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D. Thomas Ruttura President Ruttura and Sons Construction Co. Inc.

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1 D. Thomas Ruttura President Ruttura and Sons Construction Co. Inc.

2 Track data from testing laboratories. Track data about concrete suppliers and use the right supplier for the project. Understand limitations of concrete construction. Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas about current concrete design and construction techniques with the design and construction team.

3 When does anyone review the concrete testing results? Only when there is a low break! Testing results can give us warnings long before we have a problem.

4 Set #1 has a range of 1620 psi, this indicates that the samples were handled or made poorly. Set #2 has a range of 0 psi, this could also indicate something? Neither is likely to be a problem with the concrete Set #1 Set #2 F’c= 8000 psi

5 The concrete seems to have a strength problem, but if someone looked at the results early it may have prevented a lot of grief.

6 The concrete supplier is one of the most important members of our team. He can be the difference between a successful project and seeing the inside of a court room.

7 Set #1 and #2 have ranges of 160 to 170 psi, this indicates that the samples were handled and made very well. The deviation between the 2 sets is 245 psi, this indicates the supplier is very consistent. Looking at the data will help you select the right supplier Set #1Set #2 F’c= 4000 psi

8 Develop a construction process that will result in a product that will meet the quality and expectations of the Owner. Share current, knowledge concerning design, and construction of concrete structures and slabs. Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas about current concrete structure design and construction techniques. Promote attention to detail

9 Owner Architect Structural Engineer General Contractor Concrete Contractor Concrete Producer Admixture Supplier Concrete Pumping Contractor Testing Laboratory Inspection Agency

10 Schedule the meeting in advance of any concrete placement. We try and do it more then 4 weeks before placement. I like to start our conference about 11:00 am, and have lunch delivered about 12:00.

11 Everything that goes into building the project

12 If we discuss the expectations of the owner, designer, and the contractor we can build great structures

13 Promote a forum for open discussion Keep an open mind Be prepared to compromise for the good of the project Understand the limitations of the team Put everything on the table Training the people involved in our project to succeed! Issue Minutes

14 Flatness and Levelness Specified Overall Value –Ff 50, Fl 35 Minimum Local Value –Ff 35 / Fl 25 This is not unreasonable for a slab on grade. But the problem is, it’s specified for a structural slab with low head room. This limits the equipment the contractor can use.

15 Should Fl be applied to suspended slabs? (slab on deck) NO “the concrete flooring contractor cannot control elevations of steel or precast concrete members upon which concrete slabs are cast.”(ACI 117- R4.4.1)

16 Can the owner expect a level slab on deck? Its not likely! The concrete contractor cant control the deflection of the metal deck or the beams that he is placing on. The owner should be made aware of what the end product will look like.

17 Sidewalks and Ramps Review the elevations and “Maximum 8.3 % slope” “in practice, 8.3 percent is rarely treated as a maximum but is used as the design standard that does not allow for construction tolerances. Therefore, rather than using 8.3 percent for designing curb ramp grade, a grade of 7.1 percent is recommended to allow a construction tolerance.”(Federal Highway Administration)

18 Sidewalks and Ramps This will surely end up in a contractor replacing concrete, and an owner asking everyone why he’s replacing his landscaping on opening day!

19 Training for success!

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