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HY 135 Chapter Sixteen Reconstruction, 1863-1877.

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1 HY 135 Chapter Sixteen Reconstruction, 1863-1877

2 Chapter Sixteen Key Terms Reconstruction Second Inaugural Address Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction Wade/Davis Bill Radical Republicans Freedmen Sherman’s Acres Freedmen’s Bureau Andrew Johnson Planter Aristocracy Redemption Black Codes

3 Chapter Sixteen Key Terms Fourteenth Amendment Due Process of Law Suffrage Military Reconstruction Act Tenure of Office Act Impeachment Benjamin Wade Congressional Reconstruction Yeoman Farmers “White Terror” Ku Klux Klan Sharecroppers Country Merchant

4 Chapter Sixteen Key Terms Ulysses S. Grant Slide 6 Grantism Liberal Party Ku Klux Klan Act Civil Rights Act of 1875 Slaughterhouse Cases Carpetbaggers Scalawags Freedmen Redemption Election of 1876 Slide 7 Samuel J. Tilden Rutherford B. Hayes

5 Chapter Sixteen Key Terms Slide 8 Congressional Commission Compromise of 1877




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