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1 Bureau of Project Delivery Innovation and Support Services Division Construction Quality Assurance Section Specification Changes Pub 408/2011 Changes 7 & 8

2 408/2011 Changes 6 – 8 Entire Pub. 408 is 1 Large Document –Each individual section has a thumbnail to navigate –Can still use the Table of Contents to navigate –BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU PRINT OR SAVE! Could accidently print or save 1300+ pages 2

3 Diverse Business 408/2011 Change 8 Diverse Business –Numerous changes were made throughout Pub. 408 to replace references to Minority (MBE) and Women Business Enterprise (WBE) with Diverse Business (DB) The program has also changed 3

4 105 Control of Work 408/2011 Change 8 105.01(b) Authority to Suspend Work –Added language to grant authority for a DE to suspend work if: The work will hinder the Dept’s ability to safely maintain traffic or provide necessary services (like winter maintenance operations) A higher quality product can be obtained –Written notification and reason will be provided 4

5 106 Control of Material 408/2011 Change 7 106.02(a) Preliminary Acceptance and Approval (of Material) –Clarified pre-approved sources/materials and required source-of-supply submissions (Forms CS-200 and CS-201) Only “construction-aid” materials (like lumber and nails used for temporary formwork) may be used without source-of-supply submissions Temporary traffic control items are not considered “construction- aid” materials and therefore, must be listed on Form CS-201 –Initially implemented via SOL 481-14-01 & SSP –Added Section 106.02 to Bulletin 15 Provides a list of Pub. 408 Sections which contain construction materials that are defined as Project-Specific, Locally Approved Materials 5

6 Bulletin 15 Control of Material 6

7 Bulletin 15 Control of Material 7

8 107 Legal Relations and Responsibility to the Public 408/2011 Change 8 107.28 Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control Plans and Permits –Clarified NPDES Permit acquisition, permittee responsibilities and termination requirements No earth disturbance activities can begin before acknowledgement of the completed Transferee/Co-Permittee form is received Preparedness, Prevention and Contingency (PPC) Plan to be submitted at the pre-construction meeting –Identify licensed professional to be on-site for implementing critical stages of the approved Post Construction Stormwater Management (PCSM) Plan After implementation of PCSM Best Management Practices (BMPs), maintain BMPs until DEP approval is received for the Contractor- submitted Notice of Termination (NOT) form 8

9 108 Performance and Progress 408/2011 Change 8 108.03(a) Preconstruction Conference –Clarified deliverables at the meeting Names of superintendent, engineer, foremen and surveyor Source of Supply forms (CS-200 and CS-201) Work Plan (30 Calendar Day for Network Schedule contracts and 60 Calendar Day for CPM contracts) –Documentation not delivered may delay Actual Notice-to- Proceed This delay is ineligible for a time extension 9

10 108 Performance and Progress 408/2011 Change 8 108.03(b) Construction Project Scheduling –Added Schedule language for Design/Build Requires design activities including review and approval durations 108.03(b)5 Recovery –Established conditions which the Dept. may require a Recovery Plan Controlling activity delayed 14 days or more beyond the required completion or milestone date If required, the recovery plan is to be submitted within 7 days May withhold estimate payments if not received within 14 days 10

11 108 Performance and Progress 408/2011 Change 8 108.03(b)6 Updates –Establishes Schedule update submission requirements –At a minimum, monthly updates are to address: Progressed activities Logic changes Calendar changes Duration changes Critical Path changes –If updates are not received within 7 days, the Dept will withhold estimate payments 11

12 108 Performance and Progress 408/2011 Change 8 108.03(c) PennDOT Project Collaboration Center (SharePoint) –Establishes requirements to submit all project-related documentation using the Dept’s Project Collaboration software package The standard file format is the Portable Document Format (.pdf) Other compatible file formats may be required 108.06(a) Time Extensions –Clarified what is expected to be shown on a Supporting Schedule 12

13 108 Performance and Progress 408/2011 Change 7 108.07(a) Construction Engineering Liquidated Damages –Revised the rates to be in compliance with Federal Regulation CFR-635.127 “Agreement provisions regarding overruns in contract time” –From $870to $825(0 to 400K) $1,630to$1,525(400K to 1M) $2,150to$2,115(1M to 5M) $3,425to$3,325(5M to 10M) $4,420to$4,375(10M to 15M) $5,765to$5,825(>15M) 13

14 110 Payment 408/2011 Change 8 110.03(d)8 Force Account Statements –Added a requirement for the Contractor to submit force account statement with all supporting documentation within 90 days of the completed work If not received, the Dept may pay based on their records Full payment may be forfeited for unsupported costs 14

15 219 Geofoam Lightweight Fill 408/2011 Change 8 New Section –Includes requirements for furnishing, transporting, and placing geofoam lightweight fill for construction of embankments and for backfilling behind structures 15

16 409 Construction of Plant-Mixed HMA Courses 408/2011 Change 7 409.3(h)2.a.2 Quantities Less Than 2,500 Tons –Revised language for quantities less than 500 tons Mixture acceptance by certification Allows Lot density acceptance by cores (n=3) Removed ambiguity of “critical application”. 16

17 496 Asphalt Concrete Pavement, 60-Month Warranty 408/2011 Change 8 New Section –Includes requirements for construction of a plant-mixed, asphalt concrete pavement on a prepared surface with a 60 month warranty and includes the furnishing of a warranty bond –Acceptability of this work will be determined by construction end-result and the warranty performance criteria –Also added to list of applicable items of work eligible for asphalt price adjustments under Section 110.12 –Also added General Index in Appendix D for establishing HMA 60-Month Warranty Items of Work for Section 496 17

18 501.3(k)4 Final Finish –Initially implemented by SSP –Allows Contractor’s request to use longitudinal texturing in lieu of the random, transverse texturing pattern or may be required by the District, if indicated Requires burlap drag or broom device for macrotexture Requires final texture pattern with grooves –parallel with centerline –rectangular in shape; –1/8 inch (± 1/64 inch) in width; –1/8 inch to 3/16 inch in depth; and –3/4 inch nominal center-to-center tine spacing 18 501 Cement Concrete Pavements 408/2011 Change 7

19 505.3(c) Concrete Curing –Requires bridge approach slabs to be water-cured for a minimum of 7 days Eliminated conflicts between water-curing vs. spray-curing; 7-day vs. 14-day 19 505 Bridge Approach Slabs 408/2011 Change 8

20 Revised entire Section to address repairs of transverse or longitudinal joints, cracks, and interior slab spalls –Repair types based on length of repair Type 1 – Between 15 inches and 6 feet in length Type 2 – Greater than 6 feet in length –Revised materials to be used –Allows milling for removal 20 525 Concrete Pavement Partial-Depth Repair 408/2011 Change 7

21 525 Concrete Pavement Partial-Depth Repair 408/2011 Change 7 21 Type 1Type 2

22 525 Concrete Pavement Partial-Depth Repair 408/2011 Change 7 22 Type 1Type 2

23 525 Concrete Pavement Partial-Depth Repair 408/2011 Change 7 23

24 601 Pipe Culverts 408/2011 Change 8 601.2(a)6 Thermoplastic Pipes –Added Polypropylene pipe (AASHTO M 330, Types D and S, 12- inch to 60-inch diameter; and 2012 AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications Chapter 12 with interims) to Group VI –Group VI – 15 foot maximum fill – 2.0 foot minimum cover. –Only had Polyethylene pipe prior to Change 8. 24

25 601 Pipe Culverts 408/2011 Change 7 601.3(o) Inspection of 100-Year Design-Life Pipe –If ≤ 20 feet installed at each location, perform non-100-Year pipe inspections Eliminates extensive inspections of short tie-ins –Added language to require written summary report of irregularities or defects –Removed video inspection where manual inspections are required on large diameter pipes –Added requirements for inspection during installation of pipe under roadway, sidewalk or shoulder Inspector completes Form CS-6 –Discussions on-going about increasing joint tolerances 25

26 Remediation of Pipe Defects 26

27 604 Combination Storm Sewer & Underdrain 408/2011 Change 8 604.2(a)1 Nonmetal Pipes –Added Polyvinyl Chloride pipe (AASHTO M 304, Class 1 perforations) to Group IIIP in Subsection 604.2(a)1.e.2 –Added Polypropylene pipe (AASHTO M 330, Class 1 perforations) to Group VIP in Subsection 604.2(a)1.h.2 –Only had Polyethylene pipe prior to Change 8. 27

28 616 End Sections and Slope Pipe Fittings 408/2011 Change 8 616.2 Material –Added Thermoplastic End Sections [Section 601.2(a)] in Subsection 616.2(f) –Only had concrete, steel and aluminum end sections prior to Change 8. 28

29 618 Concrete Collar for Pipe Extension 408/2011 Change 8 618.4 Measurement and Payment –Changed from Lump Sum to Each 29

30 620 Guide Rail 408/2011 Change 8 620.3(d) Remove Existing Guide Rail –Revised language to clarify removal requirements for guide rail retained by the Contractor and guide rail retained by the Department 2 separate items of work Special provision is required for Department-retained with delivery location and Department contact 620.4(i) Measurement and Payment –When guiderail is retained by the Department, the unit price includes the cost of delivering material to the designated stockpile 30

31 620 Guide Rail Master Items 31

32 659 High-Friction Surface Treatment 408/2011 Change 8 New Section –Includes requirements for furnishing and applying a High Friction Surface Treatment (HFST) on asphalt and concrete pavements 32

33 689 Construction Scheduling 408/2011 Change 8 Entire Section –Added a bullet to define the term “Redundant Relationship” –Schedule software changed from Open Plan by Welcom to Open Plan by Deltek –Added language to address design activities, including review and approval durations for Design/Build projects –Clarified schedule submissions when the Anticipated Notice to Proceed is missed –Clarified all Network and CPM schedule submission requirements for content 33

34 694 Built-Up Curb Ramps 408/2011 Change 7 Entire Section was removed –Previously contained requirements for asphalt curb ramps paid by the Ton 34

35 Table A –Added requirements for HPC (same as AAAP) 35 704 Cement Concrete 408/2011 Change 7

36 802.2 Material –Removed Section 106.03(b)3 certification requirements Topsoil is now project-specific, locally approved material Requires independent test results to confirm the topsoil meets requirements 36 802 Topsoil Furnished and Placed 408/2011 Change 8

37 Bulletin 15 Control of Material 37

38 Bulletin 15 Control of Material 38

39 Bulletin 15 Control of Material 39

40 Entire Section –Revised Table A Seeding Requirements Revised typos for Formula B, D and L –Added Formula N Conservation Mix –Revised Formula W Wetland Conservation Mix 40 804 Seeding and Soil Supplements 408/2011 Change 7

41 Entire Section revised –Grade 36 steel removed for steel H-piles –Resistance factor changed from 0.7 to 0.65 times the ultimate pile capacity, if a pile driving analyzer is used –Added end-of-driving criteria for friction piles 41 1005 Piles 408/2011 Change 7

42 Attempted to clarify Measurement and Payment for the length of dam –Added “….fabricated structural steel extrusion, and the steel sliding plates” 42 1026 Neoprene Strip Seal Dam 408/2011 Change 8

43 1041.3(a) General –Limits removal to 1/4-inch maximum depth for each pass if hydrodemolition is not used after scarification –Allows required depth removal in one pass if hydrodemolition is used after scarification 43 1041 Scarification 408/2011 Change 8

44 DSP13 Buy America 408/2011 Change 7 Added Designated Special Provision 13 which contains reference to Section 106.10(a) for Buy America requirements 44


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