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Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance North Central States Bridge Consortium, Sioux Falls, SD David Stoddard Applications Engineer, SSAB Americas Contact Information.

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1 Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance North Central States Bridge Consortium, Sioux Falls, SD David Stoddard Applications Engineer, SSAB Americas Contact Information

2 Objectives Objective of owners & bridge engineers: More efficient & economical short span bridges Identify design solutions quickly Objective of presentations today: Provide bridge engineers & owners with resources to consider short span steel bridge solutions in design comparisons Demonstrate steel can be competitive

3 Outline of Today’s Presentation Why steel for bridges? Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance (SSSBA) Interactive Short Span Steel Bridge Website Short Span Standards eSPAN140: Overview Economics Case Study: Steel vs. Concrete eSPAN140: Bridges Constructed Innovative Designs Training & Education

4 Why steel for bridges? First Cost/Economical 25% less than concrete with cost-efficient design, fabrication, and construction practices Up to 33% less with new innovative designs concepts Modular Light weight, prefabricated options, easy to construct Standardized plans Durable Highly resistant to natural disasters (seismic) Long life cycle (weathering steel & galvanized options) Sustainable 100% recycled Recycled content (steel has over 90% recycled rate)

5 Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance Program officially started September 2007 Objective – make steel the material of choice for short span steel bridges. Short span steel bridges have spans up to 140ft First North American industry-wide effort to provide education and design support for short span steel bridges.

6 Providing Economical Steel Solutions to 140 Feet (40 Meters) 40-100 feet 12-30 meters 18 - 40 meters

7 Producers Coaters Trade Organizations Bridge Owners Universities Service Centers Fabricators Fasteners Contractors Design Firms

8 Target Audience (Bridge Owners & Designers) United States 3,000 USA County Engineers (Local/Regional Officials) 50+ USA State DOT Federal Highway Officials Consultants, Designers, Universities, etc. Canada Ministers of Transportation (MTOs) Mexico / Latin America Municipalities

9 What do we do? Education (webinars, workshops, forums, conferences) Technical Resources (standards, guidelines, best practices) Case Studies (economics: steel is cost-effective) Simple Design Tools (eSPAN140) Answer Questions (Bridge Technology Center) Access to Industry Partners (industry contact list) All FREE for bridge owners & designers

10 Website eSPAN140 Web-based Design Tool Bridge Technology Center Technical Design Resources Catalog of Short Span Steel Solutions Project Case Studies Video & Photo Gallery News Updates & Social Media (Twitter / LinkedIn / Facebook) Email Newsletter (sign-up to receive it) Calendar of Industry Events

11 Membership – Join Today! Free to join for limited time See more a list of Contact Dan Snyder, Director of the SSSBA 301-367-6179

12 Standard Short Span Steel Bridge Designs Goals & Design Methods

13 Standards for Short Span Steel Bridge Designs Goals: Economically competitive Expedite & economize the design process Simple repetitive details & member sizes. Bridge Design Parameters: Span lengths: 40 feet to 140 feet (5-foot increments) 12 meters to 42 meters (1.5-meter increments) Girder spacing: 6 feet, 7.5 feet, 9 feet and 10.5 feet 1.829 meters, 2.286 meters, 2.743 meters, 3.200 meters Homogeneous & Hybrid plate girders with limited plate sizes Limited Depth & Lightest Weight Rolled Beam Sections Selective cross-frame placement/design (AASHTO/NSBA)

14 Weight Comparisons

15 Free Online Design Tool for Short Span Steel Bridges Developed by the Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance

16 eSPAN140 eSPAN140 is an easy-to- use and free resource for bridge engineers & owners. In 3 easy steps, multiple steel solutions are recommended!

17 Start new project:

18 Range of available solutions:

19 Step 1: Project Information

20 Step 2: Project Details (general dimensions)

21 Step 2: Project Details (pedestrian access option)

22 Step 2: Project Details (remaining details)

23 Step 3: Customized Solutions Book is Provided (pdf) Standard Design and Details of Short Span Steel Bridges Solutions Rolled Beam Recommendations Plate Girder Recommendations Standard Design and Details of Corrugated Steel Pipe and Structural Plate Solutions Manufacturer’s Steel Solutions (SSSBA Partners) Customized Solutions from Members of the SSSBA Durability Solutions (SSSBA Partners) Galvanized & Paint Weathering Steel Additional Contact Information

24 Design Example Sample plate girder (homogeneous) elevation:

25 Design Example Sample plate girder (homogeneous) data:

26 Design Example Sample rolled beam (lightest weight) elevation:

27 Design Example Sample rolled beam (lightest weight) data:

28 Design Example Typical girder elevation:

29 Design Example Typical stiffener details:

30 Design Example Typical diaphragm details:

31 Design Example Typical section details:

32 Design Example Typical bearing details:

33 CSP & Structural Plate Standards

34 Manufacturer’s Solutions

35 Durability Solutions Weathering, galvanized, and painted steel

36 Galvanizing Facts (provided by AGA) Advancements have led to more economical product Misconception that it is more expensive than paint Often less expensive than 2- & 3- coat high performance systems Galvanizing prices held steady over the last 15 years Galvanizing’s maintenance-free longevity (70 years of more in atmospheric exposure) often means initial cost is final cost

37 Free resource available to bridge owners and designers with questions related to: Standard design and details of short span bridges (plate & rolled beam) Standard design and details of corrugated steel pipe and structural plate. The Bridge Technology Center

38 Short Span Steel Bridge Case Study Steel vs. Concrete Audrain County, MO

39 Short Span Steel Bridges Compete and Win

40 Case Study Bridges: Side-by-Side Comparison Audrain County, MO Bridge 411 Built 2012 Steel 4 Girders 47.5 ft. Span (14.478 m) 24 ft. Roadway Width (7.315 m) 2 ft. Structural Depth (0.610 m) No Skew Audrain County, MO Bridge 336 Built 2012 Precast 6 Hollowcore Slab Girders 50.5 ft. Span (15.392 m) 24 ft. Roadway Width (7.315 m) 2 ft. Structural Depth (0.610 m) 20 o Skew Steel Concrete

41 Total Bridge Costs Material= $41,764 Labor= $24,125 Equipment = $21,521 Guard Rail = $ 7,895 Rock= $ 8,302 Engineering= $ 8,246 TOTAL= $111,853 ($97.48 / sq. ft.) Total Bridge Costs Material = $67,450 Labor = $26,110 Equipment= $24,966 Guard Rail = $ 6,603 Rock= $ 7,571 Engineering= $21,335 TOTAL= $154,035 ($120.83 / sq. ft.) Case Study Bridges: Side-by-Side Comparison Total Cost of Structure Steel Concrete 19.3% Total Bridge Cost Savings with Steel

42 Total Bridge Costs per ft 2 Total Cost= $97.48 / sq. ft. Total Construction Cost= $90.29 / sq. ft. (no Engineering) Adjusted Construction Cost= $83.05 / sq. ft. (no Engineering or Rock) Total Bridge Costs per ft 2 Total Cost= $120.83 / sq. ft. Total Construction Cost= $104.08 / sq. ft. (no Engineering) Adjusted Construction Cost= $98.14 / sq. ft. (no Engineering or Rock) Case Study Bridges: Side-by-Side Comparison Steel Concrete

43 Superstucture Costs Material Girders= $21,463 Deck Panels= $ 7,999 Reinf Steel= $ 3,135 Concrete= $ 4,180 Labor= $ 5,522 Equipment*= $ 500 SUPER TOTAL= $42,799 SUPER TOTAL= $37.54 / sq. ft. Superstructure Costs Material Slab Girders= $50,765 Deck Panels= $ 0 Reinf Steel= $ 724 Concrete= $ 965 Labor= $ 4,884 Equipment* = $ 4,000 SUPER TOTAL= $61,338 SUPER TOTAL= $50.61 / sq. ft. Case Study Bridges: Superstructure Only Comparison (Remove Site Prep, Abutment, Grading & Finishing, Guardrail, Engineering, Rock, Etc) Steel Concrete *County Crane (30 Ton) used for Steel, Larger Rented Crane (100 Ton) Required for Concrete (Equivalent County Crane Cost is $1520, would result in Steel Cost of $38.88 / sq. ft. ) *Added cost to use galvanized steel = $5,453.80 or $0.22 / lb. (includes est. 10% fabrication fee) ** Cost to use weathering steel is approximately $0.04 / lb. (already included in cost in example)

44 Case Study Bridges: Audrain County, MO Steel: Superstructure $37.54 per sq. ft.Concrete: Superstructure Cost $50.61 per sq. ft. Same bridge conditions: Structural Depth = 2 ft. (No Difference in Approaches) Roadway Width = 24 ft. Same Abutments for Both Can be Used (Steel Could Use Lighter) Same Guard Rail System Same Work Crew 25.8% superstructure cost savings

45 Lighter Cranes Required (Owner Cranes Can Save Costs) Steel Bridge - Advantages

46 Lighter Abutments Possible for Steel Bridges Steel Bridge - Advantages

47 Cast-in-Place Deck on Prestressed Concrete Deck Panels Steel Bridge - Economy

48 Simple and Practical Details Steel Bridge - Economy

49 Elastomeric Bearings & Integral Abutments Steel Bridge - Economy

50 Weathering Steel Steel Bridge - Economy

51 Case Study Bridges: Other Bridges in MO Superstructure SteelConcrete Bridge Number 061140149152710AVG028057069520AVG Year Built 2008 20092010AVG2009201020112006AVG Span Length 50 40626453.236 384037.5 Skew 000303513015203016.25 Cost Summary - Labor $14,568$21,705$15,853$24,765$31,949 $21,768 $12,065$15,379$14,674$19,044 $15,291 - Material $56,676$53,593$46,282$92,821$69,357 $63,746 $51,589$54,450$50,576$46,850 $50,866 - Rock $6,170$6,216$3,694$8,235$6,501 $6,163 $5,135$7,549$5,378$3,621 $5,421 - Equipment $7,487$12,026$7,017$19,579$15,266 $12,275 $5,568$10,952$11,093$14,742 $10,589 - Guardrail $4,715$7,146$3,961$7,003 $5,966 $4,737$4,663$5,356$3,323 $4,520 Construction Cost $89,616$100,686$76,807$152,403$130,076 $109,918 $79,094$92,993$87,077$87,580 $86,686 CONST. COST PER FT 2 $74.68 $83.91 $80.01 $102.42 $84.68 $86.09 $91.54 $107.63 $95.48 $91.23 $96.32

52 BOGGS ROAD BRIDGE REPLACEMENT AFTER BEFORE Before: 33-foot Span 22’-7” Wide After: 44-foot Span 24’-0” Wide

53 BOGGS ROAD BRIDGE REPLACEMENT STEEL VS. CONCRETE Material Costs Steel: 1.Bolt Together Steel Structure $26,016 2.Decking (1.5C – 18 ga. Decking$2,223 3.Shear Studs$1,680 4.Bridge Railing and Guard Rail $14,590 5.Reinforcing Steel$7,490 6.Concrete /Forms (180.5 CYs)$27,026 7.Asphalt Repair$11,500 Subtotal $90,524 Labor and Equipment Costs: 1.Labor (21 days)$19,562 2.Equipment $21,679 Grand Total = $131,765 Material Costs Concrete: 1.Concrete Box Beams (6 Beams) $59,400 2.Bridge Railing and Guard Rail $11,500 3.Reinforcing Steel$5,000 4.Concrete/Forms (160 CYs)$24,000 5.Asphalt Repair$11,500 6.Crane Rental$2,500 Subtotal $113,900 Labor and Equipment Costs: 1.Labor (18 days)$14,757 2.Equipment $21,679 Grand Total = $150,336 Difference Between Steel Beams and Concrete Box Beams ~ $18,571

54 The Bottom Line… Short span steel bridges compete and win!

55 eSPAN140 Bridges

56 1 st Direct Application of eSPAN140 – start to finish Jesup South Bridge, Buchanan County, Iowa Buchanan County Iowa Replacement using W36x135 rolled beams 65 feet length, 40 width Over $100,000 donations from members Better Roads (February 2014)

57 County Crew Accomplishments: Longest Bridge Built First Steel Bridge Built First Concrete Deck First Integral Abutment Galvanized Steel Galvanized Rebar County Equipment

58 The New Jesup South Bridge

59 Recently awarded 2 jobs with eSPAN140 preliminary designs (Gary Wisch, VP of Engineering) Boone County, Missouri High Point Lane Bridge 102 feet (2 lane rural road plate girder bridge) 44” weathering steel plate girders (4 lines) County “did not know steel could span over 100 feet” – used eSPAN140 for preliminary designs Constructed in summer 2013 Kansas Department of Transportation Shawnee County 112 feet (5 plate girder bridge) Competitive bid process (steel vs. concrete) DOT used eSPAN140 for preliminary design Will ship in May, constructed in summer 2014

60 Innovative Designs

61 Modular Pre-Framed Girders Pre-framed girder pairs comprised of standardized girder sizes and steel details Systems will be developed for both tangent and skewed configurations as well as simple and continuous spans. Can be produced in modular sections for accelerated construction Allows for a variety of owner-specified/site-dictated decking options, including: Concrete pre-topped (either at a fabrication yard or at a staging location on or near site) Full or partial-depth precast concrete Deck panels Timber decks Sandwich Plate Systems (SPS)

62 Press Brake Tub Girders Modular shallow trapezoidal boxes fabricated from cold-bent structural steel plate (weathering steel or galvanized). Potential for economy through a significant reduction in fabrication costs due to cold-bending versus welding of the section. Reduces need for stiffeners and cross frames. Advantages include: Accelerated (install in 1 or 2 days) Modular Cost-effective (1/3 less than a standard cast-in- place according to Buchannan County, IA) Simple to fabricate and install Potential to replace thousands of bridge in need of repairs Opens doors for “new” bridge fabricators

63 Training and Education Resources & Contact Info

64 Training & Education Available Topics Bridge Engineering-101 Steel bridge economy & cost-effective design Standard designs (rolled beam, plate, CSP, structural plate) Case studies/cost analysis Format Half-day workshops (county engineers/LTAPs) Webinars (online training / presentations) Steel Bridge Forums (DOTs) Conferences/Trade show presentations Technical Design Support (Bridge Technology Center) SSSBA Website (Solutions Center, videos, etc.)

65 Need More Information? Dan Snyder Steel Market Development Institute 301.367.6179 Twitter: @ShortSpanSteel Facebook: Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance – SSSBA Website: |

66 Questions or Comments?


68 “Hand-outs” USB Flash Drive Member information Research materials eSPAN140 information Myths & Realities brochure eSPAN140 & SSSBA info

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