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Monaco is a country that is not well known, but very beautiful. It boarders France and Italy. It also boarders the Mediterranean Sea and the French.

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3 Monaco is a country that is not well known, but very beautiful. It boarders France and Italy. It also boarders the Mediterranean Sea and the French Alps. Second smallest country in the world, after Vatican City. It is divided in three parts(districts); Monaco Ville, La Condamine, Fontvielle, Moneghetti, and Monte Carlo. Monaco has a Mediterranean climate, dry hot summers and mild winters. The average summers temperature is 79F and the average winter temperature is 49F. The temperature relay falls below freezing. There is about 30 inches of rain each year. It is a small country, but great people. Casino in Monte Carlo

4 The government of Monaco is a Constitutional Monarch. The head of the country is Prince Albert II. The constitution says that the prince dose not have all the power. These people have almost as equal power that the Prince, which are: Prince Albert II Executive Branch-Prince Albert ____________________________ Minster of state- Jean Proust - Cabinet _______________________________ Government Council _______________________________ Communal Council- National Council- crown council

5 Many languages are spoken in Monaco, but only four are well known; French(official), Monegasques(native), Italian, and English. French is known by everyone that lives in Monaco. Monegasques is only spoken by about 1/5 th of the people. Monegasques is a mixture of Italian and French. English is thought in primary schools. ETHNIC GROUPS French-47% Italian- 16% Monegasque-16% Other- 21%

6 The official religion of Monaco is Roman Catholic. Many people in Monaco only attend Church once or twice a year. Roman Catholic instruction is required through out elementary school because most children are Roman Catholics. Many churches are responsibly for several primary schools. There are two other religions that are common in Monaco; Protestant, and Jewish. There are only about three Jewish and Protestant temples in all of Monaco. RELIGION Roman Catholic 90% Protestant 3% Jewish 2% Other 1% Church in Monaco Ville

7 Education is very important to Monaco. Students have to attend school from the ages of six to sixteen, but most start at the age three. There are 10 public schools in Monaco. Seven are kindergarten and primary. There is one for junior high school for students up to the age up to fifteen. One general and technical senior high school for students over fifteen. And one professional and hotel technical school. About 4,400 students attend school each year. Three other schools are private that serve around 1,500 from kindergarten to senior high school. The churches are responsible for several primary schools. The state of education department employs about 740 people, but only 408 are teachers. About all the students in Monaco know how to read and write. One of the many churches That is part of the primary Schools.

8 Like many families there are two parents and children. Most families are organized and kids are always in school and parents are at work. Most parents don’t work at home they work outside and no one is home. Grandparents don’t usually live with children(parents.) They live in their own house or in a retirement home. Children don’t work full time jobs until after the age sixteen. Princess Caroline with her daughter Charlotte.

9 On a normal day Monegasques wear regular clothing a shirt and bottoms. It is unacceptable to walk around with no shirt and in a bathing suits. On traditional holidays woman and girls wear a full skirt with a dark apron with a white blouse. Men and boys wear knee pants, with a color full sashes wrapped around their waist and strings tied around their necks. Sashes that are wore On national day with The colors of the flags

10 You will rarely find a fat person in Monaco. The foods in Monaco is very healthy because they like to watch their diets. They like to eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, wheat, dairy, and proteins. Many tourist like to eat the homemade chocolates in Monaco. They like to come up with new flavors. They most popular drink in Monaco is Wine that is drunk a lot. One of the well known chefs in Monaco is Rino Baglio has an award winning restaurant. He is the chef for Princess Caroline. He originally from Como, Italy, but well know in Monaco. He travels a lot and not only known on Monaco, but all around the world. Rino Baglio in his restaurant

11 Monaco is very active country with dancing, singing, sports, and for kids circus. Singing is very big in Monaco like opera houses in Monte Carlo. Great singer and poet Leo Albert C.A. Ferre which is known as Monaco's native singer. The last song he wrote before his death is “The Old Buddies” in 1990. He died in 1993 at the age of 77 after a long illness in Italy. Monaco hosts the “Jazz on the Rock” awards in September. Dancing is also big. Princess Caroline is a big part because she formed in Monte Carlo in 1985. One of the well known dancer in the world and Monaco is Naslav Nijinsky. She is originally from Poland. She mostly danced Russian Ballet and she did a lot choreographer. She lived from March 12, 1889 to April 18,1956 (61.) Monaco is very big on entertaining people using circus festival every January. It is mostly a competition for performance. Many sports are also played in Monaco. Soccer is big in Monaco like many European countries. Most soccer matches are held in Monaco’s Louis II Stadium that holds 20,000 people. Tennis is not well known, but played in Monaco. It is mostly played in Monaco’s Monte Carlo Country Club. They like to race cars that started in1929 that is called Grand Pix. Monaco’s national sport is Boules, but in Monaco they call it Petangue. Naslav Nijinsky dancing a Russian nature dance

12 Monaco is not a good place to live because it is very expansive. Many people from France and Italy come to find jobs because many are opened. Monaco’s became a tourist in the 1860’s because of the beautiful scenery, casinos, and mild weather.also in the1860’s wealthy Europeans arrived to see all the new casinos. 13% of the overall economy is on tourist economy. Like many European they use the euro(Monaco euro.) for a small country Monaco has a big economy. Most people that live in are very rich because of the high prices. Euro with Prince Albert’s face.

13 The biggest tradition that Monaco has is La Fata de Prince(national Day) on Nov. 19. The festival marks the thirtieth ruling Princes of Monaco. Most festivals are religious like: They have many customs we have like, shaking your hand when you say hello(Bonjor.)on these holidays women and men wear traditional clothing. Fireworks during La Fata de Prince Feast of Saint Devote-Jan 27 Easter Sunday and Monday- March or April Feast of Ascension- May 9 Feast of Saint John-June 24 Feast of Saint Roman- Aug 9 Feast of Assumption- Aug 15 All Saints day-Nov 1 Feast of Immaculate Conception- Dec 8 Christmas- Dec 25

14 Monaco has a very high technology for a small country and even if it wasn’t small it still has a good technology rate. It has very heavy traffic, especially during rush hour. A lot of people don’t like to use cars so they use bikes or scooters. There only two primary routes to get in to Monaco. Many tourist from France and Italy travel by bus or train. To talk to communicate with people they have internet, and cell ph ones. There are many radio stations in Monaco like ours. If I would compare the technology of Monaco I would say the same. The city of Monaco at Night

15 Population-32,671 (July 2007) Words in French- Hello-Bonjor How are you?-allez vous? Thank you- merci Square miles- 0.76 miles Citizens names- Monegasques Ruler- Prince Albert II Official name- Principality of Monaco Flag colors- They colors are the coat of arm colors. The heraldic colors of the ruling Grimaldi Family. Capital- Monaco A picture of Monaco's five districts

16 Bibliography Sources: Books: Hintz, Martin, Monaco, 2004 Culture Gram 2008, Monaco Internet: factbook/print/mn.html factbook/print/mn.html


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