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A Tribute to the Olympia Stadium… …and the Detroit Red Wings.

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1 A Tribute to the Olympia Stadium… …and the Detroit Red Wings

2 Some Historic Photos Olympia Stadium

3 Arial Photo taken in 1969

4 View of the Olympia from Grand River

5 The Original Zamboni at Olympia

6 Those infamous Red Seats - Promenade Level

7 Olympia, left vacant on Grand River - 1984

8 Some Historic Photos Detroit Red Wings

9 Detroit Red Wings - 1936

10 Marty Pavelich and Red Kelly

11 Ted Lindsey

12 Gordie Howe

13 Sid Abel (as the Coach) with Gordie Howe

14 Alex Delvecchio and Gordie Howe – 1971

15 Before the Wrecking Ball... Photos taken by: Bryan Zloty and Tom Mesclier February 1986 Olympia Stadium

16 The Marquee The City of Detroit made another classic blunder in not preserving this piece history. The slab did not survive the wrecking ball…

17 Entrance to the Promenade Section

18 Lower & Upper Arena Levels, Private Boxes

19 The Announcer’s Booths

20 The Arena Floor from the Announcer’s Booths Tom and I were not the only one’s in the Olympia this day. This picture shows (2) guys unbolting some boards for their own souvenirs…

21 Promenade level where the Red Seats were set

22 Another view from the Upper Arena Seats

23 A view of the Private Boxes from the Upper Arena… These Boxes are the next part of the tour…

24 An excellent view of the ice from the Private Boxes…

25 By February, most hockey fans in Detroit knew that the Olympia would soon be gone!

26 Before the end came, the Cornerstone was saved. This photo shows the signatures of some Red Wings Greats!

27 The Final Curtain Call... Olympia Stadium

28 The dismantling begins in the spring of 1986

29 Some lucky fan was able to save the “O” And they tried to save one of the Medallions, but were not successful…

30 The dismantling begins in the spring of 1986 This should have been placed in the Detroit Historical Museum or on display at Joe Louis Arena! I guess Coleman Young was not a hockey fan!

31 The dismantling was a Damn Shame…

32 The ‘Spirit of Detroit’

33 Stanley Cup Champions 2007-2008



36 Future Detroit HockeyLegends… Future Detroit Hockey Legends…

37 Stanley Cup Champions 2007-2008

38 This was just a sample

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