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SAFESITE Multi-Threat Detection System Advanced Threat Detection – Superior Protection.

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1 SAFESITE Multi-Threat Detection System Advanced Threat Detection – Superior Protection

2 Provides superior preventative and countermeasure solutions for First Responders and Homeland Security System facilitates consequence management and minimizes risk of exposure Can be installed permanently (wired or wireless) or utilized as a portable system SAFESITE Multi-Threat Detection System

3 Applications –Emergency response –Public events –Building protection –Mass transportation –Perimeter monitoring –Hazardous response –Industrial

4 SAFESITE Was There EventLocation New Years Eve CelebrationTimes Square Kentucky DerbyChurchill Downs City of Houston Fireworks CelebrationMinute Maid Ballpark Democratic National ConventionBoston, MA 2004 Summer OlympicsAthens, Greece Monday Night FootballCharlotte, NC Department of Homeland Security - Full Scale Exercise PNC Park, Pittsburgh, PA Preakness StakesBaltimore, MD Red, White and BoomColumbus, OH

5 SAFESITE Multi-Threat Detection System Wireless networked system capable of detecting and communicating the presence of: –Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC) –Combustible Gases –Oxygen –Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) –Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) –Gamma Radiation

6 Wireless Network 1 watt, 900 MHz frequency hopping, spread spectrum Up-to 2 mile line of sight between any two units Each unit can be configured as a repeater providing extended distance between units

7 Wireless Network Each unit transmits all information to SAFECOM in one second Maximum six sensing outputs per SAFEMTX Maximum sixteen units per network Maximum network information transmitted and received in sixteen seconds 1 2 3 ….. 16

8 System Components SAFEMTX –Multi-threat detector SAFECOM –Command center

9 SAFEMTX Multi-Threat Detector Multi-threat detector –Four interchangeable sensors TIC’s VOC’s Combustible Oxygen –CWA Nerve Blister –Gamma radiation CZT –GPS

10 Toxic Industrial Gases Utilizes smart sensing technology for TIC detection for up-to four sensors –Interchangeable –Pre-calibrated Electrochemical, catalytic, and photo- ionization technologies available Over 30 specific sensors available for detecting such gases as: –Ammonia, chlorine, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen cyanide

11 Volatile Organic Compounds Photo-ionization (PID) technology 10.6eV lamp Ranges –0-200 ppm with 0.1 ppm resolution –0-1500 ppm with 1.0 ppm resolution New heater element added that completely eliminates humidity and temperature effects

12 Chemical Warfare Agents Surface acoustic wave (SAW) technology –Differentiates between nerve and blister agents –Nerve Agents GA Tabun GB Sarin GD Soman GF –Blister Agents HD Mustard Gas –Low false positives and false alarms –30 second response time

13 Chemical Warfare Agents SAW provides a multi-pattern sensor, or “fingerprint”, that is unique to a class of agent

14 Chemical Warfare Agents

15 Radiation Gamma radiation detection Utilizes cadmium zinc telluride (CZT) technology Specs CZT Range0–100mR/hr0-1000mR/hr Sensitivity0.1mR/hr1mR/hr Saturation100mR/hr1000mR/hr

16 SAFEMTX Multi-Threat Detector Handle –Rugged –Lockup area Options –Pump –Horn –Beacon

17 SAFEMTX Multi-Threat Detector Keypad –Mimics Sirius functionality –Performs Calibration Alarm settings Alarm acknowledge –Onboard LEDs Normal Fault Alarm –Display State-of-the-Art LCD Display Lists all 6 threat readings simultaneously

18 SAFEMTX Multi-Threat Detector Power –Lithium-Ion Battery 24 hour run-time without CWA 7 hour run-time with CWA –Four position charger –Optional Alkaline Battery –Run and charge in place from AC supply –Run and charge from car battery

19 Rubber boot –Increased impact resistance –Removable –Different colors SAFESITE Multi-Threat Detection System

20 SAFECOM Command Center Mission-critical information received and stored Interfaces to PC Operates off of AC or 12V Power Network capabilities –TCP/IP (Ethernet) hub

21 Mission-Critical Information SAFEMTX provides the following data to SAFECOM Command Center –Gas readings –Relative CWA threat level (mg ● min/m 3 ) –Radiation dose rate (mR/hr) –GPS information –Signal strength –Battery run time –Alarm set points –Fault conditions

22 SAFECOM Command Center Monitors and controls all activity Displays live sensor and system status through wireless communication All information is encrypted and stored Enable/disable individual horn Import images or utilize GPS/mapping program Scrolls through all enabled units Locks on alarm unit for quick viewing

23 SAFECOM Command Center Importable map images Click and Drag icons

24 SAFECOM Command Center Inlaid mapping tool – automatic GPS location or type in physical address of each SAFEMTX

25 SAFEPAC Perimeter Area Command Kit Complete system –Two pelican case –Four SAFEMTX Multi- Threat Detectors –One SAFECOM Command Center –PC interface software –Four pack charger w/ batteries –“Charge in place” system for all units –Storage for accessories –Storage for Calibration Kit

26 Approvals and Certifications Received –Class I Division 2 Future –Edgewood Proving Ground / RDECOM –Battelle / EPA

27 Ingress Protection Rating IPFirst number: Protection against solid objects IPSecond Number: Protection against liquids 0No protection of the equipment0 1Protected against solid objects up to 50mm, e.g. accidental touch by hands 1Protected against vertical falling drops of water 2Protected against solid objects up to 12mm, e.g. fingers 2Protected against direct sprays of water up to 15deg from vertical 3Protected against objects up to 2.5mm, e.g. tools, wires etc. 3Protected against direct sprays of water up to 60deg from vertical 4Protected against solid objects up to 1mm e.g. small wires etc 4Protected against water sprayed from all directions- limited ingress permitted 5Protected against dust limited ingress (no harmful deposit) 5Protected against low pressure jets of water from all directions - limited ingress permitted 6Totally protected against dust6Protected against strong jets of water, e.g. for use on ship decks - limited ingress permitted The SAFEMTX Detector and SAFECOM Command Center are IP65 rated SAW sensor is rated IP44 (due to the pump and fan) and is protected against rain Ingress Protection (IP) ratings specify the environmental protection an enclosure provides.

28 SAFESITE Selling Points Powerful 1W radio –Communication back to the SAFECOM is KEY!!! –Ability to be configured as a repeater –Retractable antenna Software / Display –Ability to view RF signal strength at detector –Indicates 6 threats simultaneously –Lockout panel standard

29 SAFESITE Selling Points Smart sensors –Plug & Protect –Interchangeable and quick change out 37 sensors available Today!!! ( the list will grow) –29 Toxic sensors –1 Combustible sensor –2 VOC sensors –2 Oxygen sensors –2 Gamma radiation sensors –1 CWA sensor

30 SAFESITE Selling Points SAFEMTX Batteries –LiOn or Alkaline options –24 hour time without SAW –7 hour run time with SAW Pump option –350cc/min –200cc/min with 50’ sample line Unit will have a permanent/fixed version –Applications for wall mount, fenceline, etc.

31 SAFESITE Selling Points SAFECOM –PC direct connect with USB port –Acts as a TCP/IP (Ethernet) hub –Operates on 110VAC or 12VDC GUI –Simple, comprehensive screen –Quickly change from mapping to imaging Rugged –Thick, sturdy handle –Impact-resistant sanoprene boot


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