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Quality in Decommissioning 11 th November 2009 Charles Leeks – Nuvia Business Systems Manager Keith Miller – Senior Project Manager.

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1 Quality in Decommissioning 11 th November 2009 Charles Leeks – Nuvia Business Systems Manager Keith Miller – Senior Project Manager

2 Nuvia’s Quality Management System within Decommissioning Projects  Nuvia’s Quality Management System  Quality within Decommissioning Projects  Decommissioning Experience at Winfrith  SGHWR – Phase 1  A59 – Active Handling Building  SGHWR De - planting

3 Nuvia’s Quality Management System

4 Nuvia Quality Team  Charles Leeks – Business Systems Manager A multi-faceted role which includes that of Quality Manager for the Company. He is supported by a team of 18 Project/location /divisional Quality Representatives, who also report to their management. Our auditors undertake 44 internal audits with additional Duty of Care and Supplier audits. Nuvia Limited is part of the Nuvia Group - with 6 nuclear companies in France, we are part of Freyssinet Division of Vinci.

5 Improvements to CP0500 series  Less complex  The new procedures aim to make the system..  More user-friendly Less burdensome More flexible PC-based Less paper-based Procedures originally from 1990 reflected and continually developed a wealth of Engineering and Project Management experience, this still had to be accessible to staff Previous Quality Systems Phase 1 - revise the system Phase 2 – revise the philosophy

6 Phase 1 STRUCTURE OF THE QMS Policies: Objectives: Manuals: Procedures, Guidance Notes & Instructions: Several series of procedures incl. project mgmt and design Instructions on: - Industrial Safety - Radiological Safety - Environmental Control Forms Quality PolicyHealth & Safety Policy Environmental Policy Corp. responsibility Policy Quality Objectives Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) Objectives CM01 Quality Mang’t System CM02 Safety Health & Environmental Management System Nuvia QMS has been designed to meet the requirements of the BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Standard

7 Nuvia Company Procedures  CP0100 Compliance  CP0200 Human Resources  CP0300 Systems  CP0400 Marketing & Tendering  CP0500 Project Management  CP0600 Engineering  CP0700 Inspection  CP0800 Project Services  CP0900 Finance  CP1100 Software Development

8 CP 0601 Design Process (1) Basis of Design CF0104: (Design) Quality Control Plan  CP0601 describes the processes, inputs and outputs using comprehensive flowcharts. The Company Procedure Guidance Notes explain how the processes are applied, covering a range of topics. CP0601 Design Process Client Specification Scheme Detail Concept Basis of Design SHE requirements  The Basis of Design and the Design Quality Control Plan are the two key documents for defining and planning the Design.

9  CP0501 Project Management - includes the Project Plan  CPGN0501A Project Start-up  CPGN0501B Expediting  CPGN0501C Project Completion  CPGN0501D Project Review  CPGN0501E Project Quality Handover Records - LTQRs  CP0502 Project Definition  CPGN0502A Safety Strategy  CP0503 Project Risk Management  CP0504 Project Interface Management  CP0505 Project Programming, Monitoring and Reporting  CPGN0505A Project Progress Reporting  CPGN0505B Project Programming  CP0507 Project Change Control  CPGN0507A Delay, Disruption & Claims  CP0509 Project Safety  CP0510 Management of Subcontractors  CP0511 Site Works  CPGN0511A Control of Site Works  CP0514 Project Document Control  CP0515 Setting to Work and Commissioning CP0500 Project Management Project Process: Definition – Planning – Startup – Implementation - Completion

10 Project Safety Strategy CPGN0502A PROJECT LIFECYCLE Quality Control Plan / Design Quality Control Plan CP0104, CP0601 Develop Risk Analysis CP0503 Define the project CP0502 Project completion CPGN0501C Inaugural contract review CP0401 Configure the Project Plan CP0501 Implement the Project Plan the project Start the project CPGN0501A Project final review CPGN0501D DELIVERY PROJECT MANAGEMENT Expediting CPGN0501B Change control CP0507 Delay, disruption & claims CPGN0507A Change Contract Programme CP0505 Site Works CP0511 Engineering Design CP0600 series Setting to Work & Commissioning CP0515 Interface Mgmt CP0504 Subcontractor Mgmt CP0510 Monitoring & reporting CP0505 Project Safety CP0509

11 STRUCTURE OF THE PROJECT PLAN  Follows lifecycle of the Project  Empowers the Project manager Project MgmtDesign Define Scope & Deliverables Design QCP Inspect goodsValidation Project Review Commissioning Subcontractor Programme Programme  Allows selection of type of work undertaken:  Lists the main Activities for each phase and type of work, for example: Test Plans Toolbox Talks Appoint project team 1. Definition 2. Planning 3. Start-up 4. Implementation 5. Completion Site WorksProcurem’tSubcontractors Wylfa PP

12 Project Plan

13 Quality in Decommissioning Project Delivery  Organisation  Responsibility / Appointments  Client Interface  Training (SQEP)  Contractor Selection / Evaluation / Management

14 Quality in Decommissioning Project Delivery  Waste Management - CFA (conditions for acceptance)  Health Physics provision  Site Work / Day to Day Requirements  SSoW  Compliance  Project Plan

15 Programmed for Delivering Quality

16 Organisation

17 Training Matrix Employee NamePost Abrasive Wheels (5 years) Advanced scaffolder Aluminum Towers, Inspection/ Erection (5 Years) AOW (3 Years) Appointed Person Lifting (5 Years) Basic Radiation Protection (3 Years) Behavioral Safety Building Warden Confined Spaces (3 Years) COSHH awareness (Tool box) Adlem LyleTask managern/a Nov/Dec28/11/06n/a Dec Barrett GeraldDecom Operativen/a Nov/Dec28/11/06n/a Dec Boucher DavidElectrical Supervisorn/a 10/09/07n/a Nov/Dec28/11/0607/02/07n/a Dec Brown LeeDecom Operativen/a 29/03/06n/a Nov/Dec13/11/08n/a 09/07/09 Brown NickProject Managern/a Nov/Dec28/11/06n/a Dec Budden CliveSupervisorn/a 08/04/08n/aNov/Dec28/11/06n/a Dec Burgess KennethElectriciann/a 29/03/06n/a Nov/Dec28/11/06n/a Dec Burgess PhilipFittern/a Nov/Dec30/11/06n/a Dec Burt ShaunSupervisorn/a Nov/Dec17/12/08n/a 05/09/07 Cater ChrisDecom Operativen/a 29/03/06n/a Nov/Dec17/12/08n/a Dec Christopher RobinDecom Operativen/a 10/09/07n/a Nov/Dec13/01/08n/a07/04/09 09/09/08 Clothier GaryProject Managern/a Nov/Dec17/12/08n/a Dec Crabb PaulProject Managern/a Nov/Dec13/11/08n/a 09/09/08 Craig ElwynFittern/a Nov/Dec28/11/06n/a 05/09/07 Darnell AdamElectriciann/a Nov/Dec n/a Dec

18 SSoW Approval and Work Control RSRL Work AuthorisorsNuvia Work Area Approvers G Marner / T BarnesM Hagan - WETP - EAST Deputy R Hibbs – EAST R Smallcalder – WETP Deputy (following Notification only

19 Client Approval to Proceed

20 Nuvia SSoW Appraisal / Control

21 Decommissioning Experience at Winfrith

22 RSRL Winfrith Site

23 Winfrith Decommissioning Timeline

24 SGHWR – Phase 1

25 Overview  6 Year Contract – 1990 - 1996  Objective to Remove Mobile Hazards and Establish Care and Maintenance  Nuvia acted as Managing Agent and undertook majority of the Implementation Works  Operating Team Utilised  Major Tasks Included:  De-fuelling  Pond Decommissioning  Asbestos Removal  Heavy Water Decanting and Disposal  Rationalisation of Systems

26 SGHWR - Pond Decommissioning

27 A59 – Active Handling Facility

28 A59 - Background  A59 was a Category 1 Facility and was first commissioned in the early 1960’s.  It was established for PIE work for the SGHWR and DRAGON reactors at Winfrith and other UK commercial reactors.  Its final operations were in support of on-site radioactive waste management projects.  Following a competitive tender, Nuvia was awarded a contract to decommission and demolish the facility in August 2000.

29 A59 – Active Handling Facility 9 Year Contract 2000 - 2009

30 A59 - Post Operational Clear Out (POCO)

31 A59 - Manual Decontamination

32 Cave Operating Face Before / After

33 A59 - Preparations for Demolition

34 A59 – Superstructure Demolition

35 A59 – Cave-line Demolition

36 A59 - Slab Excavation

37 A59 - Concrete Rubble Monitoring

38 A59 - Gamma Scanning

39 A59 - Remediation

40 A59 was here!

41 Thank you

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