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Satellite Uses and Needs Caribbean Meteorological Organization Kathy-Ann Caesar Meteorologist CIMH NOAA Satellite Conference 8-12 April.

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1 Satellite Uses and Needs Caribbean Meteorological Organization Kathy-Ann Caesar Meteorologist CIMH NOAA Satellite Conference 8-12 April 2013 College Park MD, USA

2 CMO Member Countries The sixteen member countries participating in the CMO arecountries * National Forecast and Warning Offices Anguilla, Antigua* and Barbuda, Cayman Islands*, Dominica, Guyana*, Montserrat, St. Kitts/Nevis, Trinidad and Tobago*, Barbados*, Belize*, British Virgin Islands, Grenada*, Jamaica*, St. Lucia*, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the Turks and Caicos Islands

3 The Role of CIMH O a WMO Regional Training Centre (RTC); O a WMO Regional Calibration Centre (RCC); O a WMO Centre of Excellence (CoE) for satellite meteorology; O a WMO Regional Climate Centre

4 Satellite Meteorology Training O Entry-Level Technician O Introduction in to satellite imagery O Mid-Level Technicians O Aeronautical Briefing O Aeronautical Forecasters, O Introduction, Analysis, Aeronautical Briefing and Forecasting O Meteorologist, (B. Sc. Degree), O Introduction, Analysis  Aeronautical Continuing Professional Development  Analysis, Aeronautical Briefing and Forecasting O Use COMET VisitView and Regional Focus group discussion

5 Meteorology  RAMSDIS  The RAMM Advanced Meteorological Satellite Demonstration and Interpretation System (RAMSDIS) is a PC-based unit developed by the Regional And Mesoscale Meteorological (RAMM) team at CIRA.RAMSDIS  One of the major projects arising from the CIRA/CIMH collaboration is a Cloud Climatology over the Eastern Caribbean  Imagery via RAMSDIS is often used operationally and for research  Use McIdas

6 Satellite Research Use of satellite data in initializing the MM5 and WRF Mesoscale NWP Products

7 October 14th TS Omar Passage of tropical wave produced 75 mm of rainfall between Oct. 13th and 14th Event Analysis

8 Regional Focus Group Discussions Visitview Focal Group Monthly Weather Discussion across Latin America and the Caribbean; Lead by Bernadette Connell (CIRA) and Mike Davison (NCEP); Satellite and Climatology Caribbean Weather Discussion; Lead by Kathy-Ann Caesar Weather Discussion and Continuous Professional Development Special events: Onset and progress of tropical storms; Introduction of new products; e.g. GOES R RFG – now in South Africa and soon South Pacific

9 Regional NWS usage Satellite imagery is extensively used for forecasting by the regional offices. Extensive use of GOES imagery Few services have dedicated satellite receiving systems Terascan Geo-Stationary and Terascan Polar-orbital (Trinidad) and Service-West Geo-stationary receiver (Barbados); There is a heavy reliance on internet for satellite data: NOAA imagery; CIMSS; RAMSDIS;NRL

10 Hydrology Satellite imagery is used to support various activities in hydrology. identification of inundation areas resulting from flooding events; identification of blockages in watercourses resulting from landslides; identification of land cover/land cover changes and estimation of hydrological parameters; Imagery also supports hydrological modelling by provided a visualization of watershed characteristics. Using Satellite derived precipitation data to provide the potential for flood.

11 Real-Time Flood Forecasting Localized convective event in Barbados 26/08/2008, 12:00-00:00 UTC * TMPA-RT InstrumentResolutionRainfall (mm) Rain gaugePoint estimate29 TRMM 3B42*0.25° x 0.25°1.4 WRF V3.04km x 4km60.9

12 CIMH Disaster Management – Dewetra Platform O CIMH has the role of advisor / briefing to CDEMA, the regional disaster management agency O The Caribbean Dewetra Platform – O a real-time data and information integrated system for hydro-meteorological risk forecasting and disaster risk mitigation. O A combination of weather and hydrological observational data; and forecast tools which aid disaster preparedness procedures and expertise; O It provides decision makers with high resolution and up-to-date information of the expected and observed risk and vulnerability.

13 TS Ernesto : Cayman Islands Sounding 00UTC, 5 August 2012

14 GEONETCast (GNC) O A renewed effort to introduce GNC Receiving System to the region supported by NOAA. O Derived satellite products; training channel, etc. O GNC relatively inexpensive; O Can support operational data; O NOAA has sponsored at least one system at CIMH and Belize has purchased a system. O Possibility of more sponsored systems. O WMO/NOAA GNC Workshop April 6 -7 O Very positive collaboration discussions for expansion of use of GNC. O Expansion of EMWIN and EUMETCast usage are possible

15 Main concerns  Access to satellite is generally via internet;  New and affordable receiving systems required.  Uncertainty about GOES R  there is concerns about the types of new satellite that data that exist and how to access them.  The need for a dedicated portal for products and additional information on the GOES and an array of NOAAs products.  Insufficient funds.  More information and training on GOES R


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