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Lanterns. When you see this image, what thoughts run through your mind?

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1 Lanterns

2 When you see this image, what thoughts run through your mind?


4 Handprints our mark on the world Agentinan handprints-2,500 years old Similar handprints through out world

5 What are some of the uses for a lantern? What may the first lanterns have been? What are the functions of a lantern?




9 What is the symbolism of the light In memory of the lost princess of the kingdom They float the lanterns so the princess will find her way back to the kingdom

10 Lanterns as symbols for light Some of the earliest Japanese lanterns had compartments for oil. They were lit as an offering to Buddha The were located in gardens

11 Shinny-eo Ceremony Memorial Day Hawaii

12 Lanterns are used to create a mood and sometimes a memorial The lantern floating provides a venue for many people to celebrate and reconnect, beyond the boundary of life and death, and to offer heartfelt appreciation to those who passed.

13 Many participants write names of their lost loved ones on lanterns and float them to the water with their prayer of love and appreciation

14 It celebrates the connection between past and present.

15 Memorial Lanterns-Relay for Life Paper Lanterns are a part of the American Cancer Society Relay for Life…


17 HAIKU Poetry Haiku is a Japanese verse form. In the English language, it is expressed as three lines of five, seven, and five syllables, in that order. It usually is based on nature

18 HAIKU five syllables seven syllables five syllables

19 The project –clay lantern It will honor someone’s memory or celebrate their life Based on haiku poem you write about them Celebrate nature/dedicated to life Create from clay using slab method Will have cutouts using images from your poem Poem can be written on inside or outside It can be used as a votive candle holder

20 Celebrating Nature-Celebrating Life Write your own HAIKU poem Brainstorm: Whose life would you like to celebrate? What is your favorite memory What part of nature would best represent them?

21 Design First step: Write a good Haiku that you are pleased with What images come to mind with that poem? MAKE A LIST OF THREE IMAGES

22 Design Your clay lantern will be modeled on a soup can.The round part will be like the label on a soup can-a long rectangle DRAW the label…How will you apply the images that represent your poem? How will you use the images shape and size to move the eye around the lantern? What shapes will be cut out to let the light shine?

23 CLAY comes from ground When fired, alumina silica hardens

24 Paper template with cutout Once you have a design figured out… Make a paper template the size of a soup label-it will be traced Draw the images for the outside Make your cutouts

25 Slab Rolling Roll out a slab of clay Throwing a slab Rolling with a rolling pin Work in partners

26 Cutting Use the template to cut clay for the lantern… Poke holes through the shape outlines to make cutouts

27 Score and slip Wrap the slab around a soup can Score the ends (Rough up the ends) Apply Slip-(Slurry clay) Attach together

28 Clay Construction Cut out the bottom circle Score and slip the edge of the bottom and edge of the sides Join together Let dry…It will become Greenware

29 Extra credit- create a top Create a top for the lantern

30 The Greenware will be filed in the kiln Firing will change the clay by removing all the water from the greenware—the alumina silica will harden Once it is fired, it is now BISQUE.

31 Glaze creates a hard, waterproof, glassy surface covering on the Bisque.

32 Clay is fired in a kiln. Our kiln is electric and we use cones to test the temperature

33 Enrichment Find out how sky lanterns work-write a 3-5 paragraph essay describing how sky lanterns work. Design 3 Paper bag lanterns LA4r6q_Hw


35 SOURCES eries/cave-art-handprints-missions-pictures/ =en&tbo=d&qscrl=1&rlz=1T4ADFA_enUS463US463&source =lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=CZy1UJ7VHqTv0gHe34HgBA&v ed=0CAQQ_AUoAA&biw=1336&bih=590 tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1336&bih=590&oq=shinney- oo+memorial+& ding/images/5.html

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