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Welcome to SINET Showcase 2010 Wednesday, October 27th, 2010 National Press Club Washington, DC.

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1 Welcome to SINET Showcase 2010 Wednesday, October 27th, 2010 National Press Club Washington, DC

2 Bob Ackerman Allegis Capital  Founder and Managing Director  Seed and Early-Stage Venture Investors  CEO of UniSoft Systems and Founder/Chairman of InfoGear  Investment Focus – IT Security, Enterprise Solutions; Commerce George Hoyem In-Q-Tel  Partner  More than 25 years of entrepreneurial, operations and venture experience in high technology companies  Has backed, supported, and served on the boards of over sixteen emerging technology companies Alberto Yepez Trident Capital  Managing Director  Focusing on Software, IT Security, and mobile investments  Served as Chairman, President and CEO of Thor Technologies, leading provider of identity management solutions Asheem Chandna Greylock Partners  Partner  Areas of interest span enterprise IT infrastructure, software and services  Invested in companies in cloud computing, data center, electronic payments, networking, management, security and virtualization. Moderator PANEL: Call to Action: Entrepreneurs and Cyber Security, The Way – Ahead

3 Operation Aurora: Juniper Confirms it was hit by attack Jan 15, 2010 Operation Aurora: Adobe Identified As Victim of Attack Jan 14, 2010 Operation Aurora targets Google – IP, Gmail accessed Jan 12, 2010 US Homeland Security information network hacked May 13, 2009 Attackers breach $300B Joint Strike Fighter project Apr 21, 2009 GhostNet - Vast Spy System Loots PCs in 103 Countries Mar 28, 2009 Malware targets U.S. military computers – Agent.btz Dec. 02, 2008 Network Security Breaches Plague NASA Nov. 20, 2008 The Rising Tide of Cyber Espionage

4 Targeted e-mails distributed malware in PayChoice breach Oct. 1, 2009 UNC Chapel Hill server hacked; 236,000 records breached Sep. 25, 2009 Network Solutions server hacked; 573,000 records lost Jul. 24, 2009 Aetna server breached; 65,000 records stolen May 28, 2009 Aviva data breach due to malware infected computer May 28, 2009 Heartland finds malware in bank card payment system Jan. 20, 2009 Cyber Crime Crisis Is Here

5 Diminishing Economies of Scale: US Industrial R&D by Size of Enterprise © 2008 Henry Chesbrough Company Size1981198919992005 < 1000 employees4.4%9.2%22.5%24.1% 1,000 – 4,9996.1 %7.6 %13.6%15.5% 5,000 – 9,9995.8 %5.5%9.0%8.0% 10,000 – 24,99913.1%10.0%13.6%14.8% 25,000 +70.7%67.7%41.3%37.6% Sources: National Science Foundation, Science Resource Studies, Survey of Industrial Research Development, 1991, 1999, 2001, 2006.

6 On July 1, IBM acquired BigFix On July 7, Boeing acquired Narus On July 12, Quest Software acquired Volcker Informatix AG On July 13, GFI Software acquired Sun Belt Software On July 22, Mobile Media Unlimited Holdings acquired Enable Software On July 23, Digital Barriers acquired Overtis Solutions On July 27, Juniper Networks acquired Smobile On July 27, Commtouch acquired the antivirus division of Authentium Only July 29, McAfee acquired tenCube On August 9, Tektronix Communications acquired Arbor Networks On August 4, St. Bernard Software acquired Red Condor On August 19, Intel acquired McAfee On August 30, CA Technologies acquired Arcot Systems On September 1, VMWare acquired TriCipher On September 13, Hewlett-Packard acquired ArcSight On October 4, Raytheon acquired Reston IT Security Acquisitions Are Skyrocketing

7 The Cyber Security Innovation Dilemma The Fabric of Society is Increasingly Digital Vulnerabilities are Exploding The Problem is Big --- and Getting Bigger Today:1.5 to 2B Devices connected to the NET Future:50B Devices connected by 2025 Good Guys at a Huge Disadvantage Nature of the Threat is Asymmetric Bad Guys are “Proactive” Good Guys are often “Reactive” Costs are Rapidly Escalating Gartner Group:$16.5B for IT SEC Software in 2010 (up 11%) Can’t get the Genie Back in the Bottle Legacy Investments Represent “Sunk Costs” Need to Evolve – Rapidly & Continually Into the Breach: The INNOVATORS Small and Agile Resourced Constrained Limited Access to Markets

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