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Chapter 8 Creating Slabs for Floors and Ceilings.

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1 Chapter 8 Creating Slabs for Floors and Ceilings

2 Slab Application to Ceiling

3 Objectives Use the SlabAdd command to add a slab Modify a slab by editing the Properties palette and using grips Create a slab that includes components and a slab edge style Convert polylines and walls to a slab Edit the slab edge style of a slab

4 Accessing SlabAdd Command Select the Slab tool from the Roof Slab flyout of the Build panel in the Home tab or Design palette

5 Slab Properties Basic-General –Description –Style –Bound Spaces –Mode-Direct/Projected Dimensions –A-Thickness –B-Vertical offset –C-Horizontal offset –Justify- Top/Center/Bottom/Slopeline –Base height –Direction –Overhang –Perimeter edge Slope –Rise –Run –Slope Location –Rotation –Elevation

6 Projected Mode Set the Base height edit field to specify the position the Z coordinate of the slab using Projected Mode. Base height=3’-4” shown below

7 Specify Projected Height to Locate Baseline

8 Apply Slab Tool Properties to >Linework and Walls Select Slab from the Design palette, right click and select Apply Tool Properties to> Linework and Walls from the shortcut menu. Select walls or polylines: 1 found (Select the polyline at p1 as shown above.) Select walls or polylines: EnterKey (Press ~EnterKey~ to end selection.) Erase layout geometry? [Yes/No] : ~EnterKey~ (Press ~EnterKey~ to retain the polyline.) Creation mode [Direct/Projected] : ~EnterKey~ (Press ~EnterKey~ to project the slab.) Specify base height : 36 ~EnterKey~ (Specify distance to project slab in Z direction.) Specify slab justification [Top/Center/Bottom/Slopeline] : ~EnterKey~ (Specify the slab justification.)

9 Specifying the Base Height of a Slab When Apply Tool Properties to>Linework and Walls is applied to a wall the wall base height is the slab base height.

10 Accessing Additional Styles from the Design Tool Catalog

11 Accessing Additional Slab Styles Access slab styles in the Style Manager Open from the Style Manager choose Content Select Styles>Imperial folder choose Slab & Slab Edge Styles (Imperial).dwg Or Styles>Metric folder and choose Slab &Slab Edge Styles (Metric).dwg

12 Editing a Slab Style Select a slab, right-click and choose Edit Slab Style to open the Slab Styles dialog box. Or Select a slab choose Edit Style from the General panel of the Slab contextual tab.

13 General Tab-Slab Styles

14 Components Tab-Slab Styles

15 Materials Tab-Slab Styles

16 Classifications Tab- Slab Styles

17 Display Properties Tab – Slab Styles

18 Slab Edges Slab Edge Styles can be assigned to each edge of a slab Slab Edge Styles are included in: Slab & Slab Edge Styles (Imperial).dwg Slab & Slab Edge Styles (Metric).dwg

19 Available Slab Edge Styles 3 x 4 x.25 Pour Stop Cant Curb Equipment Curb Haunch (6 inch slab) Precast (Female) Precast (Male) Rim Joist Standard Turned Down Footing

20 Slab Edge Styles

21 Assign Slab Edge Style in Properties

22 Edit Slab Edge from Shortcut Select Slab, right click and choose Edit Slab Edges Select an edge to open the Edit Slab Edges dialog box, shown in next slide

23 Specifying Slab Edge Style in the Edit Slab Edges Dialog Box

24 Editing Slab Edge Styles Edit Slab Edge Styles definition in the Style Manager or Select Slab, right click and choose Edit Slab Edge Style. Select Slab choose Edit of the Edge panel in the Slab tab. Select an edge to open the Slab Edge Styles dialog box shown in next slide.

25 Defaults Tab-Slab Edge Styles

26 Design Rules Tab – Slab Edge Styles

27 Changing the Profile of an Edge Select a Slab Edge with an assigned profile in the slab edge style, right-click, and choose Add Edge Profiles Or Select a Slab Edge with an assigned profile in the slab edge style and choose Add Profiles from the Edge panel of the Slab contextual tab. Edit grips and choose Finish from the Edits panel to save changes

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