Search for programs by: City or zip code California Career Technical Education Industry Sector or Pathway Career Cluster


37 Explore Colleges and Careers Discover the colleges and universities in California Determine the careers that best match your skills and interests Match schools with your career interests Plan and Pay for College See which high school classes are needed to meet admission requirements Learn about ways to pay for college Create a personal portfolio to track your college planning College Admissions Gather information about the admission requirements at all California colleges and universities Apply online to many of the colleges and universities in California


39 Who Do U Want 2 B Counselor Resources Posters Videos CA CTE Industry Sector Pathways One-Page Overview Counselor ToolKit User Guide Counselor Lesson Plans and Handouts Counselor Toolkit –Class Planning Tear Pads –Counselor Planning Cards Roadtrip Nation CTE videos on student pages


41 ASVAB Career Exploration Program Comprehensive career exploration and planning experience based on current career development theory and practice Results can be used by students interested in entering the military Schools/Parents determine whether or not individual student information is released to the military Information for Counselors Information for Parents

42 Next Steps Worksheet

43 California Career Resource Network Contact Information John Merris-Coots Executive Director 916-324-8151

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