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Dream and Reality Mohammed Nasser Professor and Chairman Department of Statistics Rajshahi University 1.

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1 Dream and Reality Mohammed Nasser Professor and Chairman Department of Statistics Rajshahi University 1

2 2 Acknowledgement Prof. K.M. Hossain(1930-1999) his colleagues, staff and students

3 3 Acknowledgement Qazi Motahar Hossain 1897-1981 The pioneer of statistics in Bangladesh

4 “ A good mathematician may not be a good statistician but a good statistician must be good mathematician ” Acknowledgement P.C. Mahalanobis ( 1893-1972) The pioneer of statistics in Asia

5 We are deeply indebted to Our life-long well-wisher, Professor B.K. Sinha, ISI, Kolkata. ( retired) The world top most biostatistician, Professor P.K. Sen, University of North Carolina. Eminent bio-informatician Professor Kohei. Akazawa from Nigita University, Japan. Stephen P. Luby, Professor, Infectious Diseases and Geographic Medicine, Stanford Univ., USA. 5

6 Our Dream  To bring back the rich cultural educational heritage of Shompur Môhabihar ( 781- 13 th century)  To build a statistical center of international standard in Bangladesh  To have collaboration with with other departments as well as universities/institutes.  To produce some world class scientists like Silvodro, Atish Dipankar, Jagadish Chandra Basu, Megnad Shaha etc 6

7 A Bird View Department of Statistics Established in 1961 31 teachers ( at present 25) 22 office staff The present enrolment of the student in the undergraduate classes is about 400 Apart from offering B.Sc. Honours and M.Sc. degrees in Statistics, the department also conducts research for higher studies leading to M. Phil. and Ph. D. degrees. 7

8 Major Achievements of Our Department before HEQEP The Department has its own seminar library with a large number of Textbooks, Journals, and Scientific Literature A sophisticated computer unit with 100 computers and other electronics appliances. Two international conferences were organized. In the last decade The department publishes an annual journal named International Journal of Statistical Sciences (IJSS). ( 11 issues) 8

9 Major Achievements of Our Department before HEQEP The department has an association of its own, named “Parishankan Samity” Recently, the alumni of this department have formed a Statistics Alumni Association in Dhaka to incorporate all ex-statistics student of Rajshahi University from all over Bangladesh and also from abroad to promote academic, research and all other activities in the field of statistics. For the last 15 years this department has been keping relation with Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata 9

10 10 Major Achievements of Our Department before HEQEP We built research link with Kyoto Gakuen University, Japan and The University of Electro-Communication, Tokyo, Japan University of Malaya University of Putra Malaysia ICDDR,B

11 Research areas of our department  Anthropometric Statistics  Bayesian Inference  Bio-statistics  Bioinformatics  Bootstrap techniques  Computer Programming & Simulation  Demography 11

12 Research area of our department  Human Growth and Human Morphology  Nonlinear programming  Order Statistics  Earthquake Prediction Modeling 12

13 Research area of our department  Reliability  Robust Statistics  Sampling techniques  Social and Educational Statistics  Stochastic Modeling  Statistical Inference  Statistical Data Mining  Environmental Statistics 13

14 Activities after HEQEP Activities of HEQEP started in the beginning of 2011 in the Department of statistics, with vow to enhance Capacity Building For Teaching- Learning Of Statistical Data Mining For Agriculture, and thus to lay down the spring- board to jump in area of world class research on Statistical Data Mining with a group of researchers not only from our dept. but also from other departments from RU and other national- international universities/institutes.. Health And Environment 14

15 Activities after HEQEP Firstly the department formed a self- assessment committee, then inter- Department expert committee consisting of experts from different disciplines like Agricultural Science, Computer Science, Mathematics, Environmental Science, Life Science, Business Studies etc. of this university. 15

16 Activities after HEQEP A website “” was launched at very beginning of 2011, which added a great milestone to our department. 16

17 Activities after HEQEP Honors syllabus was updated with including geometry, statistical programming and Modern statistical research area like Data mining Bioinformatics etc. 17

18 Activities after HEQEP Five training for enhancing the quality of our teachers,students and staff have been completed. Prof Dr. Raquib Ahmed is delivering his lecture on GIS Training Programme 18

19 Activities after HEQEP We have completed 57 weekly seminars 10 national and 2 international workshops 5 training programmes 6 student workshops 95 percent of planned infrastructural development have been completed. Preparations to host an International Conference 2012 on Statistical Data Mining for Bioinformatics, Health, Agriculture and Environment along with few more workshops are going in full swing 19

20 Activities after HEQEP 57 weekly seminar have been completed of different fields by the expert of varies universities of home and abroad. 20

21 Activities after HEQEP Prof. in Emeritus Dr. Mir Masum Ali from Ball State University, USA delivering his article on "Use, Abuse and Applications of Statistics" 21

22 Activities after HEQEP A scene of Group discussion on the workshop 22

23 Activities after HEQEP  Prof. Dr. Kohei Akazawa, Niigata university, Japan visited the Department for two weeks and delivered four lectures on Survival Analysis.  Prof. Dr. Koynoygi, Japan visited this department and delivered a lecture on Health Statistics.  Dr. Pinakpani Pal, ISI, Kolkata,  Dr. A. B. M. Shawkat Ali, Central Queensland University, Australia  Dr. Masahiro Sugimoto, Kyoto University, Japan  Dr. AHM Rahmatullah Imon, Ball State University, USA Visited the Department and delivered their important Lectures. Prof Akazawa is delivering his lecture Visiting professors of the department of statistics 23

24 Activities after HEQEP A monograph research on demography by Prof. Dr. Samad Abedin has been published in national and international journal. Chairman of our Department and prominent professor Dr. Mir Masum Ali formally uncovered this monograph on international workshop. 24

25 Activities after HEQEP The World statistics day first time was observed by department with the theme “Service, Integrity, and Professionalism”. To familiar the necessity of statistics in society the department organized many programmes with a colorful rally, seminar etc. 25

26 Activities after HEQEP A multimedia documentary on The Sundarbans made by a group of students was presented for making environmental consciousness about world largest mangrove forest to the audience. 26

27 Activities after HEQEP An academic exhibition of the faculty members was staged in our Department where the researcher present their research poster.Former professor Hosnaara hossain, Prof. Dr. Mir Masum Ali, and Prof. Dr. Samad Abedin Deeply observed this exhibition and marking. 27 Prof Hosneara Hossain is visiting the academic exhibition.

28 Activities after HEQEP Collaborative work with ICDDR,B has been functioning. Already we have been able to organize some collaborative activities for sharing knowledge and experience. Even two or more specialist visits our Department and delivered some training programme. 28

29 Activities after HEQEP 29 Infrastructural development Picture: Computer unit of the Department of Statistics, University of Rajshahi

30 Activities after HEQEP 30 Infrastructural development Picture: Chairman’s room of the Department of Statistics, University of Rajshahi

31 Activities after HEQEP 31 Infrastructural development Picture: Office of the Visiting Professor.

32 32 Future Plan To obtain research funds to improve our research groups To strengthen collaborative research To have active relation with government – nongoverment agencies, private firms, research institute collaborative research

33 33 Thanks

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