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Measuring Concrete Work

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1 Measuring Concrete Work
Chapter 5 Measuring Concrete Work

2 Objectives Upon completion of this chapter, you will be able to:
Explain how concrete work, formwork, and associated items are measured in a takeoff Explain how concrete and formwork are classified in the takeoff process Measure concrete foundations from drawings and specifications

3 Objectives (cont’d.) Describe how reinforcing steel is measured
Complete a manual takeoff of concrete foundations Complete a computer takeoff of concrete foundations using Excel spreadsheets and MC2 ICE software

4 Measuring Concrete Work
Combination of items are measured Shown or inferred Concrete volume Formwork requirements Finishes needed Measure all work associated with one assembly Before moving to the next

5 Measuring Notes—Concrete
In general: Measure in cubic yards net in place Don’t adjust quantity for reinforcing steel and insets Classify concrete and measure separately Measure mixes separately Measurement/pricing of columns, walls, and beams dependent on placement/pouring

6 Measuring Formwork Formwork operations Involve a number of activities
Allowed for in pricing of forms Contact area is measured Establish surfaces of concrete that require forms

7 Measuring Notes—Formwork
Generally: Measured in square feet of contact area Same category classifications as concrete Bulkheads and edge forms are measured separately Forms to slab edges are measured separately From forms to beams and forms to walls

8 Measuring Notes—Formwork (cont’d.)
Openings in form systems No deduction made from total area if size of opening is less than 100 square feet Describe items that are linear in nature Describe forms to circular columns Diameter Measure in feet to column height

9 Measuring Notes—Finishes and Miscellaneous Work
Include: Slab finishes Screeds and curing slabs Welded wire mesh Inserts and waterstops Expansion joints Nonshrink grout Saw cutting concrete Reinforcing steel

10 FCE Office Foundation Takeoff Using ICE Software
Sitework for the FCE Office Takeoff of foundations Followed by slabs Refer to Pages 126 through 135

11 Figure 5.8 Dimension Entries (Delmar/Cengage Learning)

12 Figure 5.9 Specification Entries (Delmar/Cengage Learning)

13 Figure 5.10 Takeoff Entry Answers (Delmar/Cengage Learning)

14 Figure 5.11 Visual Takeoff Sketch (Delmar/Cengage Learning)

15 Figure 5.12 Pad Footing Entries (Delmar/Cengage Learning)

16 Figure 5.13 Perimeter Wall Entries (Delmar/Cengage Learning)

17 Figure 5.14 Column Pier Entries (Delmar/Cengage Learning)

18 Figure 5.15 Estimate Window (Delmar/Cengage Learning)

19 Figure 5.16 Slab-on-Grade Entries (Delmar/Cengage Learning)

20 Figure 5.17 Second Floor Slab Entries (Delmar/Cengage Learning)

21 Figure 5.18 Estimate Window (Delmar/Cengage Learning)

22 Summary Preparing a quantity takeoff of concrete
Requires measurement of a combination of items Concrete: measured in cubic yards or cubic meters net in place Formwork: measured in square feet or square meters of contact area Concrete finishes: measured in square feet or square meters

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