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Hell According to Taylor Craig.. Level One. Sin: Blasting your music so loud it induces headaches in the people around you. Punishment: Heavy drums are.

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1 Hell According to Taylor Craig.

2 Level One. Sin: Blasting your music so loud it induces headaches in the people around you. Punishment: Heavy drums are fused to the sides of your head, which are constantly pounded upon by imps. Your arms are stuck to your sides. Description: Be careful where you step, there are waist-deep tire tracks in the cold, muddy ground.

3 Level Two. Sin: Disobeying a reasonable order from one of your elders. Punishment: You are slapped by the Sunday newspaper all over your body. Description: There are many rocking chairs in Level Two, in which the resident sinners sit while they are reprimanded.

4 Level Three. Sin: Theft of material possessions. Punishment: There is a firefly above you where you can not reach. You are to attempt to catch the firefly with your hands. Description: Almost completely dark, except for the fireflies. The floor is littered with broken things, like toys, jewelry, and technological gadgets.

5 Level Four. Sin: Lack of faith in yourself. Punishment: You are placed before a large screen, and are forced to watch moments from your past where others had faith in you. Description: There is only one screen for all of the many sinners on Level Four, but they all see their story on it.

6 Level Five. Sin: Crushing other people's hopes and dreams. Punishment: You are pinned to a cold metal slab and are slowly rolled flat by a steamroller from the feet up. You are inflated with a bicycle pump, and the process repeats itself. Description: It is dimly lit, and it looks somewhat like a lab in an alien spaceship, with eerie green, yellow, and red lights blinking on and off.

7 Level Six. Sin: Defacing or destruction of property. Punishment: You are forced to work on a long project until you get it done. If you stop working before you are done, you are whipped with a cat-of-nine-tails by a dog- headed man. When you are finally done, miniature hyenas tear at your hard work until it is no longer recognizable. Repeat. Description: The floor is covered with smoldering bits of paper, mixed with clay and broken glass. There are school desks with badly cracked chairs on which the sinners sit while they do their work.

8 Level Seven. Sin: Animal abuse. Punishment: Vicious dogs tear at your legs, while cats latch onto your torso and claw away at your flesh. Parrots grab at your hair and peck at your eyes. You heal quickly, so it continues. Description: It smells rather horrid due to the many animals. It is very dark, but the eyes of the animals glow red.

9 Level Eight. Sin: Bullying. Punishment: For every person you have bullied there is an imp with a red-hot pitchfork. These imps laugh at you, and mock your pitiful existence. While they laugh, they “poke fun” at you with their red-hot pitchforks. Description: The only light here comes from the red-hot pitchforks wielded by the imps.

10 Level Nine Sin: Murder. (NOT SUICIDE) Punishment: You are forced to experience all of your murders from the perspective of the ones you killed. Repeat the scenarios over and over if you run out of murders to experience. Description: The only thing that someone like Dante could see is the sinners screaming, because only the sinners experience their murders.

11 Sinner Number One. Name: Robin Hood. Sin: Level Three, Theft. Description: Robin Hood stole from the rich and gave to the poor, but in the end he stole. Thus, he is placed in the Third Level of Hell for theft.

12 Sinner Number Two. Name: Taylor Craig. Sin: Level Four, lack of faith in yourself. Description: I place myself in the Fourth Level of Hell because on more than one occasion, I have lost faith in myself. I have even considered taking my own life. While suicide is not a sin in my Hell, losing faith in yourself is, and for this, I will forever watch scenes from my own past where people had faith in me. This will allow a sense of guilt to grow and prosper.

13 Sinner Number Three. Name: Perry Rusk. (my Grandfather) Sin: Level Five, Crushing the hopes and dreams of other people. Description: My grandfather has always been very critical of things that I do. He does not approve of the way I draw things, or the things that I draw. One day he said “this thing will never sell” about one of my drawings, which I was very proud of. For this, my grandfather is to be rolled flat and inflated for all of eternity.

14 Sinner Number Four. Name: Michael Vick. Sin: Level Seven, Animal abuse. Description: Michael Vick was involved with a dog-fighting ring for about 5 years. While he was finally brought to earthly justice in 2007, when he dies the ravenous beasts of the Seventh Level of Hell will be awaiting him.

15 Sinner Number Five Name: Ryan B. Sin: Level Eight, Bullying. Description: Ryan once threw an acorn in my eye. He also called me and many other people horrible names, and caused a ruckus wherever he went. For the acorn and many other instances, Ryan is placed in the Eighth Level of Hell to be stabbed by red-hot pitchforks.

16 Sinner Number Six. Name: Mark David Chapman. Sin: Level Nine, Murder. Description: He was an obsessed fan of John Lennon’s, and was also John Lennon’s murderer. For this, Mark David Chapman will forever witness the crime he committed through John Lennon’s eyes.

17 Differences. The first few sins are meant to be a joke, but the others are serious. Dante's version of hell (which is a far meaner hell than mine) has real sins and is much more extensive than mine is. There are sublevels in his, and I have none. Another major difference is that Dante considered suicide a sin, and I don't.

18 More Differences. My sins are based heavily on my life experiences, most of these happened in my junior high. And I’ve actually done 2-3 things listed here as sins.

19 Have a nice day!

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