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Eric M. Wetzel Carollo Engineers, Inc. Bentley Be Inspired Awards November 13, 2012.

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1 Eric M. Wetzel Carollo Engineers, Inc. Bentley Be Inspired Awards November 13, 2012

2 PAR 1085 South Secondary Improvements Project What is 4D? Building the 4D Model 4D Visualization The Benefits Summary Questions South Secondary Improvements Project Outline

3 South Secondary Improvements Project Metro Wastewater Reclamation District Robert W. Hite Treatment Facility (The District)

4 $136 million w/ potential $1.8 million bonus for early completion Meets new wastewater discharge criteria and adds capacity Very tight schedule to meet permit compliance South Secondary Improvements Project

5 Carollo Engineers’ Role Design Engineer & Owner’s Representative during construction Review Contractor’s construction schedule to verify compliance with the Contract Responsible for 3D and 4D models

6 What is 4D? South Secondary Improvements Project

7 What is 4D? 4D is a tool that links a 3D CAD model with a construction schedule The resulting 4D model allows visualization of the planned construction sequence 3D Model + Schedule = 4D Visualization

8 Building the 4D Model South Secondary Improvements Project

9 3D Model Software Used  Bentley Microstation V8 XM  Bentley Architecture V8 XM  Bentley Structural V8 XM  PlantSpace Design Series V8 XM  InRoads XM  ProjectWise V8i  ProjectWise InterPlot  Navigator V8i 65 Total Models  Anything above 2” pipe was modeled 99 Reference Files Completed during the design phase Finalist – Be Inspired Awards 2011

10 3D Model Elements To achieve a 4D visualization, the 3D model must be designed into constructible elements  Construction Joints  Pipe Joints 3D model must match the depth of the construction schedule

11 Construction Schedule Software: Primavera P6 v7.0 Extremely detailed consisting of 12,143 activities Structural Drawings vs. Construction Schedule

12 Linking the Model and Schedule Import accepted Primavera P6 Schedule into Bentley Navigator V8i Link activities in Schedule to Item Sets in the Model  Drop and Drag After Linking is complete:  Close Navigator V8i and Open linked model in Microstation  Use Animation Producer in Microstation to create image frames  Set time frame (May ‘11 – June ‘13)  Set frame duration (daily, weekly, etc.)  Import frames to Camtasia for.AVI development

13 Visualizing the Visualization While watching the 4D visualization Every start activity will turn the item set within the model green Every finish activity will turn it to the model color. Yellow in this example  Example: Concrete – Rebar, Form, Pour, Cure

14 4D Model – South West Blower Building PAR 1085 South Secondary Improvements Project

15 The Benefits How does this help? South Secondary Improvements Project

16 4D Benefits Tool for Risk Mitigation 4D analysis validated Contractor’s realistic ability to obtain full bonus ($1.8 million) Detailed review and identification of issues in the schedule

17 Example 1: Concrete Pour Sequence Compliance Schedule Bust: Wall and Slab are poured concurrently. A single bust = Potentially 14 calendar days. Schedule Bust: Wall is being poured prior to Slab

18 Example 2: Missing Activities/Links or Inappropriate Logic  “A” – Schedule did not reflect updated CJs.  “B” – Threshold of two facilities. Not accounted for in schedule A A B B Missing Activities/Links Upon completion of linking the schedule to the model, linked items can be turned off to show only model items not linked to an activity

19 Example 3: Visual Assessment of Actual vs. Planned 10/2/2012

20 4D Benefits – Cont. An updated 3D model for Owner’s use Public Outreach Identification of non- conformance with Contract Ability to look-ahead and plan for future Work activities

21 Summary South Secondary Improvements Project

22 Summary 4D tool mitigated significant risk associated with a complex and accelerated schedule Minimize logic loops, missing activities, non-conformance, etc, to account & save significant time in the schedule.  Estimated at 60 working days to date A tool to engage stakeholders without a tangible connection to the project An updated 3D model that can be used for facility maintenance or modifications Versatile Bentley software was utilized in all facets of 3D and 4D development  No hardware or software costs incurred to produce 4D

23 Questions? Eric M. Wetzel, LEED-AP BD+C Project Controls Carollo Engineers, Inc. 390 Interlocken Crescent, Broomfield, CO 80021 (303) 286-3047

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